Web abuzz with Bush shoe-hurling incident

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Throwing your shoes at George W. Bush is all the rage in the Arab blogosphere. Our Observer in Baghdad tells us that the journalist behind the brogue hurling incident has become something of an icon in Iraq.

Journalist Muntazer al-Zaidi stood up at a farewell conference on Sunday and hurled one, and then the other, of his shoes at the outgoing president (see video below). "This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is a farewell kiss, you dog! This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq!" he shouted. Showing the soles of your shoes (especially in a rapid hurling motion...) is considered a grave insult in the Arab world. But Bush didn't seem phased: "If you want the facts, it's a size ten shoe that he threw", he said in response. An immediate hit all over the world, the incident has become something of a phenomenon on the Arabic net, with various versions of the footage quickly appearing online, including mock video games, caricatures and music video clips. A Facebook group entitled Muntazer al-Zaidi, Hero Journalist has already attracted over 5,000 members in 24 hours and Arabic news sites and forums, Al-Jazeera for example, have been inundated with excited comments from Web users. And yet, Bush still hasn't got the message. His thoughts on the event: "The guy wanted to get on TV and he did. I don't know what his beef is...".



"Today was like a national celebration"

Mohammed is a dentist from Baghdad. He writes the blog Last of Iraqis.

Bush is a great criminal who directly or indirectly killed and ruined the lives of thousands of people - both Iraqi and American - and it hurt me to see him walking out of the White House with such pride, thinking and pretending that he accomplished his missions; made the world a better place and spread democracy! That shoe came right on his face to wake him up and give him the humiliation he deserves, at the hands of a brave Iraqi with the brave Iraqi saying 'here is the goodbye kiss'...how many Iraqi faces have been stepped on with shoes because of him [Bush] - it's time for him to try his own poison...I jumped out of my chair with the widest smile ever, but that smile disappeared when I saw the bastards kicking him [Muntazer al-Zaidi] and punching him, and what really hurt me [was] the Iraqis who were beating him and screaming 'turn off all the cameras' (...).

Anyways, today I went to work as usual and all the people I saw were very very happy, it was like a national celebration... A female patient came to me for a filling and as we were waiting for the anaesthetic to take effect she said: 'do you know doc. Yesterday was an Eid to me; I haven't celebrated Eid for the past three years because the Americans "accidentally" killed my husband and son; and Bush is the reason why they are here, so yesterday some of my revenge was taken'. All the staff said the same thing: 'a statue should be built for Muntathar'. In fact many of them have used the photo of Muntathar as a background for their mobiles (...)."

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Hurl-your-shoe-at-Bush mock videogame

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Email or post your own shoe to the White House…

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shoe thrower

He was probably a member of saadam elite guard?,and enjoyed the priveleges which most iraquies were denied,people in the west and others some totally ignorant , have forgotten the state the country was under sadaaam,hospitals ,etc etc etc.well we in the west have to accommodate prats also.

Afraid not, just an ordinary journalist.

"Mr Zaidi is a reporter for al-Baghdadia, a Cairo-based satellite network, where he began working in September 2005 after graduating from Baghdad University with a degree in communications."


"I don't know what his beef is...

... I mean, I only invaded and bombed his country, that's all..."

Now Playing in Baghdad! the film (Lets not forget)

Now Playing in Baghdad! the film

I am proud to have been in Iraq with the Voices of Soldiers Tour where I was able to give my personal thanks to those fighting for our freedom.

Brad Maaske - Executive Producer

In memory of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom in Afganistan and Iraq please visit Legacy.com

Also read Mohammed's eloquent post at "Iraq the Model" for an Iraqi view abour our presence in Iraq.

Freedom isn't Free

The Documentary Film



This film exposes the atrocities committed by the former Iraq dictator through first hand accounts and demonstrates the necessity of removing him from power.

Enough of the killing! STOP

Enough of the killing! STOP THE WAR!!!

Well, you've already got your wish... Sort of...

