French under attack for Bongo victory

The day that Ali Ben Bongo was proclaimed the winner of Gabon's presidential poll, opposition supporters set fire to the French consulate in Libreville, underscoring the level of anti-French anger fuelled by Bongo's victory.


“They’re convinced that the French are behind the fraudulent election”

George Mpaga is president of the Gabonese network of civil society and good governance organisations (ROLBG).

The Gabonese are really furious with France. They're convinced that the French government is behind the fraudulent re-election of Ali Bongo, which ensures France's continued presence in former African colonies, therefore protecting its big companies like Total, Areva and Eolia. They didn't want Mamboundou to get in because he proposed a fair partnership and not the simple exploitation of Gabon's riches.

I don't know if French people are actually in danger. But the situation is unpredictable. Anything could happen."

“Everyone’s waiting for Sarkozy’s stance on the election”

Serge is a French cameraman who's currently reporting in Libreville.

The situation's very tense. On Wednesday, someone told me, while I was filming him, that he doesn't trust me because I'm French and a journalist. Then he said that if I didn't broadcast the images he would ‘cannibalise' me in the night. I've heard people making threats against the French in the street. They think that we all support Ali Bongo. Everyone's waiting for Nicolas Sarkozy's stance on the election results. I hope he chooses his words carefully..."

“France must not force Ali upon us!”

Filmed at Peace Square, Wednesday, by Serge.

“Western countries shouldn’t interfere in our business. France must not force Ali upon us.”

“If Sarkozy intervenes, we’ll kill French people right here”

Filmed at Peace Square, Wednesday, by Serge.

"If France interferes, we'll kill French people right here."

"If France turns a turn blind eye on Bongo, then the next place for recruiting Jihadists will be right here."

"I'm calling on the international community to talk to the Gabon authorities. We've elected our president. It's Pierre Mamboundou."

"Ali bongo is a cockroach. Show that to all TV channels."


expatriates life in

expatriates life in danger.

Port Gentil,5/8/09.
Almost all the shops and oil stations, in Port Gentil, have been burnt and goods worth millions have been stolen.Army and police officials seems incapable to control the situation. It has also been seen that army men are stealing the shops.

Meanwhile, all the local news channel broadcasts have been cut, and residents, have no informations on the ongoings. The newly elected president seems to be more interested in celebrating his victory rather than saving the lifes and properties of thousands.

Amidst all these, the lifes of expat population in Port Gentil, seems to be in a great danger.

Also, many consulars of different countries have fled before the election began, without any consideration for their nationals.

Sarkozy intervention is not welcome

Do you really think that the french have nothing to do with this fraululent election ??
They'll keep on exploiting savagely the country natural resources without impunity and ensure to keep in place a corrupt regime that can serve their interest .

isn't the french story everywhere in africa ?

Its America's and Bush's

Its America's and Bush's fault dont you know?