TV channel banned in Saudi Arabia for sex talk

Photo posted on the Facebook group page "Give it what it deserves, boycott the LBC".

Two weeks ago we talked about the Saudi man who was facing jail after disclosing his sexual habits on television. He has since been detained and, if found guilty, could be jailed for 20 years or stoned to death. Meanwhile, the Lebanese channel which aired the programme has been banned from the kingdom indefinitely.

The Jeddah offices of the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC) - a channel largely funded by Saudi billionaire Walid Ben Talal - closed on Saturday by order of Saudi interior minister Prince Nayef Ben Abdul Aziz. The Riyadh offices however, which are considered less important, remain open.

It was the previous Saturday that the guest of Lebanese show "The Red Line", Mazen Abdul Jawad, was arrested by the police and detained. His colourful description of his sex life, aired July 15, caused an outcry in Saudi Arabia, where the media and Internet were flooded with indignant comments over the affair.

“Saudis are rejoicing over the closing of the Jeddah offices”

Along with a group of other journalists, Qubul Alhajri, from Riyadh, launched the campaign "Never Compromise Your Homeland" which fights negative representations of Saudi Arabia abroad.

Like all societies we have good and bad points; we also have many hidden talents but people rarely speak of them. LBC liked to favour sensational stuff without properly treating the real problems highlighted. It presented certain individuals' behaviours like a social phenomena. The channel's actions were unacceptable.  

It was because of this sex revelation affair that we, six journalists under the age of 30, decided to rectify the image of our country and to follow and note all that is broadcast about Saudi Arabia. We prize professionalism, objectivity and freedom of opinion, and we're not afraid of constructive criticism. But we also want the broadcasting charter of 2008 to be respected. LBC gleefully breached that charter and disregarded important characteristics of the Arab identity. 

In airing The Red Line, LBC showed numerous accounts of Saudis talking about taboo subjects such as temporary marriage, homosexuality, divorce etc. The show dealt with Saudi advertisers by promising them high audience numbers. It passed all the red lines. And for that reason, Saudis are rejoicing over the closing of the Jeddah offices. We would have liked shareholder Walid Ben Talal to have taken the decision himself. We blame him for not doing so."

“Saudi Arabia fosters chauvinistic Saudi nationalism”

Asaad AbuKhalil is a political science professor at California State University. He published this comment on his blog.

There are so many layers to the story. The Jerry Springer of LBC, Malik Maktabi, is probably the only Shi`ite who works for LBC-TV. Secondly, LBC-TV is partly owned by Al-Walid and there has been a growing campaign against Al-Walid, even by his religiously fanatic brother.

Thirdly, Saudi Arabia has been fostering chauvinistic Saudi nationalism and, like all Arab regimes, conflates attacks on the royal family with attacks on the people of Saudi Arabia, and they treat scandals involving one Saudi as part of a campaign against the Saudi government.

Fourthly, Lebanese media, while they offer fawning praise and prostration to the Saudi royal family, are guilty of racism against Gulf Arabs. Fifthly, it is not uncommon for the Saudi government to persecute Saudi media. Al-Hayat (pan-Arab newspaper) has been banned in Saudi Arabia a few times although it is owned by Prince Khalid Bin Sultan."


Look who is talking!

I am not from Saudi..but i am aware of muslim culture and Saudians in particular. It is not wrong to educate people about sex and all. But to puplicly inform a muslim country and a person coming from the same religion was not acceptable for you. You should know more about yourselves better than other culture. If you are a muslim living in the Uinted States you would not care or reacted that much. It was done in a wrong place and being told by the person who is more liberated and open minded. Before we judge anyone, our fellow men we have to see ourselves in the mirror first. Who is satan and not.. if we are for one are the one's who is the satan ourselves. Ask yourself if you have been perfect being that you are judging this person. I am not saying he is right. But what made you think he is SAtan and you are not. Look at around you. perhaps all through out you life did you become so perfect that you don't insult someone.. or did you feed the poor.. at some point of your life you never engaged into premarital sex? or look at a sexy photo? or even fantasized of sex? Do you beat your wife? Maybe this guy is too brave to tell that at the age of 14 he is doing sex but do you think he is alone? How many are like him? No one else shared an experience like he did and he honestly tell about his experience?
We are not God to judge one another. Let God do his task.. To judge us all. excluding you. Whether its dicrete or not... you only know and God knows who is good inside and out!


Hmmm.....does anybody care that a human being might die because he said the truth about himself???? I mean it is not a nice truth but it is there and killing people or banning TV stations will not make it disappear. For God's sake, the guy might be stoned to death!!!!


