Attack on Sri Lankan cricketers: the Indian lead

One of our Observers in Pakistan, Awab Alvi, has published a note by the security services warning local authorities about the probability of an attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team. The note, dating back to January 22, pointed to an Indian lead.

Who ordered Tuesday’s attack on the Sri Lankan national team in Lahore is anyone’s guess. The Taliban? Tamil Tigers? A document leaked to the press on Tuesday evening has opened up another lead. The memo produced by the security services of Pakistan’s Punjab province warned local authorities about the possibility of an attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team masterminded by the Indian secret services (RAW). The note even mentioned the transfer from the hotel to the stadium as a possible timing for the attack: which is precisely what happened. But who might have had an interest in leaking a document that directly accuses India and underlines the negligence of the government in place?


'The leak may have been organised as part of a political quarrel'

Awab Alvi, a dentist in Karachi, published and commented on the security services’ note on his blog..

The leak may have been organised as part of a political quarrel. The Muslim League recently walked out of the Punjabi government [Shahbaz Sharif was replaced as the province’s premier by Salman Taseer, who is close to the PPP]. Thus, they have every reason to show that the government was aware of the danger but did nothing to prevent it. The memo also gives weight to those who blame India, with whom relations have been on a knife edge since the Bombay attacks. Many Web users (see the survey I organised on my blog) are convinced India manipulated local armed groups to carry out the attack.

Of course, anti-Indian feelings run strong here in Pakistan. But I think most people see it the same way as I do; they say Pakistani authorities are at fault. The players’ convoy wasn’t given adequate protection. Just think about it: the terrorists were free to fire for several minutes before vanishing into thin air."

Video footage of the attack

Source : Samaa TV


Better sense prevailing?

Where's the evidence of Indian hand in Lahore attack: Pak media

Islamabad (IANS): The "flurry of charges" linking India to the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers in Lahore "make no sense at all", an editorial in a leading English daily said on Thursday, while another cautioned that such finger pointing would only widen the India, Pakistan rift.

"The flurry of charges from the media and members of the government that our neighbours to the east may have had a hand make no sense at all - given that the gunmen have not been apprehended and no other evidence points in this particular direction," The News said in an editorial headlined "No closer to the truth".

On its part, Daily Times referred to the "planting" of a police report that apparently warned that India's spy agency RAW was planning to target the Sri Lankan cricketers and said it was meant to "widen the rift between India and Pakistan and bring relief to the terrorist elements under pressure from the Pakistan army in the tribal areas".

The editorial was headlined "Reaching out for denial again".

Pointing to the need "to put passion aside and accept the reality", The News said: "There is now no doubt at all that Pakistan is unsafe; no sporting team should be asked to visit it, unless we wish for blood on our hands."

"The priority must be to assess how order can be restored in our state and the violent forces that operate within it eradicated.

"Turning our attention to this would be a far more useful exercise than pointing fingers towards neighbours or pretending that the Pakistan is not a terrorist haven. The events of March 3 prove that it is and will remain so till we act decisively to restore the rule of law within it," the editorial maintained.

The News also noted that the government had "done little" to "clear the mist of confusion or calm the deep unease" the audacious attack had created.

"Indeed, the interior adviser's media talk in Islamabad seemed to add to the suspicions that no one at all with an iota of good sense is in charge of the country," the editorial added.

The reference was to Interior Minister Rehman Malik's statement hours after the Lahore attack pointing to a "foreign hand" in the outrage. He, however, did not specifically name any country.

Urging "logic and rationality" in dealing with the aftermath of the incident, the editorial said: "We all know that groups capable of carrying out the well-planned and expertly executed attack we saw Tuesday exist within the country.

"It is useless to turn a blind eye to the presence of forces such as the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) which have the capacity to stage such acts of terrorism. They of course also have reason to try and extract revenge for the crackdown against the group carried out over the past few weeks, in the aftermath of what happened at Mumbai," The News added.

Noting there was "no doubt" about the fact that the security provided to the Sri Lankan team was seriously lacking, Daily Times said: "But to unite in dumping the entire incident on India may be proved wrong in the near future and may not be a durable prop on which to lean.

"This is what happened after the Mumbai attacks when Islamabad was compelled to own that Ajmal Kasab was a Pakistani and the incident was partly planned inside Pakistan," it added.

Pakistan is slowly going

Pakistan is slowly going down the drain and yet people there do not and will not realize it until it's too late..they are more concerned about blaming it on others rather than fixing themselves.

it's a fake

the "intelligence report" looks like a crude fake. cheap inkjet printer. no official letterhead. the way "secret" is splashed on the front page appears really corny.

Crying wolf yet again

I'm not surprised. On the issue of terrorism, Pakistan has been telling porkies to the international community since time immmemorial. We ain't buying it any more chaps!

Educated pakistanis

I note with surprise that the gentleman who wrote this report is a dentist. It is indeed unfortunate if educated members of civil society in Pakistan refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room and tackle Muslim extremism in their country. In the UK, our leaders constantly tell us that the majority of Muslims are moderate and peace loving. I do hope this is true and that Mr Alvi's comments are an aberration.

Patrick Trimble, London

It's precisely this silly,

It's precisely this silly, stubborn attitude of denial that had led to Pakistan becoming the hub of Islamic terrorism. I visited Pakistan a year ago and was amazed at how ordinary citizens have been brainwashed by politicians, clerics and the media into supporting Islamic fanatics. I won't be surprised if the Taliban take over the country soon.


India responsible? Yeah, right. And Israel carried out 9/11. I thought that France 24's observers were supposed to be reporters and not conspiracy theorists. Anyway, it certainly makes for hilarious reading.

Have you read his comment?

Have you read his comment? He says that it may be a manipulation organized by the Muslim League. He doesn't say that he himself believes that India is behind the attack. But it seems that many pakistanes think so...