'There’s probably no God'

On a bus in Toronto. Posted by theAtheist bus Canada

The campaign urging passersby to "stop worrying" and "enjoy (their) life" instead will appear on 10 Montreal buses until March 10 and head to Toronto as well.

The Humanist Association of Quebec, which masterminded the campaign, explains on its website why "there's probably no God":

"Though there is no scientific proof of the existence of a divine being, it is equally impossible to prove beyond doubt that God does not exist (nor does Father Christmas at that). Hence, to state that God does not exist is a matter of 'faith', whereas humanists/atheists base their conclusions not on faith but on verifiable facts."

The site then goes on to argue that not believing is without doubt the more interesting option: Quebeckers may henceforth enjoy their lives to the fullest without living in fear of the Almighty and of roasting in hell.

The Canadian initiative follows a similar campaign initiated in the United Kingdom by the humorist Ariane Sherine.


Godless buses in London

"There's probably no god. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life". That's the message that 30 London buses will be carrying from January.

Exasperated by the sometimes aggressive Evangelisation campaigns promising to "save" non-Christians from everlasting damnation, the British Humanist Association, an atheist group, decided to confront the adverts with a campaign of their own. The initiative received massive support and funding through an online campaign on the JustGiving website , and was publicly backed by millionaire atheist Richard Dawkins.

Several British religious groups welcomed the project, saying that its message will get people thinking about the existence of god. The campaign hasn't even started yet, but its already sparked a flow of comments and reactions in the English-speaking media and blogosphere. Is this the beginning of "atheist evangelists"?


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"Our goal is not to 'convert' religious people to atheism"

Hanne Stinson is the chief executive of the British Humanist Association.

"The atheist bus campaign is not ‘atheist evangelising', as some people have called it. Our goal is not to 'convert' religious people to atheism. The Christian ads that prompted this response in the first place were for a group called 'Jesus Said', which posted links to a very aggressive and worrying website.

Our ad is aimed at people who are already non-religious, with the intention of reassuring them that there are plenty of other people who feel the same way, and that it's OK not to believe. This is why the tone of our ad was deliberately light hearted.

I'm surprised that the ad has been seen by some as an attack on religion or faith: it's not. It's just an expression of our belief, which happens to be the belief of thousands of British citizens. We don't to intend to hurt religious people. But frankly, if non-believers were to feel insulted by every Christian ad they saw, we'd spend our lives in a very bad mood!

I find it interesting that several churches have responded positively to the ad, because they say it will prompt believers and non believers alike to discuss the subject of God's existence, and generally provoke personal thought as opposed to blind acceptance of a certain dogma. This fully fits in with our humanist philosophy."

"The ad sends out a negative message to believers"

Gustave (not his real name) is a member of a Paris-based Christian mission. He asked us not to reveal his real name.

"I have no problem with the principle of atheist campaigns, especially as Christian groups also advertise. I support freedom of expression, everybody should be free to express and advertise their beliefs. However, even if it's meant to be light hearted, the message actually makes me sad. By claiming there probably is no God, the ad sends out a negative message to believers. For me, my faith is a strength, that helps me have confidence and hope, that helps me not to worry. By saying that my faith is probably unfounded, the ad's message undermines that hope. I don't criticise those who don't have faith, why should they tell me that my faith is wrong?

If there's one thing people need today, in particular in big cities like London or Paris where there is so much social exclusion and poverty, it's hope. Many people can agree that faith is a positive thing, that helps people come together. It makes me sad that some want to undermine that faith."

"Real atheist generosity"

A YouTuber highlights the astounding success of the online fundraising campaign for the atheist bus ads, which collected a whopping £120,734 in individual donations, far beyond the target sum of £5,500.

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God is real. Only in God is genuine joy.

It is very sad to hear of this bus ad campaign for the new doubledeckers in England.
It is sad because non believers are putting money behind their non belief in the hope of influencing others. I rarely see a truly joyous atheist. Joy. Real joy. Lasting joy...and peace. Only the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Daniel offers us this. In times of sorrow, economic woe, betrayal by a work colleague, perhaps a lost job or lost friends, God never turns away. God is always there. As we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating that: God came as His Son Jesus. And what Jesus offers ALL of us is hope and a future. But there will still be tears, hurt, and sadness on this planet. Jesus tells it like it is in the books of John, Matthew, Mark, and Luke of the Bible's New Testament. He tells us that there will always be wars and rumors of wars. He says clearly that we will always have the poor. But He offers the hope and firm promise of life in Him and life everlasting in Heaven. And there -- in Heaven -- will be no tears. Meanwhile, on this earth, each believer in Jesus can know personal peace -- even when there is turmoil like a new sickness, too many bills to pay, rising crime in a neighborhood nearby. Yes our world has many ills. Thesse are of our own making. Don't discount God just because there are troubles around. The Bible tells us of a almighty and all knowing Father in Heaven, but a God who page after page in the Bible very clearly lets us humans have it our own way. Ever since Adam and Eve, we humans have free choice. So the problems of our planet are not to be blamed on God. These bus ads will only serve to make people reflect. And I am convinced that in England, even people who would rarely think of going to church or opening their Bibles, these people would much rather believe and turn toward Jesus.

