No Pants Day: coming to a subway near you!

Since it launched eight years ago, No Pants Day has attracted increasing numbers of trouser-less citizens around the world. On Saturday around 3,000 people stripped off for a special "no pants" social experiment on the New York subway.

The yearly "No Pants day" itself takes place on the first Friday of May. This year it seems they couldn't wait to get undressed, so set up a special "No Pants Day Subway Ride", inviting public transport users around the world to take off their pants on Jan. 9. New York saw the highest number of trouser-less travellers, with 3,000 of them infiltrating the subway.


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“This year we had rides in 44 cities in 16 countries”

Charlie Todd is a member of Improv Everywhere, the flash mob group that organises the gatherings.

The first time we did this in 2002, there were only seven of us, mostly men. The rule was to not talk amongst ourselves, and if someone asked - we'd simply forgotten our pants. In 2006, the event was interrupted by the police. An NYPD officer arrested all the participants and made them get off the train. Eight of them were handcuffed and charged, but the judge let them off - it's not actually illegal to go out without any pants in New York!

For Saturday's event, which was the ninth edition, all the participants, so 3,000 people, were informed on the net. They met up in several places in the city and then took the metro before coming back to Union Square. People found it pretty funny. My favourite reaction was one man who loudly yelled, ‘What the cuckoo is going on?'  (which is not a common phrase in English.)

I've worn the same pair of orange and white polka-dotted boxers for the last several years.  I actually only wear them once a year now!  I think they're funny in a classic way.

I think it's fabulous that No Pants has spread to new cities and countries. This year we had rides in 44 cities in 16 countries, including the cities of Zurich, Amsterdam, Boston, Buenos Aires..."

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No Pants Day, illustrated


Photos posted by Flickr users Katie Sokoler and Brian Foutain.


No Pants Day: coming to a subway near you!

I`m all for it, but only if good looking women between 18 and 25 participate. :-D

Lighten Up People

Personally I wouldn't partake - but that's just me. Do I think it's goofy? Sure. Immoral? No. People wear less at the beach and no one is complaining about that. Life is too short to gripe about no pants day or any other light hearted gesture that will bring a chuckle to folks.

Conduct yourself according to your values and don't inflict the constraints on others. We live in a colorful world, why not enjoy it?


kool i like it came over

kool i like it came over minnesota

do it in haiti …

The question is not wether this is sick or not : let people do what they want to do as long as they do no harm to others.

But then why do you make so much a fuss about yourself so that we see you on the news all over the planet ???…

That's how YOU become a problem. We feel your publicity is sick when it smacks right on other more dramatic events such as Haiti …
True, your are not the cause of the quake (God forbid !…), still why don't you do your "no pants day" in the streets of Port au Prince ???…

So do what you want… but please do it privately : don't expose US to your feeble obsessions (or fun).

You have GOT to be KIDDING me!!

I don't think there is ANYBODY out there with a pulse that doesn't agree that what happened in Haiti is an absolute tragedy and we should do everything in our power to help those poor people...but COME ON, life goes on! Do you actually want us to spend every minute of every newscast obsessing over it? What is that going to accomplish? I can see your concern if we weren't doing anything, but... Hello! If you don't think we are doing enough, then by all means book yourself on the first plane and get your complaining a** over there yourself!!


What are they trying to accomplish? These are a bunch of exhibitionists getting a high once a year.....sick!!!

No Pants Day

This comment itself is SICK!!! Sounds like someone's jealous, selfish and doesn't have a sense of humour let alone a sense of adventure! I'm paralysed and in a wheelchair, I reckon if you brought this to Bournemouth in the UK, there would be a helluva lot of us that would take part, esp if it was done for a good cause, altho I'd do it just for the fun of it! Bring it on!!

No Pants

Why is the fact your paralysed significant? No disrespect, but it was because your argument was unconvincing..

What should be sick about

What should be sick about this? Do these people do any harm to others?