'Luca was gay', and then he realised his mistake

Italian singer Giuseppe Povia is causing outrage in Italy over "Luca era gay" (Luca was gay), a song about a gay man who goes straight. See the clip and read more...

Material for this post was compiled by our Observer in Milan, Alberto Celani.

Giuseppe Povia is launching the song at the famous Sanremo festival, something of an Italian Eurovision, which opens on Tuesday and is broadcast on state TV channel RAI. The somewhat ambiguous lyrics tell the tale of a young man, looking back on his past, who realises why he was gay: "I was too smothered by my mother", and decides to turn straight. It's not the first time the singer has caused offence over the subject. He was previously quoted in an interview saying "you're not born gay, you become gay through your social surroundings".

The president of a gay rights organisation, quoted by Ansa agency, said that the song is "an insult to all gay people fighting homophobia and ignorance in Italy". A good number of Italians are pushing for a similar message to be broadcast on public TV. The debate comes not long after Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who's also been chided for homophobic notions, made sexist remarks about rape.

What about you, do you think the song's homophobic?


"Luca era gay"


"Luca was gay and today he's with her, he speaks with his heart, Luca says he's another man

Luca says ‘before telling the tale of my sexuality change, I'd like to say that while I believe in god, I don't recognise myself in the thinking of men, who are divided on this subject.

I didn't go to see a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a priest or a scientist. I dug into my past, and I came to understand things about myself. My mother wanted too much of me, something that became an obsession, I suffocated from so much attention.

My father never took decisions and I came to never speak to him. He was always out at work, although I had the idea that wasn't entirely true.

Indeed, mother asked for a divorce, I was 12, I didn't understand very well, father said it was for the best and then took to drinking.

Mama always talked badly about papa, she told me never to marry for pity, she was terribly jealous of my friends, and I became more and more confused about who I was.  

This is my story, simply my story, no sickness, no cure...'"


So what?

If he's happy with a woman so let him be. Doesn't mean all gay men want to be with a woman. If he says he's happy being with a woman, good for him. I say we should let people be with whoever they want to be with.

Ratings boost

RAI (who televise this event) are to assess if it is viable to continue to do so due to low viewing figures. The attention this act got was just what was needed. Coincidence?

This song gained the 2nd

This song gained the 2nd place at the "Festival di San Remo 2009" during the final (saturday night with 47% share). Povia and this song have been awarded by the special prize "press room" of the Festival.

Expo 2015 in Milano, Italy


Makes one ashamed of being Italian. A show of provincialism, bigotry, prejudice, ignorance that only the worst side of Catholicism can spouse. From the country of Silvio Berlusconi...

Wonderful song!

Wonderful song!

Italiano estúpido! Em um

Italiano estúpido! Em um país em que idéias direitistas extremas e leis ridículas estão se disseminando - aquela de proibir castelos de areia foi ótima! - não é de se admirar que assuntos como imigração, liberdades civis e respeito ao cidadão, independentemente de sua raça, seu credo ou sua orientação sexual (LEIA-SE ORIENTAÇÃO, NÃO OPÇÃO, NÃO SE TRATA DE UMA OPÇÃO), sejam tratados e retratados de forma tão displicente, simplista, errada. Com um pouco de sorte, conseguirão eleger em breve um novo Mussolini.

Just ludicrous!

Just ludicrous!

Italian society shows once

Italian society shows once again that does neither belong to Europe nor to the Western world. Any discussion on whether Luca was or was not gay appears ridiculous, this is a song that, according to the words of its author, is fictional. It is sad, however, that the organizers of the event were not able to read between the lines, and see the message that the song conveys: not that homosexuality is a disease, but that homosexuality is unfit for stable relationship and for emotional stability, and as such has to do only with sex and betrayal; that homosexuality is an "opinion" and a condition that can be changed after all. I think to the effects that this message may have on gay and lesbian youths who are struggling to affirm their identity. And I wonder whether a song conveying a message of racial supremacy would have been accepted with no problem. Mr. Povia argued that "everyone has his own truth": today is homophobia, tomorrow might be racism or antisemitism... after all, to use Mr. Povia again, "nobody is always right"...

Is just the story of a

Is just the story of a person
Maybe it is the story of many, not of all
Mr. Grillini justed wanted to do some noise to catch attention and is not the first time
That's not the way to fight ignorance and call for tolerance

Luca era gay

I don't understand all the fuss about that song... Its not an anti-homosexual song. I like the song and it looks that despite the opinion of certain people in Italy a big majority of the italian viewers liked it too coz it finished 2nd in the Festival.
I guess the people that voted for the song didn't see anything descriminating about homosexuality... and so do I.. like Povia says: its just a story, no illness, no recovery

lets just enjoy the song