Iran, 30 years after the Islamic revolution

On Feb. 11 Iran marks the 30th anniversary of the Islamic revolution that brought Ayatollah Khomeini to power.

We asked the same four questions to our Iranian observers, some living in the country and some living abroad:

What were you doing 30 years ago?

How much freedom do you feel there is in the country?

What is your impression of the United States? Do you think there will be any changes after the June presidential election?

Over the next week, we will be publishing the replies of musician Hamid Reza Taherzadeh, economics professor Ali Tehrani, exiled opposition activist Aladin Touran and PhD student Assadi Tari.


"You need a permit to sing in public"

Hamid Reza Taherzadeh is a music teacher living in Paris. He left Iran in 1982, three years after the Islamic revolution.


What were you doing 30 years ago?

I was studying music at the international university at Sheraz (in the south-west of Iran). Before the revolution I had never heard of Khomeini, but I believed that his return would be a benefit to the country and that he would install a democratic system of government, as he had promised to do while in exile in Paris. Sadly, he dashed the hopes of the Iranian people. Not only did he not stick to his promises, but much worse, he arrested, tortured and executed thousands of Iranian men and women. Musicians did not escape this crackdown.


How much freedom do you feel there is in Iran?

I can't speak for myself because I live in Paris. But Khomeini has killed many artists. He has declared that music is the tool of the Devil. In the streets, the religious police attack musicians and break their instruments on their heads. The mullahs disolved the country's orchestras and shut down the music academies. The Pasdarans (guardians of the Islamic Republic) broke all the fingers of Amir Nasser Aftitah, Iran's greatest percussionist. He died soon after. The same thing happened to Mehdi Khaledi, one of the country's great violinists. The Pasdarans heard music coming from his house. They came in and smashed his Stradivarius - the only one in Iran. He died of fright. He was 65 years old. Since 1979 the Iranian regime has favoured two types of music - religious and military songs. The main preoccupation of the regime is to galvinise the hearts and minds of soldiers for a hypothetical war. My brother, a qualified musician, opened a secret school to teach western theory of music. He was arrested and killed. Iranians are not even allowed to transport their instruments in their cars - you need to ask for authorisation from the ministry of culture. The same goes for singing in public - you need a permit.


What is your impression of the United States?

How can a regime that cannot even get on with its own people be expected to sort out its relations with other countries, especially the USA? Ordinary Iranians have no problem whatsoever with other countries. It's quite the opposite. I believe that the USA has been too lax on Iran. Why else would they have bombed and invaded Iraq and not Iran? The mullah's want to show the Arab world that they are anti-Israel and anti-USA in order to have these Arab countries' support. It is ironic to think that once upon a time Tel Aviv actually sold weapons to Iran...


Do you think there will be any changes after the June presidential election?

Iranian elections are not like European ones. There will be no change whatsoever in June, because it will be the same person, the Ayatollah, holding on to the reins of power. What have Khatami and Rafsandjani done in the eight years they have been at the country's helm? Absolutely nothing. This is a regime that refuses to hear messages of peace from other countries. It is a barbarous system closer to the middle ages than the modern world.

Hamid playing traditional music

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Please Help Iranians, We are Fed up with this religious despotis

First of all the Mohhas have stolen our revolution. I am a university student from Tehran. I fully supportthe revolution in my country but the mullahs are the theives of this great revolution! bering in mind that whatever he has yet been mentiones is only tip of the iceburg. Iran under the Mollahs is the worst dictatorial regime in the world/ I as a woman is not considered a human being. in iran we are discriminated in LAW and in Practice! this regime has paralysed the young generation by encouraging them to become drug addict or drag them to prostitution. In iran HEROINe is much cheaper than a pack of cigarets! many of my class mates were raped by our so-called spiritual corps at the university. they later turned to prostitution to meet their education expenditures! This is one aspect of this barbaric regime which commits all these crimes in the name Islam and allah!I don't want to talk about suppression and persecutions of all people especialyy the women and girls. I ask the Western counties especially PRESIDENT OBAMA TO BE MORE REALISTIC WITH THIS CRIMINAL REGIME IN MY BLEEDING COUNTRIES! MOLLAHS CAN ONLY UNDERSTAND ONE LANGUAGE AND THAT IS THE FORCE.UN AND UN COMMISSION OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN SWITHZERLAND MUST HELP US! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! STOP SUPPORTING THIS INHUMAN REGIME! HAJAR

