“You want me to tell you what my husband thinks?!”

Hillary Clinton snapped at a Congolese student on Monday after he asked her what her husband thought about an international matter.

On her first visit to Africa, Clinton made a stop in The Democratic Republic of Congo to highlight sexual abuse and corruption in the country. During a question and answer session at a university in Kinshasa on Monday, one student asked about former president Bill Clinton's view on Chinese contracts in Africa. Here's Clinton's response:

It later emerged that the student had wanted to know what President Obama thought about the issue, and that the translator had made a mistake. Too late - Clinton had already moved on to the next question.

Only a week ago Bill Clinton stole his wife's spotlight after negotiating the release of two US journalists on a secret mission to North Korea. Although the secretary of state applauded the work, she did add that it had nothing to do with her own business.

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Incorrect Behaviour

Yes, She is the Secretary of State and not her husband, so she offended when asked a question about what her husband thinks. But as she is the head of the diplomatic in her country the answer suppose to be in another format

The woman is Secretary of

The woman is Secretary of State of her country. Of course she'd be offended when asked a question about what her husband thinks. I thought her response was completely appropriate.

non chexsystems banks Lolz/

non chexsystems banks

Lolz/ She was so pissed by the question.

What the hell was that guy thinking asking that kind of question.

Clear answer to a stupid question

Mrs clinton think for her self
Mrs clinton has her own ideas and can debate them vigourously
I dont think that mr clinton can even try to give his opinion in mrs clinton business
She's a very powerfull woman and dont get me wrong I dont really support what she stand for or really appreciate the way she deals with international affairs but the truth must be said.

Typical Midlife Crisis

Typical Midlife Crisis behaviour!!

Jerry Springer Clip

That looked like a clip from Jerry Springer. LOL!

Hilary from the Hilaryland is back

I like it when the real Hilary asserts herself. :) It's a shame that in the past few years, especially during Bush's two terms in Office, such occasions were rare.


North Korea,just showing thier mastery at Cat and Mouse games,we got to learn a lot more ,we are amatures at this game.only deluded ,we are superior at manipulation,well diplomacy and intrigue.being manipulative at home in the west is easy,dealing with foriegn countries ,is another thing.

Hilary Clinton

Well she is a woman,women are a bit more sensitive than men.ps wonder if we are allowed to make these statements, In our democracy ,with all our equal rights.ps i suppose the guardians of our govts, in broadcasting and media will decide what is thier inteperation of rights ,we in the public ,hav'nt a clue.

Such a foolish question

Such a foolish question certainly deserved such a response! I wonder if it really was lost in translation, or if that story was just invented later. And even if he was asking about Obama, it's a bit disrespectful when it's directed at Clinton. I think she was right.