In Naples, reporters have to wear helmets on New Year's Eve

In Italy it's tradition to fire into the air on New Year's Eve. A custom that left one man dead this year when a 25-year-old was accidentally shot in the head. A Naples journalist was reporting the celebrations on Sunday. The scene is quite comical.

This video, and the translation of the dialogue between the celebrator and the journalist, were sent to us by one of our Observers in Italy, Alberto Celani. 


Celebrator: "Happy New Year to everyone in Napoli!" 

Helmeted reporter: "Let we see what you did. Look here! [He shows the gun]. That was a shot for good wishes, let's say."

Some 354 people were injured - 28 seriously - on New Year's Eve in Italy this year, either by fireworks or gunshots. In Naples, the fireworks (some of which use up to a kilo of explosives) are given extraordinary names like "The Bin Laden Bomb", "Maradona", and "Desert Storm".  



Re -New Year Eve

That man who shoots a gun and kills another person's father, mother,son or daughter, if that that dies was to be his own, how would he feels?
( a man who is a shooter never know when it is time for death).
GOD Almighty will deal with all those idiots who go about shooting people
simple because they have guns.
Gp Austins