Amnesty International:Iran the world's largest prison for journa

I feel so pathetic for those Iranian journalist who are so ignorant about our beloved country and their fellow iranian compatriots. Some claim that Iran is a free country to express freely the opinions! this a pure lie! According to the international non governmental organizarion such as Amnesty International, Human rights Watch, and more importantly the journalists without borders, Iran is the world's largest prison for the journalists. Iran stand second after China for executions and by considering its population, iran is number one violator of human rights especially the in terms of freedom of speech and opinion. Currently, there are hundreds of jounalists who are either in prison or their journals or weblogs are shut down by the same government that he supports!!! He claims that his finacial situation is well. I have no doubt that for a person like him who works for the state run media, high salary which is paid by the government is no problem! It is shameful for a journalist to say that only low class people are poor!!?? this low class consists more than 84 percents of iranian society. according to official statistics such as central bank of iran or the minstry of finance , more than 80 percents of iranians are below poverty line! More over those who clearly confess that they are pro Ahmadinejad who is known in Iran as the man of 1000 coup de grace! as he has executed personally more than 1000 political prisoners! please bear in mind that this regime can not even tolerate slightest amount od opposition. when a woman such as madam Shirin Ebadi the winner of Nobel peace prize is not free to express her opinion, how would you expect that others can be free to freely express themselves! they have closed down the office of Shrin Ebadi who even is not even considered as a stunt opposant of the regime!


I ask all those who I ask all those who blindly support the religious fascist and misogyne regime of mollahs to go to iran and live just 24 hours in that burning hell. I wish you will all one day realise what a great mistake you have committed by supporting this regime. The criminal mollahs are not really moslem. they prentend to be one!!. they abuse the very name of islam and commit all their barabaric atrocities in the name of Allah to fool the moslem people around the world for their own dirty ploitical interests.LISTEN TO THE REALITY OF THE MOMENT!!

To know what is happening in Iran under the Islamic Republic

To know what is happening in Iran under the Islamic Republic watch this video clip

Why you don't talk with people that are connected to reality

Reality of the Iranian revolution has root in their people and it’s better to find it from people that created that and live in Iran. From western and civilized world eyes, Thailand is a good country because we can go there and fuck their kids without any consequences. (Only compare programs that France24 has about Cuba or Iran with Thailand) Columbia’s government is good. (You won’t hear anything here in the west that more than 1000 union members killed by government in the last 3 years) Egypt is a moderate Arab country.(they arrested more than 7000 Muslim brotherhood party members last month only. When Mugabe arrested the leader of opposition they exploded the world with news.) When the western countries cry democracy it makes me sick.

Iran: a lovely country in the hands of terrorist despots!

You don't seem to understand that lack of coverages to the plight of other suffering people of the world has nothing to do with the true horondous reality of iran under the current religios fascism. You can criticise the whoe world for their lack of interest to help the oppressed people of my country. I am an iranian woman. I was arrested when I was only 13 years old . you know why? just for reading a leaflet in our school which had criticised the Mollahs for stoning women to death for so called adultry!. The mollahs are the biggest adultrers of all time.I was with 15 other girls of more or less the same age! we were all repeatedly raped by rhe imam and other revolutionary gurads. Do you understand what it means for a little girl at my age to be sexually abused like that. many others were killed . they used to rape the VIRGIN GIRLS upon a FATWA by khoeiny and Montazeri to prevent the victims from going to heaven! but what the world has done against the assasins ruling my bleeding country? Nothing! you can see how friendly they have been with the regime by appeasing them and on the other hand how hostile they have been to the opposition of this barbaric regime! [deleted] History shall never forget those who helped this murderes mollahs and their western and especially THEIR AMERICAN AND ISRAEILI FRIENDS who only shouted empty slogans and did nothing against the AYAOLLAHS or rather AYAOLSHAYATNS!!!!

