The Christian militia that trained for war to the tune of heavy metal

The nine anti-government militia members arrested for planning to "levy war" on the United States had made no attempt to hide their activities before being arrested. They actually posted videos of themselves training for combat, under their group name, on a YouTube account.

Accused of planning to "levy war" against the United States with weapons of mass destruction, nine members of the "Hutaree" militia were arrested at the weekend and now face life imprisonment for their intentions.

The group planned to murder a police officer in Michigan and then turn up to his funeral in order to kill as many of his colleagues as possible. The move was hoped to spark a war with the authorities. The Hutaree, or "Christian warriors", said on their website that their battle would "keep the testimony of Jesus Christ alive".

The Hutaree group demonstrates the radical end of an anti-state sentiment which has recently taken hold of the US rightwing; (a consensus further fuelled by what the opponents consider "big government" under the ruling Democrats). According to an intelligence report by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), the number of "patriot" groups in the US rose from 149 to 512 between 2008 and 2009; 127 of them defined as militia organisations.


Flare guns, dogs…. and bass guitar

Videos posted on Hutaree's YouTube account; the first of them in July 2007.

The group burns the UN flag and replaces it with their own.

Music is attributed to a group called Poker Face, which are clearly "patriot" by the looks of their website. In response to the Hutaree arrests, the group states: "Given the government's track record against we the free, it makes us suspect government motives first, not the Hutaree".

The obligatory track to this video comes from an unlikely candidate; Hammerfall, a heavy metal group from... Sweden.


Repent all. die welt is

Repent all. die welt is deurmekaar. Us Christians around the world must unite and fight for our rights. If the Moslems can why can't we? Stop being idle and get up. All Atheists stop it you are living a lie come join us.


My apologies if anyone has been offended by my comments,it is an opinion,and that is life,we i presume are free to express ones opinion,it is not intended or directed personally at anybody.We have our experts at everything in the western world,and our media,and broadcasters ,is it the only right on the planet for its subjects?.

Burgha ban

Sorry to deviate,France seems the only educated country in europe,these burqhas is a symbolism of these people abhorance at our way of life,if they dont like our way,immigrate to a muslim country.Otherwise live with our rules.

France is actually the most

France is actually the most xenophobic and racist country in Europe. You have no right to dictate to women how to dress. What exactly is your "way of life"? Acting like schoolyard bullies to French Muslim women while your country's economy goes down the toilet? Get your priorities straight : stop living in the past and learn to live with the changing face of society.


There are much more racist countries in Europe, France is one of the worst, but is not very racist when you look globally. The US is much worse (I know it's not in Europe, I am comparing it to France from a global point of view; I live in the US by the way). One of the less obvious examples of such is the anti- foreign language (especially Spanish) belief. While we accept people speaking foreign languages, we are worse than most countries when it comes to accepting those that only speak a foreign language and poor or no English. I hate that we in the US cannot accept people that do not know English. It makes all of us Americans sound like jerks (in lack of a better word for as******). I would gladly accept anyone who could not speak English and attempt to communicate with them in their native language if I could, to help them feel more welcome. Such hostility can be found in much greater amounts in other countries in regards to France.

news christain Militia's

In Britain and America,whoever has not succumbed to the indoctrination of the broadcasters and media's ignorant agenda,are ENEMIES OF THE STATE,The media and broadcasters in both countries are just servents to the establishment,OR THE AGENDA, WHOEVER THEIR PAYMASTERS ARE,they agenda(BROADCASTERS AND MEDIA) is to inundate its masses with garbage,and its subjects are just ignorant people who should be manipulated as brain dead walking zombies.


It's time for them to go and fight in AFGANISTAN VS Talibans for freedom

Poker Faces Music

SPLC - Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL - Anti-Defamation League, are anti-American, agit prop groups, that are media relations departments of the Israeli Mossad. They HATE the values of our forefathers, and are behind these arrests, because they are the ones giving the FEDs their mossad intel data on the Hutaree to them.

Our leaders have stopped listening to the people and are acting like our wants and wishes dont matter. WE the free are not the ones changing our Constitution. It is the criminal cartels operating with in our government that are killing America and committing treason to the Constitution they swore an oath to uphold. We the Free are going hold their feet to its fire and hold them accountable.

Before you accuse the Hutaree for anything, or even start to believe the lies of the main stream press against them like wanting to kill cops, and then kill more at funerals , I would look at our governments past histories track record. They have killed many us before, they will kill many of us again.

When we have a democratic president, they tend to kill more Americans then the Republicans, who are better at killing people internationally. Names like Randy Weaver who lost his wife and son to these Fed Thugs, the Branch Davidians, who they holocausted in the fire, the innocents in OKC etc... the list is endless

The common American is waking up, because the bankster, aided and abetted by our AIPAC ownwed government has fucked them. Our ecnomy has purposefully been manipulated and is crashing on cue. Americans are losing their jobs and homes. There is a natural HUMAN reaction to do something about their new situation they have been manipulated into. Take away a mans home and job, and you have a new recruit to fight for his freedoms and tear down a tyrannical government gone mad.
poker face

christain militia

American Christain Militia,targeting the wrong people.police are just instruments of govts,The ones that control the media and broadcasting are the enemies of christain values.There is nothing moral or christain with thier agenda,in fact all the principles of satan,Money ,greed,materialism,devoid of family values,creates the instability of any christain country,which its advcates above idolise.


Pathetic boys displaying retarded emotional development, playing G.I.Joe in the woods. If there was ever an argument for gun control, this is it. Not intelligent enough to keep their attack plan secret, looks like their revolution will be played out in the exercise yard of some Federal prison. Interesting how much their tactics resemble those of other fundamentalist extremists, who are evidently slightly smarter than these rednecks.