Weather the world can’t handle

Crowthorne, UK. Image by "squidney" on Flickr.

Heavy snowfall has paralysed parts of the UK for the second time this winter, while planes in China and South Korea remain grounded. Even Saudi Arabia is suffering from the cold. From the safety of our office in Paris (where, incidentally, it's just starting snowing), here's our round-up of snowy plains, and problems, from around the world.    

Across the UK, schools, roads and airports are closed, while in Poland, temperatures have reached as low as -25C. France has issued weather warnings for western regions of Normandy and Brittany, which are expected to be snowed under by the end of the day. The Danes have also been warned against all non-essential driving after snow combined with high winds led to a gridlock across the north of the country on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, China is suffering from power shortages after ice affected the nation's power grid following the coldest temperatures since 1971. South Korea came to a standstill on Monday after the worst snow storm since 1941.


Isle of Wight, UK

Posted Jan. 5 by "Auntie P". 

"Snowfall is rare on the island. They're doing a great job out there directing the traffic, soothing nerves and giving information. And yes, they've all had a cuppa - the Church on the Roundabout have the kettle on and Medina Centre are taking in waifs and strays."


Brighton, south England

Posted by "throughdarlense" Jan. 6.

"People have been abandoning and sliding cars around Elm Grove all morning". 


Honfleur, west France

Photo by Jean-Romaric Prévot Jan. 6. 


Croixmare, west France

Photo by Jean-Romaric Prévot Jan. 6. 


Seoul, South Korea

Posted by "chaeyoon" Jan. 4. 

"We were, and still are, buried under 10 inches of snow. It may not be much for upstate New York residents. But it is a huge pile of snow for Seoul residents."


Aalborg, north Denmark

Posted by "Iaksevaagen" Jan. 5.


New York, USA

Posted by "Nonimous" Jan. 5.


Sharjah, northeast United Arab Emirates

Posted by As-sinqbasion Jan. 1.

Gdansk, north Poland

Posted by Roman "Shexbeer" Sołowiej Jan. 4.


Beijing, China

Posted Jan. 3 by Zhao Hua Xi Shi.

"This guy stands there to stop you throwing snowballs at old maoface".



Arar, north Saudi Arabia

Posted by "saud5017" Jan. 1.



Great pics and videos I love

Great pics and videos I love the snow I just hate having to drive in it because it really is scary.

Weather in Lebanon

February is our coldest month, but usually by January the snow would have covered the slopes, today feels like August and the mountains hardly have enough snow on them for skiing! I hope we get some of that cold soon :s

Mexico's winter

Although the cold weather in Mexico that's been felt right now and in the past weekend is nothing compared to the temperatures and snowfalls in Europe. Normally January is the coldest month of the year for Mexico, but it seems that this winter will be the most coldest. In some regions of the northern and central part of the country are registering temperature below zero, and tomorrow is expected to continue to fall, due to a new cold front. Here in Mexico City, the lowest temperatures are between 2 to 5C and the maximum temperatures are between 14 to 18C and mostly cloudy.

On November 30th 2009, Ciudad Juarez registered a snowfall which paralyzed most of the the city and schools were closed.

Amateur Videos

Tomorrow, January 7th children will return to school after the holiday break, but in some parts of the country authorities are seeing the possibility to reschedule the date due to the mad weather.

heavy snow fall every where

Even in India the issue is there. Heavy snow falls persists in northern part of India. Even death has occurred because of this winter. The winter of this intensity is unknown to Indians

Poland looks beautiful...

Even if -25c sounds pretty harrowing. Given the number of places around the world that receive annual snowfall, I wonder what the probability is that in any given year a number of places -won't- receive record snows?

So much for global

So much for global warming,maybe now those foolish enough to have been sucked into it can burn some of their carbon credits to keep warm lol

The Climate Factor

Excellent coverage of this issue using on-the-scene photos.

In the U.S., Southern regions unaccustomed to harsh Winter weather are being hit hard as well.

I wonder how this global trend of disruptive climate might change the way we travel, work and function throughout the world. What ways will we adapt? It will most probably bring about consequences we would not expect socially, politically, culturally.

Doug Jennings
Graphic Artist
Chicago region, USA

"I wonder how this global

"I wonder how this global trend of disruptive climate'

this is the most egregious example of politispeak/reality bending propoganda speech Ive seen in a long time.

so the earths climate is a "trend" is it? lol.
a "disruptive trend" at that lol man you are one arrogant s.o.b dude.

"It will most probably bring about consequences we would not expect socially, politically, culturally."

You mean like the govt trying to gain more power and more money to "cure" your "disruptive climate" ? disgusting.