Angels and Demons, part of the grand conspiracy theory?

In Angels and Demons, Dan Brown claims that the pyramid and the eye on the American dollar are symbols of the Illuminati.

Conspiracy theories sprout like mushrooms at each global crisis, and Swine flu is no exception: one blog blames a mysterious secret society, the Illuminati, for the recent outbreak. Do movies like Ron Howard's upcoming Angels and Demons add fuel to the conspiracy-theory fire?

Most people had never heard of the secret society of the Illuminati before Dan Brown's novel Angels and Demons, sequel to the best-selling Da Vinci Code. In the book and its subsequent Hollywood version, the Illuminati are presented as a renaissance-era society of great thinkers, including the scientist Galileo and the artist Bernini, who were "expelled from Rome by the Vatican and hunted down mercilessly", according to Brown. In fact, the only known Illuminati society recognised by historians was founded nearly a century later, in Bavaria, in 1776. The plot of Angels and Demons takes place 400 years later, when the Illuminati, now a powerful and ruthless secret society, return to take their revenge on Vatican cardinals.

It's a short leap from there to the most common conspiracy theories, in which the Illuminati are said to be a mysterious "elite within the elite" whose goal is to infiltrate positions of power to create a ‘new world order' based on secular knowledge. Some see symbols like the pyramid and the all-seeing eye on US dollar bills as a sign that Illuminati have infiltrated the highest spheres of power.

Under fire for distorting historical events, Angels and Demons movie director Ron Howard wrote in the Huffington Post that the movie is "nothing other than a work of fiction", pointing out that if "fictional movies couldn't take liberties with reality, there would have been no Ben-Hur, no Barabbas, The Robe, Gone With the Wind or Titanic". But Dan Brown's official website is not so quick to dismiss the novels as pure fiction...


The "Angels and Demons" trailer

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Extracts from Dan Brown’s official website

Extracts from

- On the early Illuminati:

It is a historical fact that the Illuminati vowed vengeance against the Vatican in the 1600s. The early Illuminati--those of Galileo's day--were expelled from Rome by the Vatican and hunted down mercilessly."

- On Illuminati symbolism on the US dollar:

The design was presented to the US treasury in the 1940s, when the Illuminati brotherhood was widely accepted to have spread from Europe into America and infiltrated the brotherhood of the Freemasons. At the time, many Masons were upper echelon government officials. Vice-President Henry Wallace was one of them, and most academics now believe the design for the Great Seal was lobbied for by Wallace. Whether he made his decisions as a covert Illuminatus or innocently under their influence, nobody will ever know."

- On an unflattering portrayal of the Catholic Church:

I imagine some controversy is unavoidable, yes, although it's important to remember that Angels & Demons is primarily a thriller--a chase and a love story. I think the reason Angels & Demons is raising eyebrows right now is that it opens some Vatican closets most people don't even know exist."

"Dan Brown and Ron Howard are deliberately blurring the line between fact and fiction"

Bill Donahue is president of the New-York Based Catholic League.

Dan Brown and Ron Howard are deliberately blurring the line between fact and fiction because they continue to speak outside of both sides of their mouth. Just as they did with "The Da Vinci Code," they claim that at least part of their work is based on historical "facts," and then when pressed they fall back on the refrain that it is just a novel. This genre is pernicious: it plants the seed in the mind of the viewer that what they have just seen could possibly be true.

In fact, not a single member of the Illuminati was ever "brutally massacred" by the Catholic Church, as the movie claims. Moreover, the Illuminati were not founded in 1600 as they claim - it was founded in 1776 and it was dissolved in 1787. Why did they play fast and loose with the facts? So they could drag out their favorite martyr, Galileo, and maintain that he was persecuted by the Church. Galileo, however, died in 1642 and could not possibly be tied to the Illuminati. Besides, he was never tortured and never imprisoned.

The central objection to the book is its invidious lie that the Catholic Church is anti-reason and anti-science. Had it not been for the Catholic Church, the universities would not have survived during the Middle Ages. Had it not been for the Catholic Church, the Scientific Revolution would not have been as dramatic as it was. The Church's contribution to astronomy, alone, has been remarkable.

The Catholic League simply asks that the film be preceded by a disclaimer saying that the movie is a fictional account."

