Cleavages enter the electoral campaign

In the run up to Germany's legislative elections Chancellor Angela Merkel's party seem to have given up on political persuasion and instead resorted to sex. This latest poster, revealing ample cleavage, reads: "We have more to offer".

The poster comes from the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) candidate for the Berlin district of Kreuzberg. Vera Lengsfeld's message appears to be that both her and party leader Merkel have large cleavages. The voter can only assume she is referring in an obscure way to better policies...  


“Madam Lengsfeld, say thank you to PROLLblog for the idea behind the poster”

PROLLblog ("Beefblog") is a satirical political blog written by an anonymous German blogger. In April 2008, the blog published a fake poster of Chancellor Merkel (below) which read "Of course there's growth in Germany - look at my tits!" The blog was of course delighted to see that the idea was put into practice by the party itself.

It's with great pleasure that we've been looking upon her breasts her efforts in the Berlin electoral battle for the CDU. We appreciate in particular the sacrifices made for the campaign poster, on which she explains - with such clarity that it could not go misunderstood - the part of the anatomy on which she rests her values and the values of the German chancellor. Who could resist such grand things?

We explicitly welcome this understanding of the present-day functioning of politics and the media - and that of ‘cleavage-ity'. But along with our joy comes some regret. Madam Lengsfeld, won't you admit, that it wouldn't have been too hard to say thank you to PROLLblog for the idea behind the poster."

PROLLblog’s original poster

Posted by PROLLblog 15 April 2008. Top: "Merkel heats things up". Below: "Of course there's growth in Germany - look at my tits!"


My Vote is for Angela arriva angela

Wooow this is like ENCHILADAS AND TEKILLA arriva angala

Cleavages enter the electoral campaign

LOL! These posters do not persuade me to give the candidates my vote, actually, they achieve the contrary.