Obama censored live on Chinese TV

China's censorship devices were faced with a challenge during Obama's inauguration speech when the new American president mentioned the word communism. Chinese broadcasters quickly faded out the translator's voice and replaced it with an unsuspecting presenter.

Images from state TV channel CCTV. Six seconds into the video, Obama begins to say "Recall that earlier generations faced down fascism and communism not just with missiles and tanks, but with sturdy alliances and enduring convictions." After 20 seconds he had been silenced by the Chinese broadcasters. In reality, he went on to say: "To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist".

The presenter, visibly embarrassed by the sudden interruption, poses an impromptu question to a reporter, who then stumbles over a response about Obama's economic policy. On the Chinese web, only versions of the speech in English include references to communism and corruption. Extracts broadcast by the Chinese media and local press, however, were all censored.


"The audience wanted to listen to Obama, not a crap commentary from a reporter!"

Message posted by "Yehuchan" 21 January on this Chinese forum.

It's really outrageous what CCTV did during Obama's speech! You either show the whole thing or you don't show anything at all. Cutting bits out is not acceptable. Is it a professional channel or not? The audience wanted to listen to Obama, not a crap commentary from a reporter!

The specialist had trouble with her analysis that they showed halfway through his speech. So I thought that when they went back to Obama's speech [after the above video ends], then that was it. But no! As soon as we heard the words terrorism or communism we were whisked back to the studio to hear what the commentators had to say.

What century are we living in? They're still taking us for idiots. The internet is developed enough for us to know everything now. Does CCTV think they're clever? Someone should remind them that they represent the image of the country."


In this new Obama'esque era

In this new Obama'esque era of everyone getting along, if you can't nuke 'em, we'll just have to deal with them and their stupid censorship.
God forbid, we would not want 1 billion free-thinking Chinese, would we?

Chinse censorship

When my daughter and son-in-law went to China the year before last, they visited Tiananmen Square and were assured by everyone they met that there had never been a massacre there. In fact, to the best of the local population's knowledge, the people they spoke to insisted there had never even been a killing in the square, so if the locals are prepared to lie through their teeth to keep a secret that everyone knows about,why is everyone so surprised that censorship is in use for Obama's broadcast?
My dughter also told me on her return that she was unable to get a genuine Chinese Chinese meal; the only restaurants they were allowed to use were those set aside for foreigners. If even the food is kept secret, what hope has diplomacy got?


The only information that I

The only information that I get from your comments is that your daughter and son-in-law hadn't been to China ever. And you showed your prejudice against this country. Actually, I fully understand the Chinese censorship, though it may seem ridiculous to some westerners. If you want to understand the Chinese value system, you have to learn Chinese culture and history first. China is a complex and diverse country you may never know. And the communism in China have already been changed according to Chinese value system, thus I prefer to call it Chinese communism.

And I also want to remind you that media can also be a liar. This apply to CCTV in China ,and also apply to BBC,CNN,France24,Euronews,Skynews,Foxnews,DW-TV,Russia Toady, even Al Jazeera.

I am sorry to tell you that you may brain washed by these so called independent Medias unconsciously. Fortunately, I can get the different perspectives from different countries. But, you may only get the only one voice, because you may have no knowledge in Chinese.

daughter and son-in-law hadn't been to China ever.

Actually, TC, my daughter and son-in-law did holiday in China. They spent a month there in 2007. They ended their stay by visiting Chinese friends of ours in Hong Kong, where they got their first real Chinese meal, taken to a restaurant by our friends Wing Kwong Tam and his wife Wai Kit Fung (Cindy) Tam. Tam and Cindy have been friends of ours for nearly 30 years, until Cindy very sadly passed away last September. I was their best man when they married here in England, and my wife was Cindy's matron of honour. My daughter was eight and my son three when Tam and Cindy first came to stay with us, learning to eat with chop-sticks and acquiring a life-time taste for Chinese food.
I have no prejudice against any country race or creed and never have had, and I consider it offensive that anyone would even suggest it. I was stating what happened and that was all, then giving my opinion. By the way, thanks to Tam and Cindy, I probably speak better Cantonese than you do.
I have known situations where the media have actually stirred up trouble in order to get their stories, so I am aware of their capabiities, and am glad to tell you that I most certainly have not been brain-washed.
The only thing that I can think of that you could have objected to in my comments was the mention of the Tianamen massacre. Are you also actually trying to say that it never happened?


It did happen. Actually no

It did happen. Actually no one deny it, we just don't want to mention it. But in fact, I even did not take notice that you mention Tiananmen, until you remind me this time. And we now treat it as a history. I don't think there is any connection between CCTV's report on Obama and Tiananmen. If we keep on talking about that british used to invade China ,massacre Chinese people, rob Chinese treasure(just see those collections in British museum and Louvre Museum), occupy Hong Kong for 100 years illegally (and reluctant to return it in 1997), When we want to make a comment on British current policy or even do business with British people. Don't you think it is ridiculous and offensive? So just don't be too west-centered, try to care a little about other's feeling.

OK, I am glad to know that you can speak Cantonese fluently. But still, you may not understand Chinese people; even you are a friend of them. When I said your daughter and son-in-law did not holiday in China, I did not mean the fact whether they have been to China or not. What I want to express is that the experience you described in your article is really unbelievable according to my experience. So, I am sorry to say that you have a lot of work to do, if you really want to know China. Anyway, you are trying to understand China. At this point, you are respectable and I do not intend to provoke you.

What do the Chinese know about Tiananmen Square?

Referring to the censorship of the Tiananmen Square massacre, you might be interested in this article: http://observers.france24.com/en/content/20080605-tiananmen-square-china-censorship-media


Well cant blame the chinese,the garbagge the west broadcast ,any educated govt. would censor.we in the west tolerate idiots in our media and our esteem anaylist which expound thier so called intelligent anaylsis.ps there are a few exceptions to the rule,but so far yet to come across.ps what is quite amusing ,with all these experts in our western media and anaylist.we yet in a finacial crisis.?the conclusions maybe these people's education needs revision.


Yet another unbelievable masterpiece from the inimitable Joseph Walker. Joseph, dear boy, may I have the temerity to ask, if you hate the western in general, and the English system in particular, including media, schools and politics as much as your semi-literate rambles give the impression that you do, why tolerate the place? Why do you not emigrate to a country - well, like China, as you seem to have an admiration. Your last line threw me a touch; let me pinch that line for a moment: ready?

the conclusions maybe these people's education needs revision

I would venture to suggest that it is your education that requires revision. Or perhaps even starting.



Typical ignorant conclusion.if i hate the western media,and english,i should emigrate,what i hate is is the idiots who tolerate the garbagge.glad to see your intelligence appreciates the ignorance.ps can see where your education was achieved.


Slight amendement,i dont hate ,i feel sorry for them.they been brainwashed with garbagge all their lives,they ability to use thier brain cells are diminished to form any intelligent anaylsis.