Kill off Iranians with cigarettes, says McCain

John McCain came up with a novel way to combat America's longstanding Iranian foe yesterday.

Joking with a reporter at a campaign meeting in Pittsburgh, the Republican candidate suggested that exporting cigarettes to Iran might be "a way of killing ‘em". He was responding to a report that showed a tenfold increase in tobacco exports from the US to Iran during the hostile Bush era since 2001. Maybe not such a novel idea after all?

Video © CNN 8 July 08


"Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran"

Posted on YouTube by mckathomas 19 April 07

This is not the first time that McCain has joked about the conflict with Iran. At a campaign meeting in South Carolina last year, he replaced the well known Beach Boys song lyrics "Barbara Ann" with "bomb Iran" following questions about the danger of Iran obtaining nuclear weaponry.


McCain vs Obama

John McCain understand Iranian treat for a free world, but Obama no. Obama thinks that to be a president it's like to play a game. He forgot that September 11 realy happened and it would be back with Iranian nuclear bombs on Europe and US.

Once again Obama and his mindless minions...

..just don't get it. It was a joke and all you liberal folks can whine on about how it was not. Obama is a bigger joke and needs to be laffed out the door.

You non-Americans who commented just don't understand what it's like to be an American...we are free to say as we please...while you say what pleases your masters. It ain't us breaking down your doors to get in, it's you folks trying to get here. Obama wants to make us like you...but ain't no way!


Good for Obama, A Change that you can always Trust ! McCain is showing his true colours, we need more peace than war ! Please step aside Mr War Vet. Zimbabwe

god help us please no

God help us if he becomes president. He would put so many lives at risk. He is pretty funny though.. but as drunk in the pub, not president!!!

I certainly hope the next

I certainly hope the next president does enjoy a drink!
McCain is on target.