Mumbai attacks – why is India attacking Pakistan?

The terrorist attacks in Mumbai have pushed India and Pakistan to the brink of war. But shouldn't the Delhi government be facing up to its own responsibilities before criticising its neighbour?


Tension is running so high that American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is on her way to Delhi to act as a mediator between the two countries. India has said that it's not planning to take military action against Pakistan. However, it's accused a group of Pakistani terrorists, Lashkar-e-Taiban (the Persian Army), of having trained the attackers, and is yet to rule out links with the Pakistani intelligence service (ISI), which has been for a long time accused of maintaining some links with fundamentalist movements.

"Of course I blame Pakistan"

Soumik Kar is a photographer from Mumbai who documented events after the attack.


People on the street are very angry with Pakistan. It's not about Muslim terror anymore - it's about Pakistan. Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorists and the only reason the US is friends with them is to have a stronghold in Afghanistan. It's high time the US understood that Pakistan's weapons are partly controlled by Jihadists: India is vulnerable of being destroyed within seconds. Of course I blame Pakistan - all nine of the terrorists were from there and trained there. There's no other country to blame."

"They're being warmongers because the government's weak "

Zaheer Alam Kidvai, one of our Observers in Pakistan, is a professor from Karachi (south Pakistan).
I've always been considered by my friends as pro-Indian. After all, I was born in India [Zaheer is 68, so he was born before Pakistan was established] and I've got a lot of friends there. However, I'm really not happy with the reaction from the Indian authorities to this terrorist attack.

It's possibly because the terrorists were Pakistani. I'm pretty sure that the government had nothing to do with it, because it's not in their interest while the country is so unstable, but it might be possible that isolated members of our intelligence services were involved in the attack. We really don't know. But what we do know, is that the Indian government, which is very weak at the moment, is using this crisis for their own internal political ends. They're being warmongers because the government's weak; because they're in an electoral period and they need a scapegoat to make people forget about their inefficiencies. This was a terrible tragedy. But I can't help but notice that the Indian authorities managed it very poorly. It took them four days to regain order!

I'm also appalled by the coverage the Indian media's given this incident. I watch a lot of Indian TV, and they're inciting hate for Pakistan no end. It's very dangerous, especially as the Hindu fundamentalists will most certainly turn against the Muslim minority in the country.  

The real problems are terrorism and fundamentalist movements, both Muslim and Hindu. And they're worldwide, not Indian-Pakistani. However, the Indian government and the Indian media have put our two countries on the brink of war. I can be very critical of my own government, but it this case, it's the Indians who are to blame if conflict breaks out."

"It's not about uniting against Pakistan – that would be politicising the issue"

Joy Banerji is an electrical engineer from Mumbai.


Everyone around me is so tired of politics; we prefer to spend the day lighting candles and having minutes of silence. It's not about uniting against Pakistan - that would be politicising the issue. We're against the terrorists but we don't know where they come from yet. If they are from Pakistan, we still don't know where they're funded from. The Indian people have matured; they wouldn't just react like that, because we know blaming Pakistan won't help anything. Every terrorist attack in this country is blamed on Pakistan - and they have every right to be upset about it - they're always in the line of fire. No doubt there will be negative sentiments later on, but for now, it's better not to pinpoint anyone."


Why isn't Pakistan, blaming Pakistan?

Soon having the bomb won't be enough to stave off the culling that will be needed to control the virus. Sadly for India, based on logistics and history, they will be the heavy(financed and goaded, no doubt, by the 'war on terror' mongers).

Nobody is foolish enough to

Nobody is foolish enough to think that Pakistan government had anything to with attacks in Mumbai. Pakistni govt is impotent to do anything, it is ISI that is the real and only power in Pakistn, not even Pakistani Navy or Airforce.

There is every reason to believe that it was ISI sposored terrorists who attacked Mumbai.

Mumbai terror Attacks (Who is Responsible)

First of all i will strongly condemn these brutal attacks on mumbai. My all condolences with the people who died or injured in this terrorist attack.

Recently an indian Army officer is found guilty of planning terror attacks on a train in india, the train name is Samjhota express which operate between india and Pakistan. In this train attack mostly Pakistanies were killed on indian side of region. And some army officers who are having some connections with hindu extremist organizations are found guilty.

Currently there are seperatest movements going on throughout india. India has around 600 districts out of which more than 200 districts have their sepratist movements. Every year thousand of people die in india in result of clashes between these movements and indian government. None of these movement has any link to PAkistan.

If you will watch the picture of terrorist, you will see that the persons carrying out this opereation wearing thread on their right hand which is a religious thread for hindus called "Kalava". Another point is why top 3 chiefs of Indian Police force were killed who were carrying out investigation against Hindu extremist found guilty in Samjhota Express incident. The widow of anti-terrorist squad has refused to take any help from any BJP sources because she says they are responsible of these killings.Another point is that Alcohlic drink bottles are found in their bags which means these guys were not Muslims.

