French Spiderman takes another swipe at gravity

Alain Robert, who refers to himself as Spiderman, scaled a 270 metre, or 886 foot, Hong Kong skyscraper last Tuesday... without any equipment. A web user filmed the scene from a neighbouring building. Impressive.

Posted on YouTube by "cnostaw".

This isn't even the urban climber's greatest feat. According to his site, he's already reached the top of over 80 monuments and towers around the world with no safety equipment. He's particularly known for scaling Sears Tower in Chicago, which reaches 443 metres tall. 

Report on Alain Robert:

Posted on YouTube by "ABSYNTHEproduction". 



spider man

Now that is a man to be admired,it is great when somebody comes along and is remarkable,not the run of the usual politicans ,soon forgetten .most, one cant remember what thier achieved in life.