The world's dirtiest festival is in Russia

"Nashestvie" is the biggest rock festival in Russia. And many say it's the worst organised.

Each year since its first in 1999, the rockfest, based near the Moscow region, has faced complications - ranging from poor transport to lack of toilets and security overdrive. Two years ago, 80,000 people were forced to share one single fresh water tap. The festival prohibited bottled water being brought onto the premises, and yet refused to sell it either. It has since changed its policy.

This year's event was held a month earlier than normal, from 4-6 July. It won't only be remembered for its great line-up, but also for quantities of mud that could only rival the UK's Glastonbury Festival. Heavy rain meant that not even vehicles could travel accross the sodden ground. Now back from the festival, attendees post their photos and videos online. One of our Observers for Russia, Ostap Karmodi, has compiled some of the muddiest.

Photos by "Bagnob".


Photos and video by "M. Juanito".


It's true. Всё

It's true.
Всё правда, всё про нас... ©

Все было

Все было супер!!! ехали за музыкой, а не за европейскими условиями, ее и получили:)

it was really exciting.stop

it was really exciting.stop talking such stupid things as the festifal was bad.


все было классно, не надо сгущать краски... да грязь... но от этого никто не застрахован!!! вудсток 98 если я не ошибаюсь вспомните... то-то
люди ехали веселиться... это не мазохизм. это отдых от города с его пробками и смогом, офиса со своим dress-code...

it`s lie

it`s lie

sorry, but it's true=)) But

sorry, but it's true=))

But in fact it was bad weekend with very bad weather=)))

By the way, welcome to Russia.=))))

You know, the most people

You know, the most people are happy, that they were there. Who are "the many", that said "it's the worst organised"? It was doubly to show ONLY such photos. If you look other sites, you see happy dancing singing men. Yes, it`s Russia and our weather brings some problems, but we know what to do with it.

why won't you highlight the

why won't you highlight the OTHER side of our fest especially if it WAS? it is not interesting and provoking? so the only thing exiting you is dirt? poor journalists lurking and collecting dirt throughout i-net...

Dirty festivals are the

Dirty festivals are the best! I don't see anywhere where it says that's a bad thing in this article. It looks like great fun from the pics. You must be paranoid!

nuh. i'm just. i want other

nuh. i'm just. i want other points of view.

they say "And many say it's the worst organised". they inerviewed everyone from 92000 people out there? great work definitely!

why is the mud the only one thing they show - that is i'm about.