Dont blame them,any educated country ,would think twice,entertaining the garbage we have in television ,i sometimes wonder if we are selling any products ,or selling how sexual is the person,and our modern day singers ,never mind about the song,its saying, see how sexual i am.Never mind, it is the garbage western broadcast channels.oops i forgot, its called ART, in the west

re religion

Since religion is the focus,Yes we in the west had religion ,principles moral christain values,now abandoned,because we say it is the democartic right ,that principles,which is alien to any educated person in the west is the democratic right,of this garbage,Then the only conclusion one must arrive at ,is your education is lacking,or you have been educated by the garbage we have in our broadcasting and media.or our goverments need further education,or need thier education reexamined.

Talking about sex on TV in a

Talking about sex on TV in a constructive manner is good. But banning the whole channel for talking about sex in a single program does not sound very logical to me.

A very good decision by the

A very good decision by the Saudi Government.
If you don't stop this media at this stage they will make the hell.
The whole world is trying to end Islam & Muslims.
For this they use media or TV channels to misguide muslims & their emaan.
Because see in India we have n number of tv channels which show the traditions of hindus in they daily serials to attract muslims, so that the muslims get attracted to their traditions and follow them. Not from 1 year or 2 this is happening since decades. Extrimist hindus using media to show a bad picture of Islam.
If a muslim old man marries a young girl they make it a headline news. But if a hindu man has an affair with other's wife after his marriage, you will not see this news in the news papers at all.
All the world is using media to propogate wrong picture of islam, and we muslims see there programmes more than hindus do.
Serials like Kyon ki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, Kahani ghar ghar ki....etc., who watch these serial most...Muslims. Yes, believe me.
So, i request our muslim brothers & Sisters, please stop helping them destryoning Islam, and stop watching their programmes....please....please....please for sake of Allah and his Rasool.

Go get some culture and open your brain!!

People like you make me be ashamed about being muslim.
You are one hypocrite idiot! In " talking about sex" , there is " talking". Muslims are normal humain beings who have sexual relation ships, otherwise there wouldnt be millions of muslims in the world.
Tons of people ( muslim or not) lie, cheat and so on, and talking about sex is not the same as this.
They dont talk about sex in a vulgar way. They informe people via these shows.
The biggest problem in muslims countries is their lack of education, lack of development, too much poverty and the list is looong!
If you hate the Western so much, why do you bother reading this web site!?
Go and read news on muslims site, muslims magazine.
I could write for ever. But your case is lost. You're just one among many millions who is blinded by extreme religion and cannot think with ur brain.
You need to read books, that WILL help " brother"!!!

Islam-The Religion of Pieces (ieBody Parts)

Dont you [deleted] muslims get tired of hearing yourselves barking? Hindus or Christians do not need to make Islam look bad...Islam is doing this quite well all on its own....Lets see...One must ask is there any difference between organized crime and Islam? The answer is NO... If someone wants to leave the mafia he is killed, is someone wants to leave Islam he is killed (an apostate), extortion is quite common to both with Hindus and Christians having to pay jizhya for the right to live...your demonic "religion" will come to an end soon...

I think Sanjeev you are

I think Sanjeev you are being so ignorant about Islam. I won't bother to even argue with you. However, you are attacking Islam in a way that's irrelevant to the topic.
Islam cherishes the private relationship between the wife and the husband. Making public of his sexual desires is absolutely outrageous not just for the Saudi Arabia,for the entire humans who follow a right instinct.
I believe KSA was right about its decision. When you want to teach about the right intercourse between a married couples, you should do that in a well manner.
Islam encourages education which would spread virtue and values, not vice.

What arrogance

Who on earth gave you the right to speak for all humans, let alone all Muslims? My "right instincts" tell me if I see or hear something I really don't like, I change the channel. It's really that simple. Personally, I am quite private about my sex life, but I, unlike you, understand the fact that not everybody has values which are identical to mine.

If you have the slightest shred of respect for free speech, you'd know that it extends to things which some people consider offensive. The right of free speech is not only about protecting what you want to say, but also the right of people you don't like to say things you don't like to hear (and yes, that includes what you classify as "vice"). However, if you really insist on insulating yourself from all ideas which offend you, I suggest you move to an uninhabited island in the pacific ocean where, I assure you, your precious feelings will never again be offended. Meanwhile, people with a basic grasp on basic human rights will continue to fight for their right to say what they want, regardless of whether others are willing to listen.

PS: I did not write this post in defense of LBC or its programs, but against the self-righteous, ultra-reactionary and repressive trend some people in the Arab world seem to follow.