Gay marriage outlawed anew in California. Are Mormons to blame?

Why do you get ten wives and I can't even have one? Protest outside a Mormon temple on Santa Monica Blvd, LA. Posted on Flickr by Evan Jacobs 6 November 08.

Since same-sex marriage was banned in California last Tuesday, gay activists have rallied against the vote with daily protests, blaming the Mormon Church for swaying the electorate with a cash-crammed campaign. One blogger is calling for a "boycott of the State of Utah" and all business owners who donated to the cause.

On the same day that the first ever black American was elected to the White House, gay couples were banned from getting married in California. Since May this year, gay Californian couples had been enjoying the same rights as heterosexual couples, but in a poll on Tuesday, just over half of the state (52.5%) voted to take them away. Coming from the country's most liberal state, which is considered a groundbreaker on the matter, the decision came as a shock. So shocking in fact, that even Republican state governor Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out against it on Sunday, encouraging gay rights activists "not to give up". MSNBC's comic presenter Keith Olbermann also condemned the decision, calling it "horrible". On Monday, 43 Democrat legislators went even further by signing a petition urging the Supreme Court to void Prop 8.

Meanwhile, gay rights activists have been protesting daily from Sacramento to San Diego, targeting in particular the Mormon Church (LDS), which poured over $15m into the ProtectMarriage campaign according to the Mormons for Proposition 8 website, which lists donors and amounts given.


Protestors chant "shame on you" outside a Mormon Temple in Westwood, Los Angeles. Posted by "Jaromellz" 8 Nov. 08.

Demonstrators marched to and from a Mormon temple in Silverlake, LA on Saturday. Posted by "wojo4hitz" 10 Nov. 08.

"A lead donor to Prop 8 in fact runs a series of hotels, including Marriott"

John Aravosis is a blogger and gay rights activist who's running the campaign to boycott Utah and Mormon businesses. He writes for Americablog.

This is in response to the Mormons who dumped millions into Proposition 8, which just revoked the marriages of nearly 20,000 gay newlyweds in California, instantly making their children bastards. I think the Mormons, and Utah more generally, have created a massive public relations disaster for themselves.

This is not the first time the Mormons went beyond their borders to promote hate and intolerance of gays and lesbians - it's been happening for years. Enough is enough.. It's time to stop funding those businesses and individuals who promote hate. (...) We could use a little research help. It's been said that as many as 4 out of 5 dollars donated to the anti-gay Prop 8 forces came from Mormons, especially those in Utah. (...)

[For example] Our friend Brent Andrus, who is a lead donor to Prop 8 [he donated $20,000], in fact runs a series of hotels, including (big surprise here), Courtyard Marriott, Fairfield Inn Marriott, Residence Inn Marriott, and Spring Hill Suites Marriott. Never, ever stay at a Marriott again."

"The American tradition of church-state separation has never meant that religious beliefs or interests have no right to be expressed in political behaviour"

Armand Mauss is a Mormon sociologist from Salt Lake City who now lives in California. He supported Proposition 8. (We also spoke to a Mormon who opposed the LDS Church's involvement in Proposition 8, but he refused to have his comment published for fear of excommunication). Armand sent us his comment by email:

As one interest group among many, the LDS Church has simply exercised its right to contend for its vision of "the best interests of the state" in this matter. (...)

Some, but not all, of the LDS Church's interests in this matter are religious, but that does not disqualify the Church from participating, as one interest group among many, in the political process, any more than a labour union's special economic interests would be disqualifying. In other words, there is no "church vs. state" issue. The American tradition of church-state separation has never meant that religious beliefs or interests have no right to be expressed in political behaviour. (...)

We sympathize with the disappointments felt this time by the opponents of Prop. 8, but the Church is not responsible for those disappointments, and they do not justify the hostility and bigotry against the Church that we have seen in the wake of this election.

The 18,000 gay couples married after the narrow ruling of the California Supreme Court against Prop. 22 are the main victims in this election outcome, and we truly commiserate with the frustration that they must feel. However, they are not victims of Prop. 8 (or of the LDS Church) but of an ill-advised action by the Court action by the Court, which had been strenuously petitioned by the Prop. 8 campaign to delay implementation of its 4-3 decision until after the November election. Had the Court agreed to that delay, we would not now have 18,000 couples in a sort of marital limbo."


Churches are plenty of HATE

Churches are plenty of HATE and HOMOPHOBIA .

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Gay rights and the Mormon Church

I just want to put my two cents in. I live in Arizona where we had a similar proposition come up. Yes I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yes, it is against my religious beliefs to be gay. I myself have struggled with the sexual identity of my own. I have determined that while I am bi-sexual, I have committed to my husband. I voted against gay marriage solely on the wording of the proposition. It would make the government get involved in how a religion is run. We live in a land with freedom of worship. You don't like what one religion has to say there are hundreds of thousands more. I don't tell anyone what or how to worship their God. I have friends that are Pagen. they don't criticize me in my worship and I don't in them. If they came out with wording that would not make government interfere with religion then I would vote for it. But so far they have not.

I just wanted to add

I just wanted to add something that I just remembered. The church could not have put any of it's own money into the campaigning of any proposition. It would loose it's rights it has as a religion. The "Mormon money" comes strictly from it's members own pockets.



Those who think religion is

Those who think religion is mental slavery should know that the universe and all that it contains did not just come into existence by chance (as the false notion of evolution teaches).There is a creator, who is called by different names,depending on where one comes from:God,Jehovah,Allah,Hyel,etc.This Almighty Creator sent Messengers to inform men(including women of course)that He the Creator alone is to be worshiped.That is how religion came about.Unfortunately,however, the teachings brought by these special human beings (the Messengers of God)got corrupted;but he continued sending these messengers to renew the missions of those preceding them.The last of such messengers being Mohammed, who came with the LAST and most comprehensive of such messages,the Holy Koran.It is up to everyone to discern whether the Koran is a code from God(which it is)or a trash(which it isn't).There is a reward or punishment from the Creator for acceptance or rejection respectively.

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Bottom line is that no one

Bottom line is that no one is to blame - it's our right to express our view in this free country so live according to the laws and stop "crying" about it. it's not helping the more people hear about it especially when the people have spoken TWICE the less support you will get. FACE THE FACTS!