Homegrown neo-Nazis in the Jewish state

A group of Neo-Nazis who filmed themselves committing violent acts in the heart of the Jewish state have been condemned to jail.

They planned to celebrate Hitler's birthday in front of the Yad Vashem, Israel's memorial to Holocaust victims. But when 20 April comes around next year, they'll still be in prison. Eight young neo-Nazis, originally from post-Soviet states, were given sentences of up to seven years on Sunday. One of them is the grandson of Holocaust survivors.

The youths were sentenced for a series of violent acts, largely targeting immigrants, prostitutes, gays and ultra-orthodox Jews. All members of the group, who referred to themselves as "Patrol 36", pleaded guilty. And it would have been difficult not to. Evidence against them was documented by themselves, and then posted online. The footage had already been seen by the majority of Israelis after the group was arrested last year.


Extracts from a video retrieved from the home of a "Patrol 36" member.


"We were sure this kind of thing wasn't going on in our community"

Simon Katin moved to Israel with his family 16 years ago when he was eight years old. He works as an IT programmer and teaches Judaism to children of Russian immigrants in his own time.

"What they did is terrible. It's especially bad for Russian immigrants because those people came from our community. The Russian community is like any other immigrant community here, only that we're numerous enough that we've successfully managed to preserve our cultural traditions along with our new Israeli identity. I arrived when I was eight years old, and it was hard. I didn't speak Hebrew and the children at school taunted me; I didn't have any friends. It was very hard to carry on. But with time I learnt to accept them culturally. I'm still a heavy consumer of Russian culture but I also feel close to Israeli society.

We're not a closed community. We work and live with Israelis, we have Israeli friends. They don't try to push us away. You find Russians in every profession here - they're working as cleaners, as engineers... The only thing that makes you different is that you speak Russian.

Obviously not everyone managed to deal with the difficulties. The people who did this, when they came to Israel, they thought that Israel had to give them everything. But it's not like that; it's a normal country. In fact Israel gave more than others, in social programming for example. Those people must somehow still not feel part of the community. I think the sentences are a very good example of punishment. Others that think of bringing their frustrations into such forms will realise that it's impossible to go about in this way."


Well...puting Rammstein's

Well...puting Rammstein's music on it is a shame!!!
We and they don't need this anymore. Germany's image doesn't need this kind of caricature. Don't mix different things which have no reasons to be together.
It's in Israel ok but I don't think the place is compulsory to underline. It exists everywhere and people have to think about that. Mentalities have to change!

Homegrown neo-Nazis in the Jewish state

During the collapse of the former Soviet Union, many Russians left to Israel, claiming to have Jewish background. Israel is a western country with a vibrant economy. It also has a very loose immigration policy that allows automatic citizenship to anyone Jewish who applies to Israeli citizenship. Even if those Russians arriving in Israel did historically have Jewish background, they knew absolutely nothing about Judaism, couldn't speak the Hebrew language, and knew very little, if not anything about the country. Until this day, many Russians who are living in Israel cannot speak or even read or write the Hebrew language. Some even have their own shops selling pork which is, of course, against Jewish law. I think it will take several generations until all the new Israeli immigrants of Russian descend will fully integrate into Israeli society. These stray Neo-Nazis are just a reflection of this fact.

Homegrown neo-Nazis in the Jewish state

For every reaction, there is an opposite more than equal reaction. That's the price that perhaps Israel (a State build on the blood of innocent people) has to pay for having killed so many innocent civilians in Palestine and in Iraq with the help of big bro - Uncle Sam! God will punish them until they renounce to their evil doings!

Well, this is a reaction to

Well, this is a reaction to bouth comments.

To the 1st comment.

Thet is true there are russians who still bearly speake Hebrow, but moustly due their age. And even thought they fill at Home in Israel, and this the biuty of this country.

Also not eating pork is not sure not integrating in the Israely suciety, since many customers of such shops that sealing pork are native Israelis:)

So, the russian immegrant wount be integrated to the isreli socity when they stop speaking russian, but when they going to fill at home, which is sertanly happens.

The second reaction is rather funny. Same way I can say that what happens to palestinian people is a punishment for killing so many jewish cavilians...

When will the palestinian people, and the arab world stop blaming everybody else in thier trubles, and start doing something for themselfs instead of destroing to overs?!?!?

Well, this is a reaction to

I think that for the older Russian generation in Israel, there is a difference with having the sense of "feeling at home" or identifying oneself with the country he or she lives in. I'm sure that I would "feel at home" as well in warm and cozy Sochi, Russia, for example, however, I am not so certain that I will ever identify myself with being Russian.
I think that part of the problem of the younger Russian, or Ethiopian immigrant generation, for that matter, is their apparent lack of knowledge of the Jewish faith and culture, therefore, they lack a sense of Jewish / Israeli identity. Many of the former immigrant generations before them came to Israel with a strong Jewish identity, which immediately gave them the sense of being an integral part of the Jewish / Israeli society. No matter which part of the globe they originally came from, they immediately had the Jewish faith as a binding element. The newer immigrant generations however, lack this strong Jewish identity, thus perceive themselves as being in the fringe of Israeli society. This can result to Israel, of all countries, having Israeli citizens who are neo-Nazis.

I agree!

Just wanted to back you up, your opinion in this matter is the correct one!