If you should really kick a ball over the separation wall…

In response to the controversial ad from Israeli telecoms company Cellcom, in which Israelis and Palestinians strike up a game of footy across the separation wall, residents from the Palestinian side have come up with their own version. Unlike the original however, there are no actors; only real citizens. So what would really happen if Palestinians kicked a ball across the wall?

The scene takes place in Bil'in, where weekly demonstrations are held to protest the wall. The author of the clip, an Israeli citizen, explains the scenario to us.


The response


“My goal was to show the harsh reality of this wall”

Ayyad Mediqa, 28, shot and edited the video in response to Cellcom's clip. He lives in Tel Aviv.

When I saw the original ad, I immediately felt that we needed to respond. The cynicism and disrespect in taking advantage of their suffering could not be ignored. What you see in the Cellcom ad is far from the reality. The video I shot is real, no actors. Since 2004, every Friday, the people of Bil'in come out to protest the wall. Here are the real Palestinian protestors, the real Israeli soldiers, the real tear gas. That's how it happens in real life.

We didn't do anything to provoke the Israeli Army that day. Even before we began the scenario and I started filming they had thrown tear gas over the wall.  My goal was to quite simply show the harsh reality of this wall. Some people have accused us of propaganda, and Cellcom, who I sent the video to, didn't bother to respond.  Which didn't really surprise me..."

The original ad


Israelie wall

The wall would not be there ,if they were educated and civilised,probably the leaders of gaza ,have no interest in they own people,just an ideaology of ignorance and hate,and ofcourse our western broadcasters who also need education,they just as thick as the gaza authorities.

I agree. The wall would not

I agree. The wall would not be there, if they (the Israeli authorities) were educated and civilised.

By the way Jospeh - when did you start your crusade against the Western media? And if you hate them so much, why do you send christmas cheer to the editorial teams each year?


My feeling are mutual to all ignorant people,hate is for people who are uneducated ,i can assure you ,i dont hate anybody ,who is educated ,but dont waste time with people who lack it,and it looks like you fall into this catergory.


Just to further the person limited knowledge,Israel pulled out, 2 years out off gaza prior to its present troubles,but the authorities had no intention to make the place more tolerable for its people ,but continued a campaign of terrorist activities.if you call that been educated ,then i suggest you re-educate yourself,or ask your teachers if they were educated.

to joseph

if you want to build a wall, built it around your house, not others's. in bil'in the wall annexes 58% of the villages land, on some, parts of Modiin Eilit (Zionist colony) was built. even the Israeli court ruled the wall must be moved.

'pulling out of gaza', while not resolving the refugee problem (u.n resolution 194, art. 11), and maintaing total control over all land, air and sea borders is called a siege. medieval style.

disregard to a human's life (as in 'gaza massacre' 2008, 1400 deaths) , rights, and civil liberties based on his 'lack of education' is simply racism. colonizers of the 17th & 18th century described 'the natives' in such words. who's the 'uneducated' here?


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Sorry cant decipher ,although it is your right to disagree ,but this an english version of france24.com re Observers.