The French woman who sang her CV, and then posted it on YouTube

Unemployed 48-year-old communications worker Isabelle Moreau is so desperate to find a new job that she's posted a video of herself singing her CV on YouTube. If she was trying to get attention, it worked. But is the kind of attention she was looking for?

The tune she's singing to is from the 1963 classic "Dominique" by Soeur Sourire (Sister Smile) - also known in the English-speaking world as the Singing Nun.


Isabelle's call for help

“Young Parisians took it completely seriously and thought it funny to harass me over it”

Author of the video Isabelle Moreau, who until recently was working in communications:

My contract came to an end in June. I knew it would be hard to find something else so I thought ahead beforehand. Recruiters tend to judge you by your gender and age, so a woman of 48 is considered no longer capable of adapting to new challenges. So I looked at what people were putting online, for example, the guy who sold himself on eBay. I tried to do something different.

I knew I had no chance of making something super shiny and technically impressive. I don't have the skills to make the kind of ultra-modern clips we see on the net. So I decided to make one that's voluntarily retro — old hat for some. I wanted to do the opposite of everyone else, to show that there's not only one way of communicating, and there's not only one audience out there.

It has to be taken with a pinch of salt. I'm not looking for a job in singing; it's supposed to be funny. On the whole I've had a pretty good response. But I was pretty dismayed by the negative buzz around the video. I got the impression that young Parisians took it completely seriously and thought it funny to harass me over it, without even considering my motivations. I think some people have a serious lack of humour and have a disdainful attitude towards people from the provinces.

It's too early to know whether my video helped me to find work, but I see it as a positive experience. I've received lots of supportive messages and even some serious offers of help. One girl even offered to revamp my online CV. I don't think you should rely solely on agencies in looking for work. Unemployed people should help one another to launch joint initiatives. However, I don't see anything of the kind posted under my YouTube video."


rather nice

I thought it was rather nice.

Well I wouldn't have done

Well I wouldn't have done anything like this. What was she thinking?

But what makes it really toe-curlingly awful is her obvious sincerity about it all. She did it for what she believed were all the right reasons - which is why is has backfired so horribly on her.

An obvious target for the worst kind of schadenfreude...

Pity the poor woman...