Who's the prettiest of them all - Letizia or Carlita?

Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Spain today to talk politics and security. The objective however, has been entirely overshadowed by a media frenzy questioning who will be the belle of the ball - Spain's Princess Letizia Ortiz or France's first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy?

Letizia Ortiz is wife of Felipe de Bourbon, heir to the Spanish throne. A former journalist and news presenter who covered the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq war for Spanish channel TVE, the princess is adored in Spain and considered intelligent, brave and furthermore, attractive. Such a resume makes Letizia Ortiz something of rare rival to Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, herself a top model-turned-singer.

The Spanish press just cannot wait to see the pair meet this Monday evening at the royal palace. Which designer, what kind of make-up? Hat or no hat? We can't wait to find out...



their bottoms

we have strong rumours that both ladies like to have
their creamy bottoms spanked pink

so they can't be completely bad, now can they??

rich, attractive and psedo intellectual Letizia and Carlita

both born with a silver spoon in their mouths. who cares. millions of attractive women in this world. the ones with brains attract me. neither of these two have much upstairs except for the token potemkin villages they had others build for them. btw, father like son-both Sarkozies are "gold diggers".

How can you compare an

How can you compare an intelligent human being with a malevolent robot? All Bruni had was looks - until she got that bizarre face lift. Ortiz actually had a career in something.

Carla Bruni & Letizia

At least Carla Bruni isn't a fake like Letizia; as Letizia Ortiz continues being a journalist that has been pretending to be married to the prince Felipe for 5 years. So, the "wedding" between Felipe and Letizia in 2004 was a show, a fake, a theatre performance, where all the people attending to it were acting like in a theatre or a film, that is about to end.
But to demonstrate that there're false and hypocrite people and that one cannot believe all what is seen or heard, it wasn't necessary to mix up so much; above all, because on taking that farse and prentence so far, it's leaving the journalism career in a very bad place.

Are you not a little

Are you not a little jealous?... :D