Pakistan: with the “dictator” out, the “crooks” are alone in power

In a bid to avoid his impeachment by parliament, Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf announced his resignation in a televised speech. While hailing the departure of the “dictator”, one of our Observers in the country explains why the outgoing leader will be replaced by “crooks”.

Blogger Awab Alvi lives in Karachi (in southern Pakistan). He watched Musharraf’s speech on television.

I’m delighted by Musharraf’s announced departure, as he was a dictator. Yet, I’m hardly optimistic for the future, since the two opposition leaders who now run the country, Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif [leaders of the two main opposition parties, though not members of the government], are both corrupt politicians.

Growing rumours suggest Musharraf may attempt an imminent flight to Saudi Arabia. Apparently, a Saudi jet has been waiting for him since yesterday. People say a deal was struck with the opposition: if he agrees to go, they let him escape trial. Yet, it is important that he should answer the accusations levelled at him, in a fair trial. He needs to explain why hundreds of prisoners were illegally flown to the US, without trial. He also needs to answer questions about the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The official inquiry lasted just a few days and focused exclusively on the manner of her killing, whether by gunshot or bomb. Nothing was done to identify the murder’s commissioners. Everyone believes Musharraf is hiding things. For instance, is it not surprising that Bhutto’s driver was killed a month ago? And that the woman accompanying Bhutto that day, Naheed Khan, has disappeared [she no longer talks to media, leading some to think she’s a victim of intimidation]? Finally, Musharraf must answer the accusations of corruption that have further tarnished his reputation.

Concerning Musharraf’s record so far, which he defended during his speech, I think he’s largely overestimated it. It is true that economic indicators were more positive during his mandate, particularly the record high reached by the Karachi stock exchange. However, markets were probably lured by false figures released by the president and his team concerning Pakistan’s economy. Meanwhile, the martial law instated last November certainly hurt the country. Musharraf stressed his successes in terms of security. Yet, here too, I see no improvement during his reign. Suicide attacks have never ceased.

Nonetheless, despite all his failings, I still preferred Musharraf to the pair that will now lead the country, Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Those two are notorious crooks. Both have already been sentenced for corruption, only to then benefit from an amnesty. If the choice is between a crook in his first stint at power and others aiming for their third, I would choose the former. In fact, I wish all three would leave the country and leave their place to others".


i agree with you. I would

i agree with you. I would prefer seing a known power monger who makes no pretense on wanting to stay in control than someone who pretends to care about the people and the country. I would rather see Musharraf in power than the two unmentionable crooks. I do however believe that more than money, these two crooks are power hungry. Hell, they have already looted the country enough to give a few of their generations quite a comfortable living without ever lifting a finger. In the end, however, its the people that are to be blamed for the current mess. They keep voting the people that they KNOW have raped the country repeatidly back into power. I wish they would grow a spine and stand up against these tyrants.

I agree with you to the

I agree with you to the extent of having little, infact any hope in the two leaders who are left to take care of the future of Pakistan after President Musharraf stepped down. However I totally disagree with your accusation or suggestion about Musharraf being responsible for Benazir's death. She is herself to be blammed. Why did she had to stick her head up from the sun roof of a BULLET PROOF CAR??? No one else in the car died or did they??? Why did she ride a bullet proof car and ask for security when she herself was so careless with her life... despite getting threats??? As far as Naheed Khan is concerned and your observation that she is not coming forward or talking to media, well, she may be suffering from PTSD [Post traumatic stress disorder] or surviver's guilt [very common but often overlooked]; unlike OTHERS!!

Now let's see who's the next

Now let's see who's the next president of Pakistan:)

now the crooks takeover.

i enjoyed reading your blog and sadly i think your conclusions is on the whole correct. the only area i would take issue with is your conclusion that or suggestion that musharaf was or mght have been responsible for nenazir's death.

i am more inclined to believe the theory that her death was insome way caused by her husband, who is now, effectively leader of the psrty amd onr of the crooks and murderer who now runs Pakistan.

I am neither Muslim or Pakistani, but as a good christian I will pray for the future of that country.

Sadly it lost it's way in 48 and have never really found it.
Pakistan has as many inteligentsia as India, but it seems to me that they lack that deep love that indians have for their country be they, sikhs, muslims, hindus or what.

i would like to see Musharaf tried and held accountable, but do we really think that America, the puppet master who has recently contributed to her downfall will allow it..
they have used Pakistam via Musharaf and would have continued to use her via Benazir; and while i do not pretend to have as much knowledge of pakistan's internal political and tribal dynamics as your writer. i still feel sadness like him at the advent of the crooks and whilst i did not like musharaf, i suspect that he might be preferable to these crooks now in power and that he loved pakistan more than they.

everton carter, ilford, essex, uk

And now crooks take over

Part of what you said is agreed but you are dummping on Musharaff. The total lake of political savy of Pakistan's voting masses are just as much to blame as those two crooks .

Growing online activism!

Doctor sahab - great post and masha-Allah, great going with online activism! Unlike me, you write very eloquently too!