The pig that could cost Obama an arm and a leg

To be seen as implying that Sarah Palin was "a pig with lipstick on" certainly got Barack Obama a great deal of attention, but the standing ovation that he received at the time has now been replaced by a barrage of insults for being sexist.

The latest and possibly most shocking insult to fly across the donkey - elephant divide was made by Obama in Virginia on Tuesday. "You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig. You can wrap up an old fish in a piece of paper and call it change. It's still going to stink after eight years," he said. Observers immediately drew a link with the "hockey mom" comment made by McCain's VP pick Sarah Palin, who said that the difference between a child-devoted mother and a pit-bull was lipstick. Obama was immediately criticised for the comment, which the Republicans say was sexist. But our Observer, blogger John Aravosis, reminds us that John McCain made the same comment about Hillary Clinton's health plans last year. And as the cat fight heats up, the two candidates are running at neck and neck in the polls.

UPDATE (11 September 2008 - 10am): McCain's campaign team responded to the speech by using footage of a CBS journalist complaining about sexism in the election. What they failed to mention was that anchor Katie Couric's remarks were not referencing Sarah Palin... but Hillary Clinton, back in early June. After complaints from CBS about the use of Couric's comment the clip was banned from YouTube on Wednesday. However, it's still available on McCain's website.

"You can put lipstick on a pig. It's still a pig"

"The more they attack this women, the more angry fair-minded men and women will get"

Mick Stockinger is a Republican supporter who writes for Uncorrelated.

This is exactly what [Obama's] left-wing base wants to see--it's called "being tough" in moonbat circles, but in American we call it uncivil, and in the context of politics--stupid.

The more they attack this women, the more angry fair-minded men and women will get. (...)

Obama is (...) diminishing himself with the reckless, disrespectful attacks on the undercard of the McCain-Palin ticket. Someone in his campaign should take him aside and remind him that he's running for President--against John McCain. (...)

How does a guy who can't seem to deal coolly with the rigors of an actual campaign, deal with the pressures of the Oval office? Could he take the kind of relentless criticism that George W. Bush does and still function?"

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"John McCain is familiar with sexism"

John Aravosis is a democrat supporter who writes for Americablog.

[If] McCain's latest lie - that Obama's use of the "lipstick on a pig" expression is now sexist - then when McCain used the same "lipstick on a pig" expression to deride Hillary Clinton's proposals McCain was, under his own logic, calling Hillary Clinton a pig too. (...)

Then again, John McCain is familiar with sexism. He once joked that Chelsea Clinton was "ugly." (I guess kids aren't so off-limits after all to McCain.) Then there's the time that McCain joked about a woman being raped and enjoying it so much she wanted to be raped again. So yes, let's have a debate about John McCain and sexism. Oh, one more thing. Can you still be America's greatest defender of women if you cheat on your first wife and call your second wife the c-word? (...)

And even better, the McCain people today accused Obama of calling McCain "a fish." Seriously. No word on whether McCain took the fish to be a herring (losing his bearings), a snapper (temper temper), a cod (rhymes with cad) or perhaps something more exotic like a mahi-mahi (no, that's the kind of fish McCain would accuse Obama of being)."

McCain’s original "pig in lipstick" comment about Clinton

McCain was talking about Clinton's health programme.



Sexism in campaign

The american conservative power, with a great dose of machism inside and specially the radical catholics whose values want to go back to the old family values that are, don´t forget, diminishing the women freedom for electing their mother status, without considering the return to ceationism theories on life background, they now want to give us lessons of women rights protection. Such a theories are the men power over women paradigma. But in my opinnion Obama must take care, quite frequently the liberal thinking doesn´t read the current society correctly, and the wave of support for Governor Palin might force to Obama´s team for a better comprehension of such a phenomenon.

Obama disappointed me

I think he showed his real face, and my opinion that he doesn't meet minimal requirements to be president of USA.

Missing the point.

What seems to be missing from your article is why a normally innocuous comment like "lipstick on a pig" would cause such a sensation.

Only days previously, at the Republican National Convention, Vice-Presidential nominee, Sarah Palin told a spontaneous joke.

"What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom? Lipstick"

Her humor was well-received and supported the view that she is a formidable woman--a pit bull with lipstick. If you watch the video of Obama's audience polite, but bored, listening to the candidates harangue of his rival, suddenly erupt in applause and laughter as he apparently inverted Palin's comparison--not a pit bull, a pig.

Aravosis is of course, trying to obscure the nature of the insult by eliminating the context of Obama's words. Americans were not fooled, and hopefully now, neither are Europeans.