Runaway wives sentenced to public flogging by warlord

In some Afghan provinces, warlords still reign supreme. Under their authority, the treatment of women is bleakly reminiscent of Taliban rule; as this video of a woman being whipped in public goes to show.

Please be aware, you may find these images upsetting.

The footage, posted online by Afghani women's rights organisation RAWA, based in Pakistan, was originally aired by the Afghan TV channel "Tolo TV" on Feb. 18 (the logo of the channel is seen at the bottom of the screen).

When contacted by FRANCE 24, the Afghan channel told us that the scene had taken place in December 2009 in the Dolina district (Ghor province, central), and that the footage was filmed by one of its sources there.

According to Ghor governor Abdul Hai Khatibi, the two women flogged that day -- only one is seen on the video -- had been forced to marry against their will. Beaten by their husbands, they ran away from their respective homes disguised in men's clothing. After a month on the run they were caught by police in Chasht (Herat province, west), arrested, and sent back to their husbands.  

Both women were sentenced to 45 lashes in public. In a statement made on Pajhowk Afghan News, the deputy chief of police of Dolina district, Jahan Shah, explained that the case had been handed over to the local warlord, Fazl Ahad. He decided to have the women punished for running away, but also demanded that the husbands, whom he deemed guilty as well, divorce their wives.


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“Most Afghans would be outraged to see a public flogging like this”

Nasim Fekrat is an Afghani blogger who posted the video on his blog.

This type of thing isn't unheard of. Obviously you don't see it in Kabul, where the United Nations, NGO workers, and government agents are present, but in rural areas, warlords are still in charge of the judiciary.

They usually employ a bunch of soldiers, which you can see in this video behind the women. Similar things happen among Taliban circles in places like Kandahar. But unlike here, the information doesn't get out because people are scared of what might happen to them if they speak out, and journalists aren't allowed in.    

Most Afghans would be outraged to see a public flogging like this. We're also aware, however, that the situation for women has changed enormously in the past few years. Under the Taliban, these women would have been killed. Today, people can have their opinion about such issues and pass on the message. We've got a long way to go but things have already changed a lot."

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runnaway bride sentenced to flogging by warlord

Absolutely vile and disgusting, how dare these vile people do this to young women in the name of 'Allah', and why? because they dare to leave the men they were forced to marry in the first place, primative is a word that spring's to mind, barbaric, of biblical proportion's that should have died out when Noah's ark disappeared, either of low intelligence or very clever as a way of keeping their women under control and all in the name of 'Allah', somehow I don't think when 'Mohammed' wrote the 'koran' that he intended for women to be bullied and abused , if I could take 'ALL' those women and take them to a place of safety and leave their men there to rot I would.

re-education needed.

mohammad did intend that wmen be attacked by their 'LOVERS'if they did not do as they were told (sura 4 verse 34,koran).he also wrote in sura 3 verses 106 and 107 that men with black faces are going to be damned. so if anyone wants to ban racist publications,then let's start with the koran first.

Protectors my ***

Men are protectors of their women, I see written here, and yet they beat a woman for not following the guidance of her man. If her man weren't so stupid, she'd probably follow his guidance, which should really be a suggestion, not a LAW, just as he should be listening to her. So the idea that a man protects his woman yet beats her is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. Too bad these guys don't care for their wives and children as they do their animals. God never intended for women to be beaten any more than He intended men to be such pigs. A REAL man would never raise his hand to a woman. When a man resorts to violence to solve his marital problems, he's lacking in brains.

It is Islamic

I live in a western society, I'll tell women here get treated worse than that. They are used as sex objects. Even their closest relatives such as father or uncle rape them!!. If only they accepted Islam they would liberated. Look at how advertizing treat them, just like a merchandize!!. It is horrible. Every few seconds a women gets shot, stabbed or raped. although there is no true islamic society left, women are still looked at as human beings. In Europe, and the US the porn industry reduced women to a level of animals. I think the criticism toward the muslim world is for the most part hypocritical.

re-education needed.

this woman is exaggerating.she is behaving manically.hysterically.she needs to calm she frightened of her islamic husband? is he violent?why her stress? why her tension? mohammed slept around.he had 16 wives and 5lovers,and one slave woman who stayed like that all her life because she did not want to marry him. one of his 'wives',was drastically underage (it is a criminal offence over here).she was called aisha-she was 6 years old.he told his own followers that it would be sinful to have more than 4 wives-so he 'sinned' five times over himself-hypocrite.


Agree the white race is perverted,but that is the fault of its subjects,most are brain dead,they are manipulated and indoctrinated by our broadcasting and media morons.The fault lies with its subjects who tolerate these retards and morons in our media, broadcasting, and the only slavery in the west is ignorance.

Runaway wife flogged by warlord !

It is indeed sad case of mis-interpreting & mis-representing Islam. Sharia/Islamic law does not allow forced marraiges.

Islam gives rights & justice to women. Woman has right to refuse a proposal,divorce & inheritence if in muslim country.

The parents or gaurdians of these women are guilty & should'v been punished.
These women are victims if they were not cheating for 'MEHER' money.

Forced marriage

Actually in ISLAM, forced marriage is not allow.
Those who force their children to mary are doing it base on traditions.
Some times worried that if she not get married early, she might get pregnent.
And for some places, apart from ALLAH punishent, it's a shame for the family of the girl to have a baby ouside wed lock.

In my Area (Africa), a girl dare not to say no to mary in the past. But now, no one dare to give his daughter to a man with out the man first asking the girl herself and infront of both side parents.

My advice here is to let parents (especially the mother) talk with their duaghters often when they reach the marriage age. Let them know the quencequence of having a child with the father in hiding.

I have three daughters, the 1st one now (16 years old) eleven years in school. But I as a father, I always tell her, if you mind the boys, they'll ruin your life for good. Any one say he wants you, tell him to come with you home with his parents no problem.


Our ignorant western govts are trying to educate these people,dream on.Attilia the hun,Ghenghis khan,alexander the great,the romans, had the right idea ,They had the right strategey,you install fear ,and then educate this is the strategey of the muslims indoctrinators.fear,education ,is not in thier agenda.

This is exactly what is perscribed in the Qu'ran

Qu'ran 4:34

"Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has given the one more (strength) than the other, and because they support them from their means. Therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husband's) absence what Allah would have them guard. As to those women on whom part you fear disloyalty and ill conduct, admonish them (first), (next), refuse to share their beds, (and last) beat them (lightly); but if they return to obedience, seek not against them means (of annoyance) for Allah is Most High, Great (above you all). (Ali's version of the Koran, Quran, 4:34)