The Wrong Focus

It is quite unnecessary and even incoherent to say "there is no god". All that is really required of a non-believer is to state that those who make claims of some being which created everything that exists, embodies everything that exists, is everywhere, everywhen, is all-knowing, is all-powerful, etc., make such claims with grossly insufficient fact and no consistently logical reasoning to support them. Considering the nature of these rather boastful claims, one would expect a smorgasbord of support for them. Nevertheless, to date, believers struggle to piece together even the beginnings of a proof of their claims.

The non-believer need make no statements regarding a "god" or, more basically, an alleged "supernatural". It is the responsibility of they who believe to make statements regarding their claims. The non-believer will simply judge the claims made against what can be shown in fact and consistent logic. If the claims are not supported by what is possible from the current all-inclusive state of human knowledge and deduction, the claims are dismissed as unintelligible.

It is more accurate to say, "There is no argument" rather than to say "there is no god". There is such insufficient support for these claims, one cannot rightly point a finger anywhere or anywhen to say "that" does not exist. If there is something at which to point one's finger, i.e., at which to aim one's statement, one's statement is already false. What the believer does is point their finger at nothing and say "That" exists. The non-believer ought not make the very same mistake. What the non-believer must do is point their finger at the claimant and say, "you have an insufficient argument." That is a coherent statement.

The wrong focus

I withdraw my earlier remarks. I've re-read your piece and now see the logic of your arguement


From an objective - intellectual level - evolution did not happen at all. There is all evidence to show that any graduation, step by step development, mutational progress without any need for intelligence is out of the question.

The reason for the creation/evolution debate is to make people think further and understand the clear evidence with their own hearts. But not with their indoctrinated minds, only with their "open hearts" they can see.

Evolution idea is a Sumerian one, that imagined a scenario where mother nature did everything. Evolution is another version of the mother nature idea.

- Mother nature provided the conditions for the first cell to originate. Nice wind, clear water and rain pouring down, some heat and here you are, the first cell! Do you think this could have been possible? How would the incredibly - wise - cell with its hundreds of mechanisms for production, respiration, translation, selection, etc. This is similar to saying that mother nature invented the Mercedes factory!

Nobody can fool us, not the thousands of indoctrinated scientists who are caught in this trap and forced to think in a certain way. They should have the courage to speak up and say that:

- Natural selection does not have the power to invent new organ systems, new abilities in an organism
- Natural selection cannot add new information into the DNA
- Mutations are 99.9% harmful and they cannot add random information that will benefit the organism
- The fossils unearthed are not freaks, they are complete and functional creatures that show qualities exactly the same with their modern counterparts
- Irreducible complexity is one huge reason why graduation is not possible. Gradually developed hand, not functional. Gradually developed eye, not functional. How would this graduation be reflected on the DNA? Would this imaginary adaptation mechanism change the DNA bit by bit until coding the right eye, the right heart, the right respiratory system for the organism?
- Adaptation to a certain environment does not change the genetic setup on the DNA which means that the following generations will not inherit these qualities.

So many evidence and more to see by examining the immense amount of life all around. Evolution also cannot explain the soul, and that in fact we are living in a metaphysical world.

I am very much convinced that creation is a fact, and I believe there are millions of others who have started thinking clearly and seeing these facts.

We must rejoice that the world is about to get rid of one of the greatest deceptions in its history. The evolution deceit.

You Aren't Particularly Objective or Intellectual

It takes a closed mind to remain oblivious to the reality of science. Eager to discover an alternative to mortality, the human race has allowed the concept of some form of god or other to be beaten into its minds on the basis of the writings of superstitious ancients. The Bible is a nice book of history, but one has to take it with a grain of salt. Religion also can be the last refuge of fanatics, as illustrated by the sadists of the Inquisition and right now by maddened Muslims in India.--Tom Camfield, Port Townsend, U.S.A.

Understanding is a function

Understanding is a function of the brain. The heart is a pump. Grow up.


Okay, seems logical what you are saying. However if the beginning was God where did the intelligence come from to make him/her, or did he/she just appear, with his/her great power and intelligence needed to make all life? Seems a contradiction to your whole argument unless nature took a hand in his/her case.

All answers are in Bible, in

All answers are in Bible, in occasion You believe It. If You believe something different - find answers there.
Evolution of nothing will be also nothing.
Evolution of God's Creature will develope in God's rules, in occasion You believe It.
If You believe something, You can understand people who believe God.
If You don't believe nothing and the onliest belief is God's nonexistence, then You must accept God's placing in Your's belief.

All answers in bible, hey?

When I wake up, I can watch the dawn through my bedroom window, looking over miles of farmland. I've seen the most beautiful sunsets over the Greek islands. I've held the twin babies of a friends daughter, and I watched the birth of my son. I listen to classical music. All of these things make it seem logical that there must be a God. Then I see pictures of people, including children, total innocents blown to bits by people who use the words, 'I do this in the name of God', and see children as young as 5 years dying of cancer and AIDS and wonder, how could there possibly be a God? I was brought up a good catholic boy and remained so until I began to question why. I would suggest that anyone who wants to claim the bible as anything better than a novel should read its history. Look at the depredations committed over the centuries by religion, and in the name of religion and then tell me again about this God of yours. In the 16th century, Pope Leo X said, 'It has served us well, this myth of Christ'. So if even the popes don't believe in God, what hope the rest of us?

Depends on You. You believe

Depends on You. You believe - You find aswers. You don't believe - You don't find them out.