Footage that will stop you texting while driving

"It's all about Cassie Cowan - a nice girl from a nice Gwent valleys family - who kills four people on the road because she used her mobile phone and lost her concentration for a few seconds."

It's with these words that the police force from Gwent, a region of south Wales, introduce their mini horror film. Directed by local lecturer Peter Watkins-Hughes and acted out by amateurs, the scene from a 30 minute educational video for school children, is soon to be broadcast on BBC Wales as an advert.

The somewhat radical strategy comes in response to evidence which proves that 18-24 year-olds' reaction times are 35% slower when reading or writing a text message, meaning that the effects are therefore potentially just as fatal as drink or drug driving. And half of young drivers do it. The message is not falling on deaf ears - the video has already got almost 1.5 million hits on YouTube.

Warning, you may find the video upsetting.


The sorry tale of Cassie Cowan

“The film should be shown to young people when they pass their driving test”

Mick Giannasi is Gwent police chief constable. He's also a member of the national Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) and a driving safety specialist; referred to by the UK press as "Britain's top traffic policeman".

I want as many young people and families as possible to see this film so that they understand the consequences of such accidents on small communities like their own. The film shows just how dangerous it is to be irresponsible behind the wheel. It doesn't only show the immediate consequences of the accident, but also the consequences for the family, the community, and the girl herself. People in Canada have contacted us to say how moved they were by the clip. A young driver from Cornwall sent me an email to say that the film should be shown to young people when they pass their driving test. I told him that that was exactly what we - the fire service, the ambulance service and the helicopters - were hoping for when we were shooting it."


not just teens - let's honk in protest

so what are we to say when we see truck drivers of 18 wheelers texting as I did last week?

I say we 'honk'our horns in protest and flash our lights when we see someone texting as they drive so that everyone around the texter will beware and the texter will stop out of being identified... we owe it to each other to identify loosers that have to text and drive who put us all at risk.

stop the insanity.


I have a 15 y/o Daughter, and just received this email this evening. I viewed it, and then called my daughter in my room to view it as well. I feel this brings a compelling point to the table, in that, as we see these kids flying down the road during spring break, holidays, what have you; they need to really realize the effects of their selfishness, and not just our young drivers, but everyone out there. Thank you for sharing this, and I can only pray those families will be strong enough; and spiritual enough to shoulder the repercussions of such a horrible ordeal.

texting while driving

How is it that there was a camera in the car of the girl who caused the accident and on the scene, unless it was a simulated accident. I don't think the simulations will stop any teen or adult from texting, They always have to learn the hard way.

I cried!

Are you kidding. This is a film! this film is truely great. I am 26 and know soo many people who text while driving. Its sad. I have even heard a few people who text with their children in the car. Its rediculous! and people need to stop. I cried so hard when they showed the baby not responding. This family was driving safe and still paid for it. Texting and cell phones while driving NEED TO STOP!!

I disagree with Katherine

The article clearly says that it is a film created to bring awareness to this issue.
I dont know, but I assume it is based on a real events because of the name of the film. Either way, I disagree with you. This happens all the time and I believe that simulations, such as this, can educate people. I am an adult and it affected me deeply.
I will be showing this to my daughter who will be driving this year. I am happy that most people will do the same and not be as pessemistic and close minded as you are.

I live in the US and am the

I live in the US and am the mother of 2 teenagers that are learning to drive. I am definitely going to show this video to them. Thank you for caring enough to make this film public.

The sequel should be the

The sequel should be the accident caused by people watching this video on their iPod, iPhone, or dash video display.

Here in California we have

Here in California we have laws aplenty governing the use of cell phones while driving. Doesn't matter. I'm dodging these clueless boobs every day during my commute. Defensive driving is the only thing between myself and disaster. The "Cassies" out there are not going to give up their addiction to this foolish fad. My 18-year-old son has seen this video as have most of his friends. He reports that once the initial shock wore off, they were back at it, careening down the freeway texting like mad.



I'm going to stop now!!

Wow...this video really put things into perspective for me. I didn't think my texting while driving would cause such grief...just never thought of it. After viewing this, I will not be texting any more while driving. I've got 2 kids and a lovely wife...wouldn't want them to lose me for my stupidity...nor do I want to take another person's life as my text is not that important.