"Illuminati New world Order Conspiracy video"

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The "Illuminati consipracy" according to web users

Illuminati manipulation by David Martin.

The pyramid structure of the secret Illuminati society. Posted on Conspiracy Watch.


Zoom on the pyramid and eye on the American dollar note. Some consider them Illuminati symbols.


Angels and Demons

I think this is being blown out of proportion just a little bit. I agree with the previous statement about the actual existence of the Illuminati in this book/movie. The Illuminati are nonexistent in this book. It's fabricated by the priest. I think it's important to recognize that one person does not define who the Catholic church is. The priest had issues and his beliefs were not in line with the teachings of the Church. The other individuals of the church in this book were very well portrayed as good, God-fearing men. While it perhaps does put a negative spin on some aspects of the church, I don't think it's meant in a malicious way. Some histories aren't always the best-maybe some of this is NOT historical. But the point is that the current organization has bounced back from these rumors/facts of their past. That's what means the most

So why is the British media

So why is the British media so fixated on Mugabe? Is it cause he's a symbol of African power that defeated western colonial power? Some soul searching would be at place on both sides

The Pyramid represents the

The Pyramid represents the New World Order Pyramid Scheme, which is in part capitalism, hierarchy, and evolution...

The all seeing eye represents the elite chosen by God at the very top.

It will be interesting to

It will be interesting to see the celebrations of the Olympics this summer in China. Other western allies than China are also hardly discussed: Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, the list is probably endless.

The Observers. With a great

The Observers. With a great big eye. Angels & Demons is propaganda. DISINFORMATION. You should be ashamed of yourself, hiding the truth, misleading people. No matter how much money you got, it's just paper.


May 17, 2009

AFP News Briefs List

Anti-abortion outcry before Obama visit

The president has attempted to defuse one of the most emotive issues in US public life
by arguing that while abortion should remain legal,
the government should do all it can to limit unwanted pregnancies.

We it is a matter of lack of knowledge of legislator.
There are a simple rule to aplay in this case and complty legal and Contitutional
There is iqual rights in USA or Not?


Why do you find it even surprising that ".. few people have even heard of .. " a secret society? Is secret a difficult word for you?

There are a lot of media hyped stories claiming that various societies and groups of "dissidents" are trying to create a new world order. The stories demonise the very idea of a change of world order. Why?

Well, if I were a member of the CURRENT world order, I would be sure to demonise ANYONE who started an articulate argument against my hold on political influence and its deleterious effect on the lives of the ordinary people of the world.

I might even create terrorist situations in order to scare electorates into accepting limits to their previously hard won freedoms...

Why.. I might even start a war on terror to deflect the world from paying attention to what I'm really up to..

And heaven forfend that the ordinary people of the world should actually think anything for themselves... I MUST control that kind of activity..

Freedom belongs to ME


The problem with the Illuminati in this context is that in the context of the film they do not exist, they are a creation of a mad priest who wants to be pope. So, some uninformed Catholics objection to the film is nonsense. We know that mad priests exist. We know that within an organization, there are careerists who are more interested in maintaining the organization then they are in its mission statement.

No where, does the film put down Christ, it shows many Catholics in a fovorable light. Had Brown chosen a non existant religious group for this story it would be science fiction and not as great at the boxoffice. Donahue, did the film a favor, and perhaps himself also, by panning it, because he can pretend he is somebody, and whether they buy his line or not, people will go to see the film just to see what it is about.

The world is not so much different!

The religious cults has long been a thorn in the eyes of the naturalist and guilds. It's a natural battles between opposites, one using the power and techniques of the mass cult movement to create large armies and become foundation of governments in many states. The other is the loose alliance of naturalist and guilds who are preyed on for tax and allegience.

One being the stronger, becomes OPEN while the weaker used STEALTH, deceit, tricks to protect their wealth. You can say, the cults are socialist, while the guilds are capitalist and the naturalist, the middle class.

We have the same problem in the Far East.

So, don't feel awkward with secret societies in your midst.


Green DRagon

good and bad

They create this scene of good and bad, catholic/muslim (or vice/versa), labour/conservative, republican/democrat.

It's only STAGE!!!! Both sides are usually on the same side, it's only engineered to full both sides into the game.