Jewish Americans bash Obama in Jerusalem beer fest

The night before Obama's historic speech to the Muslim world, a shocking video from Jerusalem captures a group of drunken American Jews bashing President Obama with racial slurs and physical threats. Not surprisingly, the video, entitled "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address", has caused quite a stir. In just a few days it has garnered over 360,000 hits and thousands of passionate comments on YouTube - it has even gotten the attention of rapper 50 Cent.

Many have slammed the video for what they perceive is a gross misrepresentation: the suggestion that a small group of inebriated youths significantly represent Israeli and or Jewish American views on President Obama. Others argue - following the Latin proverb that what the sober man has in his heart, the drunkard has on his lips - that these youths represent (albeit crudely) the opinions of a growing minority of Israelis and Jews around the world. One of the video producers, and a critic, share their perspective with us. 

Original video produced by journalists Max Blumenthal and Joseph Dana

Joseph Dana is an Israeli journalist and co-producer of the video "Feeling the Hate in Jerusalem on the Eve of Obama's Cairo Address."

Max and I went on to the streets of Jerusalem at 10pm on a Wednesday to ascertain the feelings of the young population about Obama's upcoming speech in Cairo. As is often the case, the streets of central Jerusalem were full of American Jews, many of which have Israeli citizenship. We asked people a simple question: "What do you think of Obama and Israel?"

The answers that we received were shocking. I believe that the answers reflect a form of racism, often directed at Arabs, that floats under the surface in small circles in Israel. The majority of Israelis are progressive and desire peace but we have elements of extremism and hate that our population must address. One of our goals was to expose this small slice of rhetoric in Israel in the hopes that a dialogue about how to fix it would ensue."

Video response: "Real Israelis are more moderate"

Lahav Harkov is an Israeli student in Political Science and author of a video response to Dana and Blumenthal's "Feeling the Hate" video.

Had the video shown Israelis speaking in this way, that would be one thing. To show Americans in Israel, most of which look to me like 18-year-olds on their gap year, and say that they represent the opinions of young Israelis, is absurd.

I wouldn't even say that this reflects the views of most young Americans in Israel! Sure, sometimes we can get drunk and loud - anyone who's been in downtown Jerusalem on a Saturday night can't deny that. Of course, one also cannot deny that alcohol often makes people behave in a more extreme and belligerent manner, a fact that Blumenthal and Dana chose to ignore.

One of Israel's biggest problems today is Hasbara [Public Relations], and young Jews like Dana and Blumenthal are only aggravating the problem. Too many Jewish people have forgotten what Israel has done for their people. Instead, they try to fit in with the American liberal intelligentsia. Never mind that most Arab countries do the exact opposite of what the American left is fighting for.

Israel is not perfect, and I see no problem in criticising the country when it's justified. This video, however, is not a warranted criticism. I'd like to remind Blumenthal and Dana that this is Israel, not Iran; therefore, people can get drunk and express their opinions without fear of persecution, even when their opinion is the minority.

I made a video response to "Feeling the Hate" in Jerusalem. I asked some of my fellow students at Bar-Ilan University what they thought of Obama's speech. Everyone in the video is a first or second year student in Political Science and\or Communications.

Not surprisingly, all of the students had different things to say. Some liked Obama more, some liked him less, but they all had complex opinions that were based on legitimate facts and ideas. Not one of them made a racist comment.

I think that this video shows how wrong Dana and Blumenthal are."

Dana and Blumenthal's follow-up video: Pro-Obama Israelis

Faced with mounting criticism for producing a video focusing on a minority of radical youths, Joseph Dana and Max Blumenthal made this follow-up video where they ask Israelis in the street for their opinion of Obama's speech in Cairo.


Bush hates Jews

George W. Bush's grand daddy Prescott bank rolled the Nazis to power in Germany. Look it up. The Bush family has Jewish blood on their hands!

I wish

Why? I wish U.S. media and pro-Zionist organizations would take note of the movement of Jews standing in solidarity with Palestine.

Whew, thank Smurf for the second video!

The first video is beyond depressing. I recognise many of the comments from the second as reflecting a more mainstream thread of Israeli opinion. However, Israeli political life is a prisoner of the extremes as the balance of power in the Knesset is so fragile. I can't see this opinion prevailing during this term. Hope I'm wrong!

Obama Hates Apartheid

Actually, President Obama simply doesn't believe in supporting an ILLEGAL APARTHEID OCCUPATION.

It was a crime of humanity in South Africa, and it's a crime of humanity in Palestine.

Plain and simple.

Obama hates Jews?

So what?
If some Jews are behaving as criminals, and presenting a danger to my country, by involving us into a bloody conflict with the Muslim world, why should Obama, or any US President show love for such Jews?
It's about time that the Likud's and Zio-Nazi Chutzpah be called!!!

Your comments are equal in ignorance to the drunken youths.

But you're probably not sitting at your computer wasted, so yours may be worse.

Let's get a bit of positive energy instead of all the crap that brings people down.

Between Palestine and

Between Palestine and Israel, it's only a cease fire.

Obama will change what? What he has a different politic with Clinton?

It's just because he come from a minority? Obama talks too much.

Last day it was about French rules in school about laicity and Muslims. Bush didn't talk about French rules like that.

Obama imposes it's vision to the world as if it was his world.

Obama is just talking, but i hope US people will not vote for him next because he is shitting everywhere.

I know a candidate who cannot be president because its parents weren't American. If Obama follows its thinking, he could give the chance to Schwarzenegger!

But he's not black, he was not hussein, it's not interesting !

The problem of Obama is its focus, nothing else matter.

The problem of islam is the same in the world, not only in Palestine, it's there vision of their future world:
A Muslim world.

Israel wants just to rest Israel.

Drunk, potheads

Dear Max Blumenthal, Joseph Dana,

Please do the viewers of france24 a favor, Next time, please interview some decent and regular Israeli folks and not some completely inebriated American tourist tembelims partying in bars in Jerusalem! The fact that they don't even know who Nethanyahu is says it all.
I am Jewish and whenever I see any drunkards and 'Czachchachim', whatever their ethnic or religious background may be, (and trust me, I have seen more than my share of Czachchachim in Israel too) I immediately distance myself from them in every possible way.
I hope the comments on youtube have brought you some satisfaction for your apparent self-hatred as Jews. Otherwise, I have no explanation for why you would chose to 'interview' totally drunk American 'Jews' in some obscure bars in Jerusalem. Maybe youtube is exactly the right forum for such non-journalism like this video. By the way, I sure hope you do not consider yourselves 'journalists'. A journalist has to have some sort of journalistic standard, which you obviously don't.
One postive thing that might come out of this video is that some of these people you 'interviewed' might feel some shame after seeing their ridiculous behavior on youtube.
At least the parents know now what their kids were up to during their visit to the holyland, and that the kids obviously didn't gain or learn anything from visiting there.

Drunk, potheads

I apologise for my lack of knowlege of the Hebrew language, I meant Pirchachim, not Czchchachim.


You should realise broadcast people are yet to be educated ,they pander to ignorance and the least educated in society