Anti-gay bill "inspired by American pastors"

Protesting anti-gay legislation outside the Ugandan High Commission in London. Photo posted on Flickr by "RuSSellhiGGs".

The Ugandan parliament is currently discussing legislation about how best to "fight homosexuality". The bill in question will see all homosexuals jailed, along with those who refuse to out them. According to one Ugandan pastor, the project was strongly influenced by religious extremists from the US.

The anti-gay bill emerged in April 2009, a month after Ugandan pastor Stephen Langa invited police officers, ministers, teachers and members of the public to a seminar on the subject. Langa explained that the gay movement had been created by the Nazis and then moved to the US after World War II. He also spoke of a "gay demonstration" - which was actually a satire mocking the idea that the gay movement was planning to "destroy the family" and "sodomise your children".

Filmed by Rev Kapya Kaoma (see his comment below). More footage of the seminar here.


“The first draft of the bill included full paragraphs of US pastor Scott Lively’s work”

Rev Kapya Kaoma is an Anglican pastor from Zambia. He wrote a report about homophobia in Africa for The Public Eye research publication.

The proposed legislation has been amended. They've deleted the part which states that all gay HIV carriers shall be sentenced to death, and gay people in general given life imprisonment. But homosexuals are still punishable for [up to seven years in] prison and forced ‘therapy'. 

Other countries in Africa have anti-homosexuality laws. This one is unique however because it also concerns the outing of homosexuals. If you're the doctor, pastor or even the parent of a gay person, you risk a prison sentence for not handing them over to the authorities. Also, this law would see the amplified punishment of HIV carriers. No other African state has gone that far.

The person behind this project is pastor Stephen Langa, director of the Ugandan anti-gay activist group, Family Life. It all started with the seminar that he held (which I filmed ). Langa used the argument of an American pastor, Scott Lively which is outlined in his book, "The Pink Swastika". Lively gave a speech at the seminar [listen here] and Langa simply repeated it word for word in helping to compile the bill. As a result - the first draft included full paragraphs of Scott Lively's work.

I believe that American Evangelist Christians are partly to blame for the policies in place in Africa concerning homosexuals and HIV carriers. Those at the height of religious extremes, who are losing their influence in the US, have found in Africa a new place to preach. They come here in their dozens armed with highly dangerous intentions. They lie to Africans. Even obscure American clerics from the smallest of churches in the US, who have no credibility over there, have access to African government members here. 

This is even more so the case with famous pastors like Rick Warren [founder of the Saddleback church and a best-selling author, Warren did in fact choose not to support the Ugandan law - see video below]. Warren exerts influence in advising Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, and has supported Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa, an ardent defender of the anti-gay bill. Warren also has sway in Nigeria and Rwanda. For me, it's no coincidence that these three countries have very repressive laws against homosexuals."

Rick Warren denies support for Ugandan bill

Posted Dec. 9 on Warren’s YouTube channel Saddleback Church.


Honestly I don't agree with

Honestly I don't agree with homosexuality either and I cannot think of myself being close to a guy like this. Homosexuality is a dysfunction and we all need to fight it. This is why God made us man and woman, because this is how we are supposed to live. Man with man is an anomaly and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that way.


As a Christian, I am deeply troubled by the reasonless direction these people's faith has taken. They are using the Prince of Peace to justify a war against a small group of people based on their own cultural biases and bigotry (as people have done since the beginning of faith). I am reminded of Matthew 7:15, with these pastors.

The audacity of these people to act in the name of God, to do "God's justice" here on earth, when they are utterly incapable of knowing want God wants anymore then I do. It's as though they pick an choose which portions of the Bible to follow.

You'd think that if they believed in God, and that homosexuals to be truly wicked people(I do not, at all, believe this to be true, I count them among my brothers and sisters), you'd think they'd trust in God's judgment and that hell would be punishment enough.