How profound, "Stop the war!" The war is going to stop, at least from the western stance; we will soon pull back our forces and regroup to further secure our borders and infrastructure. In the Middle East and elsewhere though, the suicide bombs will not stop. The hostage taking will not stop. The killing in the name of Allah will not stop. The religious zealots of the Middle East will not stop. The subjugation of women will not stop. The execution of homosexuals will not stop. The true and brutal torture of prisoners in the Middle East will not stop. The execution of political dissidents will not stop. The hatred for the west will not stop. Unless of course, our war is successful, then, it would all stop; funny how that works, unless of course you want to be subjugated by the other side, then perhaps your perspective will be different, perhaps you’re a straight male and don’t have to worry about be cloistered away, prevented from driving, prohibited from being seen with a man you’re not related to or simply stoned to death, hung, shot, or decapitated for being gay. Yes, let’s stop the war, clever, very clever.

Why there are suicide bombers in the Middle East?

Like them like any other nation, they fight occupants. I think you really like the native Americans model, genocide. It won't work with Muslims.
Get out of their countries and stop supporting Israel in ignoring all United Nations treaties and stop using banned weapons in the massacres done by the Israeli army and recognized by the international court. In fact, high officials in either USA or Israel have been charged with war crimes. Search about Israeli ex Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon.
Do that and no suicide bomber or shoe thrower would be on the hunt for you.
As for the west, the major European countries have colonized the Middle East for over 400 years and never stopped. They support the Arabic governments ruled by tyrants to oppress all the population there and get in return steady supply of cheap but most important natural resources on the face of the earth. It seems like it would shock so many around here, but Arabs are not as ignorant as you and others were “made to think”. And they know all that. But they still do not hate you, only the ugly actions been going since the crussaders. (yes, they were westerns :)
Do not go the peace way and keep on bombarding their people and you eventually will get the 200.000.000 Muslims rising against you and your troops.
Wake up dude, with all the oil in the world, your F18 and such won’t be able to flay in few years, couple decades at the maximum, especially with all the war machines being used every day burning one of the most important earth resources.
You want to say that your cute little forces between depression, suicide, etc. would want to face the Arabs man to man on their own land?? That would pass way behind the being so visionary person like yourself.
I do not think that I need to go through that you want all these people to die for the sake of securing a gay driving man or even discussing why do you feel so insecure and threaten.

Like I Said...

Well, there it is, for the West, clearly, as I said, your violence and hatred will continue, thus, we must pull back and permit you to resolve your own issues. I suppose Muslims have never killed each other before the West came along? Do some more research, the fight between the Sunni and Shiite has nothing to do with the West or the silly crusades of the 12th century, there is hatred there our ignorant leaders failed to recognize when they sent our military forces in there to force people to live together and respect one another when in reality, that's never going to happen. Besides, I don't care about the Middle East; there are far greater matters for American Dollars to tend to, starvation and AIDS in Africa, Environmental matters, aid to South East Asia, etc. Why we should be spending money to liberate people who'd prefer to be subjugated by their religion and murder all who disagree is beyond me. And by the way, America will do fine, I think you may be lacking in the history department, the Vietnam War claimed 58,148 American lives. This little war of Bush's doesn't compare to the blunders of that era. Regarding the economics, have you ever read the Grapes of Wrath? This isn't the first time America has weathered an economic downturn and it will not be the last, c’est la vie.

He's a real HERO

i just want to say that as everyone know that in the war there is (friends and enimies), is that right
also i think that everyone know that in the last war Bush hit his friends(friendlly fire) and his enimies and people between them, after all that no one said to Bush you are wrong.
now Montazar hit his enimy without any enjuries .
do you think that Montazar did mistake?
i hope if everyone try to answer this quistion

finally i'm realy sorry because my english is not realy good (bad)
but i think that everyone understand what i'm trying to say

Couldn't agree more with

Couldn't agree more with you, eventually someone with retaliate regardless of their stature or power within the world.