Sarkozy nepotism row viewed from abroad: “a return to monarchy”

The prospect of Nicolas Sarkozy's 23 year-old undergraduate son being catapulted to the head of a major public agency has sparked widespread accusations of favouritism both at home and abroad.

Jean Sarkozy is a regional councillor in the rich Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine, where his father himself acted as mayor between 1983 and 2002. Still, he doesn't have any substantial business experience and is yet to complete his degree in law, leaving him considerably under qualified to run EPAD, a public agency in charge of overseeing development in the La Défense business district just outside central Paris. Except for a few hear-hears from conservative politicians in the country, the majority of French people find the idea outrageous. Our Observers in Gabon and China give their views on Sarkozy's latest imperial move.

“Imitating the behaviour of African heads of state”

George Mpaga is a political activist from Libreville, Gabon.

It looks like Nicolas Sarkozy is imitating the behaviour of African heads of state. It's unacceptable! I've heard some very negative reactions over the past few days, it's caused something of an outcry here.

How did this young man manage to reach such a position of responsibility? This affair totally discredits Nicolas Sarkozy's policy. He claims that he wants to abolish ‘la Françafrique' [post-colonial French influence in Africa] but he then behaves like he's part of a clan, evoking the behaviour of certain African states. Everybody is shocked by this return to monarchy in France!"

“An unfathomable decision”

Renzhe Wudi is a Chinese blogger from Xiamen, in the east coast province of Fujian.

Nicknamed 'the little Napoleon' here in China, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has again shocked everybody with an unfathomable decision.

When I read the story in the press, it reminded me of Sarkozy's bling bling history. He divorces and promptly remarries, he spends 600,000 euros on building a house for his new wife Carla Bruni, and then he uses Photoshopped pictures of himself to show off as though he's France's fittest man!

Let's all pray that our little Napoleon gets his ‘workout' done with Carla Bruni - or other women - so he can bless us with more little geniuses like Jean Sarkozy."

A news report on Chinese TV channel CCTV. "Considering his young age, it's difficult to imagine how he would manage to become head of EPAD if his father weren't Nicolas Sarkozy."


Sarkozy and Son Step Back Amid Outcry of Nepotism

Jean Sarkozy's decision to renounce to run for Europe's richest and
much-coveted business center comes after a spate of criticism
directed to him and his father. Accused of nepotism, Sarkozy,the father,
whose overriding issues include, among other things,stop the "golden parachutes" in the wake of the recent economic meltdown, was rightly compared to a leader of a Banana Republic.For some time, Sarkozy sounded more and more like Bongozy!
People were just curious to know what type of advice this staunch defender of democracy would give to African Presidents, especially those bent on having their kins have a grip on power through undemocratic ways: Gabon, Togo, Egypt, Libya, Senegal where all signs point to the same succession pattern.
By refusing to take the job even when elected, Jean Sarkozy just saved
his father's neck! Did the boy get mature overnight? Did the father and son step back because of the unabated booing? One thing is sure, though: The Elysee-led polls have eventually convinced the French President that had he followed his will, the downward spiral would have been unescapble. This Presidential blunder was to seriously backfire on him and his term.
President Sarkozy knows better! He has never been this wise.He knew that his political career was at risk. He also knew that people the world over have been scoffing at the long-applauded French model.
In former French colonies, this awkward move is generally seen as one of those (dangerous) subliminal messages sent to power-hungry African leaders; leaders who are known to thumb their nose at the democratic world and who feel encouraged by the slightest misjudgments in decision-making from their peers , especially if those are stretches coming from the so-called advanced democracies.
By having his son decline the job, Sarkozy has staved off growing ill-feelings about the long-touted French democracy, which is to be commended. It's never too late to do good!

what Sarkozy wants to teach the French people

Freedom of speech are essential to democracy
But each of the boundaries and this is what Sarkozy had to understand that well, before the handing power to his son.

Public opinion, such as air pressure can not touch it, but he controlled everything, and this is what Sarkozy wants to teach the French people

As they say...

"Those who can't... teach."

If what you say is true (however little sense it makes) then the adage has never been more right.



France: Europe's next Banana Republic

France is hitting an all-time low with this Jean Sarkozy thing. If he had another family name, I'm not sure he would be given the position. This is reminiscent of practices that are ongoing in Gabon, Togo, Lybia, Egypt,etc. where a single family can easily rule for decades and is ample evidence that France is being turned into a Banana Rep. Sarko is jeopardizing his political future on this one.Hope he has enough guts to face the music...What happened to his "meritocracy" mantra? All this is twisted and smacks of nepotism at its worst, and Mister Sarko just disqualified himself as the moralist he so badly wanted to be.

Yeah,Europe never really

Yeah,Europe never really left the dark ages,just ask the poor,the unpopular,and those with no voice,its all about money and and power.If you know the right ppl or have alot of money,or if you have the right name,the doors open for you,if not....well,then they apply the law "fairly" and "without prejudice" lol,or maybe if you are into sex with little boys and girls,that aperantly is ok too,if youve got the right name or the money or the right friends.

little sarkozy

"long live the king"