Could the Greek revolt ignite all of Europe?

The Greeks are not calming down. On the contrary - the leftist radicals unfurled a banner across the Acropolis calling for European-wide action on Wednesday. Is a new '68 on its way?


The message was written in four languages: Greek, English, Italian and German. "Resistance" on one banner, and "18/12, demonstration in all Europe" on another. Judged "inexcusable" by the government, it took the Greek police two hours to remove the banners. But will the call for action succeed? Supporters from around Europe tell us what they think.

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Posted by "Synaspismo". 

"It would only take a police blunder to ignite to the mess"

Damien Ramage is a student at IEP (Political Studies Institute) in Paris. He's international officer for UNEF (National Union of Students).


We support the Greek students 200%, and we've publicly stated it. Particularly concerning resignations - when Malik Oussekine was killed [by a police officer during a demonstration against teaching reforms in France in 1986], we saw the resignation of [French minister Alain] Devaquet.

The young generation is despised today in Greece. The media shows radicals throwing Molotov cocktails, but that's not the real story. They're just a fringe. We support the thousands of protestors who are not so visible but are fighting for their social rights.  

European governments are scared that the violence will spread. But what violence are they talking about? Social violence is already everywhere; all of the countries in Europe are fighting. The violence won't escalate in France like it has in Greece, but what is sure, is that the social urgency exists in France like it does in Greece. And like in Greece, it would only take a police blunder to ignite to the mess created by Sarkozy's policies here."

"Our generation is more bothered about the football results than social injustices"

"We're hoping (...) you won't have cops wandering around with guns anymore"


I really hope that students

I really hope that students and workers across Europe will rise up. It is only action which creates possibilities in people's minds - and the braver those actions are, the more significant the possibilities become.

greek protests

I admire the people in
greece for these protests as they are more to do with social injustices
rather than the fatal shooting of a teenage boy. That was merely the
catalyst and the boy should obtain marytrdom. These protests are in the
heart of basically all of us as we are called the silent majority. This is
our chance to break the silence in the loudest way possible and curb
the oligarhies, the social extreme right that has swelled and taken over
the whole planet. We are not democratically governed when 5% of people
dictate and control the wealth and power of the world. We have to unite
and the whole of Europe should rise up.

Greece is poor like Portugal

Greece is poor like Portugal or Bulgaria. The corruption in Greece is compared only to L. America or South Italy. The greek banks are world champions in profit. And that happens without dangerous investments- just exploiting the native folk.
Police has murdered in cold blood tens of youths and never got punished. Has tortured and humilated thousands.
The justice system is sick. Jails are full with addicts and immigrants, not "criminals".
Church is by constitution united with the state. Priests, nationalists and puritans, are involved in numerous scandals along with politicians and judges and businessmen.
Unemployement, bad education, unfair laws are made just for the youth.
And now they start shooting and kill one of us? No, that' s not possible- we won' t tolerate it.
Despite the greek media wall of propaganda, the rage is not going to pass. The greek tv journalists are a joke. Instruments of the establishment that just went broke. The organized para-state institutions, the neo-nazis and the 'deep state' cannot stop us. Arrests won' t stop us.
We want international solidarity. Greece is struggling now. Let us kick out the rotten fascists once and for all.
Don' t come to Greece for tourism, summer won' t come this year, unless we win.
Justice for all just this one time.

Dear Nikitas, A few facts:

Dear Nikitas,
A few facts: Greece is not Portugal economically. It has by far the largest economy is SE Europe - larger than the rest of South EAST Europe combined.

It's GDP growth rate is one of the highest in the Eurozone. (check with Eurostat, but facts may get in the way of your absurd remarks, I guess).

It's GDP per capita is around the same as Spain and Italy, and it will pass Italy soon (Again check!).

The 'deep state' is a term used to describe a government which is replaced by the military every few years, namely Turkey.

There are no neo-Nazis in Greece. It lost a large part of its population as a result of the Nazi Occupation. These people are despised by young and old alike.

Your violent actions, (with Greek anarchist groups and foreign anarchist help), have been noticed by the public, who are disgusted by your actions.

You may not like this government, but I suggest you wait till the next election and throw it out, rather than trying to 'burn' it out.

The Greek police have been 'defensive' in their response to your mindless violence. After two week we haven't seen one protester even beaten, just police going up in flames.

You were welcome into Greece from the east my friend, and now you turn against its hospitality, with your childish 'dont come to Greece until I say so' rhetoric.

This tells the French people what to expect from recent immigrants I guess.

It's time you got an education my young friend.


I am not going to get into the whole gdp thing. Greece is a pretty bad place to live. I know, from experience, that a university graduate in Greece ( 2 degrees) makes less than 1000 euro a month, that includes lawyers with specialization. This is just one example. Most young people survive due to their parents.

Regarding the no Neo-Nazi argument. There ere are no Neo Nazis in Greece. What exists in Greece is extreme right wing groups that believe in Greek superiority and purity of Greek Ideals. They dont support nazi ideals per se however they believe in the ideals of a much larger greek state and the eradication of anything foreign...sounds familiar? The largest group is called "Golden Dawn", Χρυσή Αυγή.

Greece would be a great place to live if it wasn't for corruption, inequality and divisiveness amongst the social strata.

Hello there! I agree with

Hello there! I agree with you, I am from Portugal and the economic and political situation is also very bad, and always has been. Portuguese people are just more complacent than the Greeks. At least the Greek people are making a stand. In Portugal the banks and insurance companies also make crazy profits and are not that affected by the mortgage and credit crunch crisis.

They make their money just like to say, exploiting the average person with high interest rates, using advantage of deceiving marketing schemes and also taking advantage of the lack of financial education of the people.

In Portugal the unemployment is very high, the wages are low and prices are going up. The minimum wage in Portugal is €485, and a student that just finished college earns approximately €700 a month with no job security. Of course that looking for a job is not easy anywhere in Europe or the United States at the moment, but I feel that here in Portugal there are no measures being taken. The politicians just go with the flow.

Political scandals and a disgusting justice system is also present here. High-profile corruption cases , sports corruption, pedophile crimes by high-profile people going unpunished. These stories as everyday on the news and in the newspapers, some of these are as long as five or three years old and there is never a result. I mean there are results, everybody is absolved and innocent. They even come on TV after leaving the courtroom, go to talk shows saying that they're innocent and that the claims for their crimes are totally ridiculous and unfounded. Even when there have been recorded phone conversations proving these crimes, but this evidence can always be dismissed by some legal loophole or technicality.

The Portuguese are different than the Greeks in my opinion. The Greeks have the courage and will to get together and protest against a bad situation. In Portugal it's totally the opposite, I don't know if it's still a remainder of the dictatorship of Salazar but that was already so long ago.