Facebook: the new Big Brother?

One of our readers has sent us a warning to Facebook users — a site which he says has far too much information about our private lives.  

Sacha Dratwa is an Israel-based Belgian specialist on online social networking.

Facebook is basically an enormous avenue on which every user opens a shop with a window display on their private life. With all the information you upload onto the platform — photos, interests, occupation, hobbies, favourite books, films and music, marital status, political leanings, dress sense — you're handing over your electronic DNA to the network's managers, and all for free!

Facebook knows everything about each user. The obvious next step for the company is sell our profiles — which we ourselves have created — to companies more than willing to survey and analyse our habits in order to create more efficient — even personalised — advertising.

We no longer have a private life. We've reached a stage where our bosses can find out what we do at home, where our children can follow our adult relationships, our colleagues can spy on us and advertisers can find out exactly what makes us tick. We've lost our freedom and the ability to do the things we like without anybody's knowing about it. Through Facebook, we're unknowingly feeding companies which manipulate us by watching us.

As a Facebook user myself, I wonder if it really is a social network platform and not the world's biggest people database?



I just don't get it...

I really don't get it... people afraid of Facebook. LOL they just don't know how to use it.
No one forces you to add your colleagues, your neighbors, your boss or else to your "friends".
There are privacy rules ( limited true but still, there are some) you can set to "hide" some pictures to some friends.

as for facebook using my profile for commercial purposes, I have nothing against it. I don't read the add posted around the page and we all know that if we want to keep it free of charge ( and we want it to remain free ), then we have to compromise and accept the adds.

The thing that would bother me the most on Facebook are the multitude of stupid, meaningless, home-made tests and quizzes... But here again, no one forces me to use them.

i feel perfectly free on my facebook and I absolutly love the site, it's a great way to keep in touch :)

Q: Facebook: The new big brother? A: Not at all.

I totally disagree with the loss of freedom comment. For a start you have the freedom to choose whether you use facebook or not, its not compulsory. Secondly, as a user you also have the freedom to add as much or as little information as you like. If you don't want your manager colleagues or colleagues to know something then don't post it. Simples.

It is more important that people are aware of the risks of posting than citing this as some kind of loss of freedom.

A new big brother?

"It is more important that people are aware of the risks of posting than citing this as some kind of loss of freedom".

I couldn't agree more, however, sometimes when I see how carelessly and willingly people (even some of my ignorant relatives) give away their personal information on facebook, I am shocked.

I agree totally with this threat of loosing personal information

I agree totally with the above mentioned article regarding this threat of loosing personal information un-wantedly.