The point which i am trying to make is that india has so much terrorist movements in their homeland and still they are blamming on Pakistan without having any evidence.

On the otherside if we will see Pakistan, they never pointed finger towards india even after having very solid evidence of indian involvement in Balochistan and NWFP. It also doesnot make sense that why india has opened more than 25 offices in afghanistan along the pakistani border, it clearly shows that india is sending insurgents from Afghanistan side into the Pakistan who are de-stabilizing the tribal region of Pakistan and also inside Pakistan. There is a large increase in suicide attacks inside PAkistan, which is all due to that insurgency from Afghanistan side. But even having so many casualties in these suicide attacks for example the suicide attack of Marriot hotel destroyed whole hotel and killed alot of innocent people, Pakistan never blamed india because Pakistan want good diplomatic relations with India. But on the other side india never wants some good relations and always tried to invoke Pakistan by putting more and more terrorist inside Pakistan. These terrosit make an excuse for USA to do more drone attacks inside Pakistan and US also want Pakistan to do military operations in tribal regions to kill alot of innocent civilians and at the end Pakistan suffers from all sides.

I was listening to BBC most of the time and i saw one common thing in Indian and International media that they all are pointing their fingers towards Pakistan without having any evidence.
So it looks similar to 9/11 when american media started blaming Alqaida and Taliban immediately and then whole international media did the same and then they wage a war against Afghanistan.
I think this mumbai attacks are also similar kind of practice and they want to build a case against Pakistan to wage war might be from western borders in tribal region or might be from eastern borders.

At this very moment Pakistanies should get ready for any kind of Indian brutality and this time India will not be alone, all the western (US and NATO) will be along with india. So what i see unfortunately it seems that Pakistan is once again going to have some hard time. But inshAllah we will manage to get out of it. Be United, be faithful to your country and be desciplined thats all we need.

For people from other countries i just want to show the real ground truth and real situation to all of you. I hope you will not close your eyes and will not believe only on the media which is always biased. I hope you will look into all details and then will decide who is right and who is wrong. Unfortunately all the international media is always following a guideline given to them and they never do critical analysis of the situation.

Thanks for spending time to read this article

Reply to My friend from Pakistan

My dear friend Fahad...I feel sorry to you,but you have a very biased opinion for Pakistan...When the people from pakistan are saying that the captured terrorist is their absconding the hell u deny this evidence...let me tell you very clearly that we have our limits...dis time pakistan is crossing the limits and we very well know how to deal with the people crossing the did u..

u have send 10 terrorist to

u have send 10 terrorist to India,if India sends 10 people to Pakistan,your country will scraped out of the world map. Jai hind, Jai Maharashtra.

you dont have the courage to

you dont have the courage to send even 10 lakh army to pakistan. Look how your whole navy and army couldnt prevent 10 persons. You should be ashamed of the poor performance of your security agencies instead of blaming pakistan. these 10 people were from inside the India ,because of the atrocities of hindu extremists.

teri ma ki chut,bhadve,saale

teri ma ki chut,bhadve,saale raand pakistan ki aulad.

teri pakistan ki maa chodo,aur teri biwi ko bhi.

As an Indian, your article

As an Indian, your article makes no sense to me. Your argument appears to be that (1) India has a lot of internal problems, (2) To draw attention away from internal problems, the Indian government blames Pakistan for problems that are created by India in India.

However, you appear to be stuck about two decades in the past. Today, we Indians are just not interested in Pakistan and their antics. Any recent poll, or even a talk with any Indian will show you that our number one concern is good economic opportunities, infrastructure development, education, and a growing economy.

Yes. We have problems. Massive problems. But finally, 60 years after independence, there is a sense that we can solve these problems. Through hard work and through minding our own business. So No! It is not any longer of benefit to Indian political parties to simply say "it is pakistan's fault." In fact this argument angers Indian people since it implies that there is nothing we can do about our destiny. The Indian people marching in large numbers in MUmbai wanted the Indian government to establish effective anti-terrorism units and equip the police better. Indian people are not interested in attacking Pakistan or hearing about Pakistan because it makes us feel completely helpless. There is nothing we can do about some crazies, supported by ISI, who are operating in Pakistan. Pointing fingers at Pakistan is not an effective strategy for an Indian politician. The Indian Muslims who marched in large numbers to repudiate the terrorists also are not interested in Pakistan and its dramas. We just want to be left alone, to work and feed our families.

Can you guys do that? Instead of being so obsessed with all that is wrong with India, why don't you guys focus on your own country, and weed out the crazies amongst you? Why don't you bring down ISI, which appears to be nothing but an arm of the U.S? Why don't you take care of your own business so we don't have to think about you anymore?

What a fantastic reply. You

What a fantastic reply. You know I grew without any hatred against Pakistan, like most of us. But I have started hating that country after I lost my friend in the train attack. You have written fantastic reply.

I don't understand why India

I don't understand why India is not attacking pakistan..