Far right banned from the police

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A British policeman has been suspended from duty after his name appeared on a leaked list of members of the far-right British National Party (BNP). He was on a list of 13,000 names published on the internet, complete with addresses and telephone numbers. British police officers and prison guards are banned from being members of the BNP under race relations legislation.

A spokesman for the Association of Chief Police Officers said: "The BNP is an organisation whose aims obviously contradict the police officer's duty to promote racial equality. Police officers cannot do anything that calls into question their impartiality, especially in the issue of race."

The BNP had decried the publication of the membership list, thought to have been made by a disgruntled ex-party member, saying it will expose its members to persecution. Various members of French and British far-right groups - and their opponents - talk to us about the divisive issue.

"Racism over the years has been a big problem in the police force"

Sonia Gable is a member of action group 'Stop the BNP'.

"Suspending this policeman was the right thing to do because he was breaking the rules.The BNP is rightly considered to be incompatible with the role of the police and the prison service. Although membership is not banned in other areas of public service, racism is a sackable offence in most jobs.

Teachers can be BNP members but they may not take their views into the classroom. However, banning membership of this organisation in the police is justified for a number of reasons. Racism over the years has been a big problem in the police force, which has had to work hard to overcome institutional racism.The legislation also makes it harder for members of the BNP to infiltrate the police force, and stops the far right getting a foothold in what is an important and sensitive organisation.

As for the publication of this list I do not think people should be hounded for just being members of the BNP, so long as they keep their racism to themselves."

"If they can be members of the Conservative or Labour parties, then why not the BNP?"

Roy Goodwin is a regional organiser for the BNP based in Blackpool in the north west of England.

"I have every sympathy for this police officer. Members of the police force are expected to be professional, which means leaving politics out of the job. There is absolutely no reason why he should not be allowed to keep his membership and carry on being a policeman.

If they can be members of the Conservative or Labour parties, then why not the BNP? The BNP is an established political party with council seats, after all.

As far as I am aware this list is still on the internet, and every idiot with a computer can see it. I know that party members have been getting abusive and racist phone calls. Many of these part members are old-age pensioners who have had plenty of abuse."

"The release of this list is a cynical attempt by the BNP to present themselves as victims"

Chris Keates is General Secretary of the NASUWT, the largest UK-wide teachers' union.

"I believe that the release of this list is nothing more than a cynical attempt by the BNP to present themselves as victims and to gain publicity for their vile agenda.

The NASUWT has long held the view, and was the first teachers' union to raise it with ministers, that those who declare their affiliation to the BNP should not be allowed to work in the teaching profession or in public services."

"It is totally unacceptable that BNP members should be ostracised like this"

Georges Moreau is a spokesman for the Front National, a mainstream French political party that maintains close ties with the BNP.

"In France you can be a member of any political party and be a public servant, policeman or otherwise. In the UK, the BNP has won local elections and is a valid political party.

It is therefore totally unacceptable that its members should be ostracised like this. If you are a teacher, your stance must always be neutral. Similarly for the police. You can work for the government as a public servant but political considerations should be left at the door. Still people must have the right to have their own political views and be allowed to have membership of whichever political party they want."


I agree completly with Sonia

I agree completly with Sonia Gable.

The Personal and Professional Beliefs

"Can one have two masters and be faithful to both?" It seems that the English, and the western world for the most part, will destroy themselves by virtue of their desire to be equal. It is clear that equality is a movement that will and clearly does trump an individual's right to believe independently from the collective, Ms. Sonia Gable is part of a machine that will attack, defame, and destroy any opposition to the collective, one could call her a fascist, if not, offer another definition please. The collective is what the Leftists in England and elsewhere are building in the name of equality. Instead of freedom to, they will bestow a new freedom from. It is no laughing matter. Liberty will be punished in England today. If you can force people to accept and adopt your belief through legislation, do you believe you will win? How will you reveal the secrets of a man's heart then? How will you really know what he believes and should you? The Devil lives in the Leftist camp, through it he will legislate a new dominion of equality and sameness, same thoughts, beliefs, practices, etc. It makes me sick to think about it. When all the bloated intellectuals of the left have achieved their new state, what will they, the leftists, legislate next, God? Maybe we can legislate love and hate; one must love certain things, and hate only those things that are against what we all must love? Has the world gone mad? May God have mercy on us.

San Diego, California

one could call her a

one could call her a fascist, if not, offer another definition please

Why is it that Americans and small children are always demanding that everone define things for them. Learn to read and get a dictionary, perhaps you will find that "liberal" is not a synonym for "terrorist" at the same time.

Why is that Americans and small children...

Perhaps Americans and small children "demand that everyone define things" because they like to know, to gain knowledge. While insulting the American people may provide you some sort of cheap thrill, you may wish to focus more on me personally, I can take it.

As for what I wrote, it stands; no one has yet countered it with a logical rebuttal. Perhaps your reading comprehension was too tested as I was using sarcasm to push a point forward.

And no, the word “liberal” is not a synonym for the word terrorist. Nor is the word fascist, communist, elitist, or any number of others though persons we may describe with those words are certainly capable of being described as terrorists, look at George Bush and Saddam Hussein, depending on your perspective, both could be or are terrorists, and many other words too. I do not understand how you deduced I believe it to be so, when I never suggested it? Please offer an explanation, oops, there I go again, forgive me.

The point I wanted to make and I hope you can see, is that you do not eradicate racism or any other ill from your social construct by banning it, that isn’t addressing a problem; it is trying to hide it under a rug. Eventually, it will be too big to hide and what then? “Peace in our time?”

All I can say is thank God I

All I can say is thank God I live in America. Amen