Kosovars celebrate local hero, Bill Clinton

Photo posted by Rexhep Myftari on Flickr.

On November 1 the streets of the Kosovan capital Pristina were crowded with people waiting to see one of their favourite icons, former US president Bill Clinton. During his visit, a three-metre-tall bronze statue was unveiled on a corner of the same street that carries his name. The bronze Clinton clutches documents with the date 24 March 1999 stamped on them, marking the day NATO began its bombing of Serbian posts in Kosovo.

Photo posted by Rexhep Myftari on Flickr.

Photo posted by “BesnikS” on Flickr.


“Many children are named after him. Not just Bill, but Bill Clinton, followed by their own surname”

Rexhep Myftari runs a citizen journalism site called DardaMEDIA in Pristina. He was present at the ceremony and lives on Bill Clinton Blvd.

The whole boulevard, one of the biggest avenues in Pristina, was full of people who travelled from all over Kosovo. American flags and posters were waved from balconies. It was the first time Bill Clinton had paid a visit since Kosovo achieved independence almost two years ago.

Many people here, mostly Albanian Kosovars, see him as the country's saviour. We have enormous affection for Americans because they played the biggest role in the independence of the country.

At the ceremony Clinton wasn't speaking just to Albanian Kosovars though, but to everyone in Kosovo. [In fact organisers had asked people not to bring Albanian flags to the event.] He urged us to build a country for all Kosovars and encouraged ethnic communities to unite in shaping a better future for all of us: Albanians, Serbs, Bosniaks, Gorani, Turks and Roma. Many of my Serbian friends are changing their minds and realising this is their country.

As for Clinton, there are reminders of him everywhere. Many children between the ages of eight and ten are named after him. Not just Bill, but ‘Bill Clinton' and then their surname.

It's not just him; there are many ‘Tony Blairs', as Kosovars are also grateful for the role the British played during those years. For girls, Madeleine Albright's became a very popular name, although in this case it's only ‘Madeleine'. A shop called ‘Hillary Clinton' sits on the boulevard named after her husband, and there is an initiative to name another street after George Bush.

However, there is a political undertone to the ceremony and the statue. Organised by a group of ‘Clinton' supporters, and funded by the prime minister's office, it comes just 15 days before the municipal elections here."


Bill Clinton Boulevard, Pristina. Photo posted by “A Taste of Kosova” on Flickr.

Bill Clinton Boulevard sign, Pristina. Photo posted by Nick Cady on Flickr.

Bill Clinton Tile & Countertop Supply, Pristina. Photo posted by “emanistan” on Flickr.



It is wonderful to witness the gratitude of the Kosovar Albanians to Bill Clinton. Kosovar Albanians have longed to have him visit Kosovo since America's proactive stand in 1999 against Milosevic. I am not a Clinton fan, but he deserves commendations for his intervention for the sake of humanity. I wish the worldwide media had paid more attention to the visit, but am thankful for the reporting of Dardia. It is interesting to note that Prishtina has both statutes and avenues honoring Bill Clinton and Mother Teresa. Where else can we find such diversity of honorees?

What is the big deal?,they

What is the big deal?,they celebrate one of their own,any sane person knows liberals and liberalism is the same as socialism,communism,and Nazi'ism all of them hate freedom and individualism,one need only look at their current efforts to destroy America. The compassionate liberals,buy Govt healthcare or go to jail...thats one tie that binds them,socialism,communism and naziism,they all love national healthcare....at ANY cost.

well done!

I'm from Mali( west africa) and I really appreciate this mark of gratitude towards this great man who helped and contributed to beautify the image of USA. Itis heartwarming to know that we do is appreciated, it is also a proof that the people of kosovo has really grown. May God unifies this country more and more. Other leaders must wet the shirt and follow the example of the Great Bill Clinton.
In peace, we can even achieve the miracle.
Well done!!!
Habib Touré

What a nonsense

Yes it is amazing how nice is Bull Clinton for clansing 300.000 Christians from their own land and inventing clansed NATO-Albanian land. Oh, yes I forgot to mention that even Slavic Muslims and Turks were clansed too. Everything under false pre-text of protecting Albanian population from "UGLY SERBS". The lates were just desapiring throught last centuries from the first ones.
Today UN reports show different picture. It was 2500 dead before intervention, not hundreds of thousands. Among those 2500:
500 were Serbs killed by albanian gerilas
700 where Albanians killed by Serb forces
rest were Albanins killed most by their own gerilas terror and partially by in inter-tribal, mafia desputes.
Where Serbs UGLY or were they UGLY treated by USA in persuit of their Imperial Happines

Hail Bill, because for our Mali frend it is only good when Christians are killed.
Hail Bill because it would be the media who will decide on truth, regardless of what it really is
Hail Bill, because there is not more then 10 milion Serbs and 1 bilion muslims so voice of small has never been heard.
Hail Bill because lies we live in where then, now and always will be.
Hail Bill because history teach us that difference between war criminals and peace makers is thin line of fortune to be on winning side.
Time is runnig fast, life is short and hard, for those who are lost there is no cure, so cheer up and celebrate and kiss Bill's ass ...or pray you will not be one of those crying on son's grave, with no steps in future.