The (extremely kitsch) Gazprom anthem

Gazprom, the Russian energy giant, is more than just a company. As this song makes quite clear, it is something of a national saviour.

Viktor Chernomyrdin, who was Russia's longest-serving prime minister, and current President Dmitry Medvedev both started their careers as chairmen of the company. And according to a recent poll, 44% of the Russian population would like to work for it, while around half a million already do.

The feel-good anthem was composed and performed by Vladimir Tumayev, director of the Gazprom subsidy Spetsgazavtotrans and founder of the company football club, SOYUZ-Gazprom.



It's frightening what kind

It's frightening what kind of "monster" this enterprise has become. Who can really tell anymore where to draw the line between state, politics, economy, business and so on? Nobody I guess, so we better watch out and don't make ourselves too dependent on Gazprom. I feel we will all get an impression of what they are capable of sooner than later.

you are writing absolut

you are writing absolut bullshit. gazprom is like any other company of that size in any country. If you want to see the monster companies look at any major US enterprises


Sure, but Gazprom differs in that it acts not in its self interest or the interests of its shareholders, but in the interests of the government of Russia - really the two can't be called separate entities in any meaningful way. That is where Gazprom and, say, Exxon, differ: while Exxon may wield an undue influence over gov't policy in the US due to its ability to hire lobbyists etc., the borders between Exxon as a company and the US government aren't completely porous.

Also [deleted] Learn to write.



Fine prejudice ... please continue :(

This is what I always await from uninformed Westerners. Is anybody able - whenever - to try to think - a little bit - positive when it comes to "Russia" or is the iron curtain still in the brain? This country - and most of its inhabitants - are hard working people that have only one desire - to accepted as normal people.

And if it comes to Mafia Westerners are good adviced to touch their own nose. Yes, we will depend on their gas ... and they on our high-tech.

But people "from yesterday" will never understand .. how did good old Bob Dylan say ? "The times they are a changing".

Absolutely agree with you

Absolutely agree with you