Dubai's hot new trend – burqa-shaped sunglasses

Ad for the glasses, posted on the company website.

The first branded sunglasses to come from Dubai have gone down a storm in the United Arab Emirates. Not only are they made with real gold, but they're shaped like the traditional burqa from the region.  

The burqa from the UAE region is a piece of fabric which covers the nose and upper lip; something quite different from the burqa worn in Afghanistan for example, which covers a woman from head to toe.

The burqa came into use in the pre-Islamic period, when nomadic tribes lived in the desert. Supposed to resemble the head of an eagle, it was worn by engaged or married women to demonstrate their pledge.  

Women wearing the traditional burqa. Photo posted by Flickr user Samer Muscati.


“I think these glasses will bring about a childhood memory for a lot of girls”

Lubna Abdulaziz is a banker from Dubai.

Emirates women are very stylishly dressed. The burqa is part of the Emirates culture, even if it hasn't been worn since my grandmother's generation.

Finding sunglasses that aren't too big or too clear, to go with the burqa would be pretty tricky. These glasses manage to retain our elegance and respect our culture at the same time. It's a clever way of combining both fashion and tradition.

When I was young I used to try on my grandmother's burqa. I think these glasses will bring about a childhood memory for a lot of girls. On top of that, they're locally made, and I will be proud, like others from here, to wear them."  

Promoting the glasses

Promotional video from FitchDubai, the company behind the "bq" glasses.


Promoting the glasses video

In the video 'Promotng the glasses' related to 'Dubai's hot new trend - burqa shaped sunglasses' there was a promational exploration of a logo 'bq' can anyone tell me if the transformation of the logo was performed via a typeface drawing application? If so can you tell me the name of it?

Very stylish indeed

I don't know if I should say this, (I might get stoned by their husbands) but I have noticed that women from the rich oil countries have a lot of style. Under their unassuming traditional black robes, they usually wear top designer clothes and shoes, so these glasses fit in very nicely. :-)