why you do not talk with people that are connected to reality

Dear Sir or Madam the fellow Iranian!I think what you mean of the people who are connected to reality is the president of Iran , Ahmadinegad who thinks there is a halo of light around his head !! and there is a well in Jamkaran where Imam Zaman is hidden in it . This schizophrenic president wanted to make a highway from that well to Tehran for that Imam Mehdi to come through that highway. The other leaders , I mean those dinosaurs believe that they check their decisions with that Imam Mehdi every night ! Are they the people who are connected to reality as you say?? Can you really say that all these savages do in Iran are being done in those countries you mentioned in your comment? For example are they stone the people because of adultery in Thailand of Egypt ? Are they lash the people in public because of drinking alcohol? Are they trying to separate hospitals, buses , and schools and even the books for the men and women? You are talking about Thailand and prostitution , do not you really know what is going in Iran in this matter? and do not you konw about the Dubai those who sell the little Iranian girls to the rich Arab Shaikhs? and by the way which kind of Iranian are you that do not care about your fellow countries and are worried about Thailand an Egypt and so on? . Here the subject is Iran after the revolution and what the Mullas have done to our homeland not the other countries . I believe you are far far from Iran . You cannot see how much the Iranians suffer from poverty and dictatorship and barbaric laws . Have not you hear that they executed 40 people by hanging them in public just in 3 days? Have not you hear that they killed almost 30 thousands political prisoners just in one week in the summer 1989? Cannot you see that they do not allow anyone of the opposition groups even those who were very closed to them like reformists to become a candidate in any election? And sorry to say that I believe the one who is not connected to the reality at all is just you and no one else

Iran after the revolution

Iran after the revolution is just a hell for Iranians , especially the women.
No human rights, No women rights, No justice and no Law.
The courts are based on Sharie Law and it means exactly and literally Eye for Eye .
These days there is a case , a man who is waiting in the jail for the order of a judge to pour Acid in his eyes to make him blind , because he had done it to a another person. They sentence the people , especially the women to death by stoning them . They lash the girls who do not have complete Hejab and wear make up
The government of Iran is ruling the country upon on a system of rules and laws from 2000 years ago and they believe that they should export their religion to all the countries . These religious fascists are the most danger for the world and the worse thing about them is that they are after nuclear weapons to help the Islamic terrorism in the Middle East and around the world.
Americans did not and would not do any good for Iranians. They even were very good to Mullas, the put the main opposition group of the Mullas in black list and they have very good economic and political relation with those savage Mullas . The only thing that Iranian people want from USA and European countries is that they do not continue to appeasement policy with Mullas and do not put pressure on the opposition groups of this government

Iran A Big Prison for All Iranians

Dear sir,
let me assure you that unfortunately the situation of human rights abuse by the State is beyond comception.I am a Muslim scholar. I know that in Iran the goverment has resorted to the most inhuman means of suppressing its own people. torture, daily executions in the streets by cranes against the eyes of school children who are taken from their school ti watch hangings and ... are so appalling that one can not put them in any verbs.Khomeiny has usurbed the leadrship of this great revolution that put an end to 2500 years of monarchy in Iran. But the outcome was a total failure. He had no programme ,no strtegical vision for economy and for future of iran. I happened to go to Neufle le chateau in france to see him in Jjan79 or late Dec78. I realized that khomeini had been surronded by a bunch of gangasters such as Dr.Ibrahim Yazdi and other big merchants around him.But khomeini was more clever than others, he cheated evry one. he formed his empire and provoced Saddam Hossein to attack Iran, But soon he realised that war is in his vested interest, despite repeated calls from iraq to establish peace ,khomeini refused a cease fire and continued that war which was only in the best interesta of Israel! please refer to the documentary book," THE BLOOD MONEY" written by a former Israeli spy who was in charge of selling arme and ammunitions to IRAN!.This regime has perprated crimes against humanity against its own people and their leaders must stand trial before an internationa tribune.America and EU politicians have sofar persued a chatastrophic policy of appeasement which has been nothing but embolding the regime to more terrorism and suppression. West must support Iranian and their aspiration for a democratic change.

Islamic revolution: failure of a democratic attempt!

The comments of Mr. Taherzadeh are absolutely right. Iranian people are often victims of politicians as Islamic regime does not represent the Persian identity and cultural heritage. We, Iranian people, do not have any thing to do with Israel...indeed, Jews have been co-existing with us since 2500 years ago when the Persian king -Cyrus the great - appreciated them in our motherland. Now it's time for Israel and Jews to help us get rid of the islamic regime for compensation of what Cyrus the great did many years ago...