The world needs less crazy violence and more love and compassion. Christ raised the dead, he didn't add to their numbers. This bill will make murders out of Ugandan tax payers. Can you imagine anyone going to get an AIDs test if this gets passed? Tragically, it will come back to haunt the people and they will suffer needlessly for it.

What about real criminals in uganda stealing public money?

This bill is a total bullshit!If this should be passed, Uganda should be ready to pass laws that will deal with real criminals that are stealing public money and spending it in church and usign it to pay tithe. They should be ready to have laws that will punish and kill real criminals that will lie in God's name under Cristianity or Islam. They need to do just that!

Let The Word Of God Guide

Perversions are part of "45 Communist Goals for the Take Over Of America" ( They are a world wide movement. It all comes from those who refuse God's word as authority. Those caught in those lifestyles can come out by realizing God wants relationships with two people that can produce a child with known relatives on both sides so all can enjoy the process. Pure, loving, same gender relationships (without sex) are beautiful in God's eyes.

Isaiah 1:9 says, "Except the LORD of host had left unto us a very small remnant, we should have been as Sodom, and we should have been like unto Gormorah." God is severe in His judgments (more severe than this law). Why should innocent people pay to house and care for those who reject God's word? That is not justice. We are all called to follow God's word as written and none should be ashamed because of it. The primary message of the Qur'an is to follow the whole Bible, and to judge by Torah and Gospel. Jehovah God who is One God has One Law for all. He is God over all the earth.
Qur'an, Ahmadiyya Numbers: 5.68, 69; 42.14-16; 5.43-49 and older Qur'an 7.158, 159

I totally agree with that.

I totally agree with that. Throughout my life I have managed to see that many people who don't care about God ended up really bad and besides that they harmed the persons close to them too. The annoying thing is that when we are in bad moments we all call God's name but when everything is good for us, we forget he even exists.

This is what I call

This is what I call brainwashing! Can't you think by yourself sometimes instead of mechanically quoting ancient religious books to support your hatred of others??? This is exactly why religion should never interfere with politics, because it is an offense to individual freedom. I am sure you wouldn't like others to tell you how to live your life, so leave others alone and learn to respect them.

Losing The Plot

Some people would call this oppression or in some cases sexual descrimination and the fact is they are wrong. Gay people are human being and should be loved, but on the other hand, the act itself is disgusting and vile. The Bible talks about loving everyone at all times, "Love you neighbors as yourself", therefore we love gay people, Yes! But we hate the act of homosexuality.

It is a fact that God did not design man to be with man but he created woman to be with man.

Albert Einstein once said that Religion without Science is Lame and Science without Religion is blind. So if we apply this not to science but to our everyday lives we see that human beings are missing the point.

The point is that:

1) The act of homosexuality not acceptable because it is against God's will.

2) Homosexuals should not be hated or attacked. The Bible says that we should love "ALL", therefore we need to love them no matter who they are but as much as we love them, we should HATE the act of homosexuality.

I am a Ugandan living

I am a Ugandan living studying abroad, I would like to add my voice to those who stand against this bill, The Uganda Parliament has lost direction, Ugandan Politicians have lost touch with reality, they debate what is of little or no relevance to Uganda; a country which has more serious impending problems such as 50% of population under 15 years. As a Ugandan, I will say Ugandans lives are devoid of the basic understanding of freedom, too subjective to Religious beliefs, not realising that Religion gives Values and not law. The General Complaint is that the president personally had the law changed to stay in power, yet the MPs who call it a gross misconduct have no term limits and consider politics a professional outside which most of them have no other skills. For many in the developed countries its is despeakable, for Ugandans, its the reality of our lives.


I think Ugandan law makers should be proud for daring to do what few countries in the world(if any) will do.I am happy there are still a few leaders out there with some morality.I wish the rest of Africa could do the same.Africa must stop copying the ills from the west.MAY GOD BLESS UGANDA.

Were you in Germany in the

Were you in Germany in the 1940s by any chance? I can't believe some people support the persecution of minorities in the name of "God".