Obama the Antichrist

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Who does he think he is? The Messiah? That's the message a recent McCain TV ad, which likens Obama to Charleton Heston's Moses, seems to project. Viewed over one million times on YouTube, the video finally landed on a CNN television report, intended to "de-bunk the rumour" but giving it de-facto international coverage in the process.

McCain's campaign aides have described the video as merely "poking fun at Obama's tendency to get carried away with audacious statements". In fact, its content eerily echoes the "question" that has been raised in a minority of right-wing Christian circles: is Obama the Antichrist?

Some claim they see clear similarities between the figure described in the book of Revelation - a charismatic, crowd-pleasing leader with an evil heart who rallies the world around a false message of peace - and the Democratic candidate. According to Eric Sapp, a Democratic consultant on faith issues, the video clip is largely inspired by the bestselling Christian fiction series Left Behind, which recounts the rise of a young and brilliant politician who, after portraying himself as a pacifist, leads the world into chaos and war.

It's unclear whether this McCain ad voluntarily refers to the myth of an Antichrist as Obama, or even whether such a campaign can affect the vote of Christian Americans. One thing is for sure: the controversy has created a buzz on the web, complete with marketing accessories - T-shirts, mugs, you name it - portraying the ‘satanic Democrat'.


John McCain's video

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"This type of video and rumour could eventually do some damage"

Brian Kirby is the Pastor of Emmanuel International Church, a moderate Evangelical congregation based in Rueil Malmaison, in the outskirts of Paris. Originally from North Carolina, he moved to France six years ago.

The Antichrist is a character from the Book of Revelations, the last chapter of the New Testament. Some believe that the events described in the book took place in a distant past, thousands of years B.C., but most Americans think that the book predicts the future, foretelling events that have yet to come.

Grossly put, the Antichrist is described as a key political figure, very charismatic, who rapidly rises to power. He promises peace and rallies the world around a common false religion, only to plunge it into war and chaos. This is a simplified version that interprets the complex imagery of the Bible, but it's the one that stands out in many Christians' imaginations. Americans also usually consider that the Antichrist will rise somewhere in the Middle East, although the Bible never explicitly says that the Antichrist is of Muslim descent.

In recent years there has been a concerted effort amongst Republicans to associate their party with Christianity, in particular with right-wing Christians. This has become true to such an extent that most people don't even believe that you can be an Evangelical Christian and vote Democrat, which is precisely my case.

Americans tend, much more than Europeans I think, to vote for a candidate based on their emotions, on how they feel about him, more than on what they think of his political ideas and of specific policies. So this type of video and rumor could eventually do some damage. Even if there were Evangelicals who were thinking of maybe voting Obama, any doubt on his Christianity would immediately change their minds.

I think that comparing Obama to the Antichrist is a gross exaggeration, a farce. It's like the people who insist on Obama's Muslim origins although he has been very open about his personal spiritual journey, his conversion to Christianity and his baptism. When I go back to North Carolina, I'm faced with people who tell me "I could never vote for a Muslim". It's dangerous rhetoric."

Front cover of the first book of the best-selling series "Left Behind"

The T-shirt

Text that can be found on many anti-Obama memorabilia: T-shirts, mugs... here.

This time, Obama portrayed as a Marxist saint

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I've been analyzing the Obama Mccain presidential campaign in the last month from Italy. I was very struck when I came across your blog. I will try to explain my point of you, with the words of a profound and dedicated believer.

I don't think you need scriptures to remember that God is Love. You are with God when you are in harmony. I think a true believer wouldn't feel fear or hatred even in front of the devil itself. A believer fights evil day by day just like when extinguishing an unwanted fire: he pours water on it, without hating the fire itself.
By contrast, a believer with hatred in its heart, is possessed by evil. He is not fully loyal to his Law.
If you keep calling and recalling the antichrist this entity will possess your mind and the more you talk about it the more it will grow in yourself, and around yourself.
The way i see it, the antichrist is never just a single person. It is a broader spiritual happening bringing chaos, death and hatred involving various persons and emergent influences of the system.
The antichrist is not a single episode: it is recurrent. It happens on a small scale or in a macro scale. Hitler is one example.
Any sexual abuse could be a micro example.
If Christ is love, the antichrist is fear, a phenomenon that tends to kill life at its root.
When fear becomes collective, evil takes easily its seat at the top. Could you imagine what would happen if the majority of americans were persuaded that Obama is the antichrist? There would be a climate of collective terror and fear. When people become irrational, it is easier for the bad guys (the knights of apocalypse in the bible) to take power.
This is to say: if you are a believer and don't like Obama, just keep it rational, don't vote for him, promote McCain and so on. If you guys keep obsessing with horrible concepts like the antichrist, you are just disseminating fear inside and outside yourself.
I was watching the campaign through videos on the net, and I found that the only "weird" thing going on is that you have a black man running for elections, with a communications team that works much better than McCain's. There is much well paid professional advisory work behind Obama, and the guy is naturally talented to talk at crowds. He is very much on the left. It is normal to feel disgusted when looking at fans the opposing candidate. It happens all the time to me with Berlusconi's folks.
But i do not think that Berlusconi himself is the antichrist. I just think he is a son of the times.
Take it easy, Obama will not win these elections because i think it is very unlikely for a black candidate to win. If you feel disgusted by his messianic styles, just do your activist work, but please do not mess around with highly polluting concepts like the antichrist. It is just a highly obsessing and useless concept. And it sound very weird from a European perspective to aknowledge that electors in the most powerful nation in the world are thinking in these terms.

Stop the stupidity of

Stop the stupidity of religions , were are in the XXI century !!!


The True God doesn’t support any political candidates

Jesus Christ did not support any political leader in this world and even Jesus Christ did not accept the offer of Satan to become ruler of this world. What he did is to preach the incoming Kingdom of God that will destroy all the wicked system in this world and will bring true peace and security. In other words the true God doesn’t support any political candidates or any political practices.

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The Left Behind books are

The Left Behind books are FICTION. False. Made-up. Imaginary. This is like saying McCain must be a wizard because he's as old as Dumbledore and has white hair.

I will definitely vote for

I will definitely vote for Obama.


like a sheep to slaughter. he is a good orator but so was Adolf Hitler.


Godwin's law invoked - you have invoked Hitler and/or the Nazis inappropriately.
You lose.
Everyone is smarter than you.

Go surf porn.

Drink the koolaid

Yes, vote for the "man". As long as your collecting welfare and food stamps you will be fine. Heaven help you if you have a job though, he considers 48000 a year as "rich" and you will be taxed accordingly.

Your ignorance is stunning...

At the Saddleback forum, he characterized "rich" as over $250,000 a year, not $48000.

And according to the Tax Policy Institute, people earning under $60K/yr will see a bigger tax DECREASE under Obama's plan than McCain's.

Acquaint yourself with actual fact before opening your stupid mouth.


Actually, 48,000 a year makes you richer than 99% of the world.

All because of your completely coincidental birth in this country.

Better make sure no one else gets that money. What a shame to have compassion on others!