He didn’t bother with Athens, but Bush will go to the games in Beijing

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During a visit to Japan on Sunday, George Bush announced that he plans to attend the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing, deeming a boycott of the event "an affront to the Chinese people". One of our Observers for the US reminds us that in contrast, Bush didn't bother going to the 2004 Athens Olympics.

Angela Merkel and Gordon Brown have said that they will not be going. Nicolas Sarkozy, whose country has just taken over the rotating EU presidency, has said that he'll announce his decision at the G8 summit, which opened on the Japanese island of Hokkaido today. According to sources close to the French president he is planning to go. He will also pay a visit to the Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, before the trip.


Bush: "Affront to support human rights in China"

Chris in Paris writes for Americablog.

That's what he really means when he says he's going to the opening ceremony for the Olympics in China. Since when was it so important for a US President and other world leaders to join the event? Bush did not attend the 2004 ceremony in Greece (his father did) and while leaders do attend, it tends to be more regional or exceptional. A (current) US President has never attended outside of the US, so why is it so critical and so important this year? It's such a big deal, that the supposedly frank-talking Bush is failing to make a statement about China's failure to tolerate a free press, democracy or human rights. Why is it so difficult for the media to ask Bush why it's critical in 2008 when it wasn't in 2004 or any other year?

The only "affront" is Bush's disregard for human rights, whether in China or Guantanamo. Could you honestly imagine Reagan going to this event or worrying about what China thinks? I didn't like Reagan, but never in a million years would he have attended or been so friendly to the Beijing regime."


Meaning of Terrorism

Terrorism,(ter'a.riz'am)1. The act of terrorizing or the state of being terrorized. 2.Unlawful acts of violence committed in an attempt to over throw a government.Is that not what George Bush and his crew are doing in their on going invasion of Iraq? When did Iraq,Iran or N.Korea,according to Funk & Wagnallw Standard Desk Dictionary C/R 1984, backed by Webster's New World Dictionary Of The American Language C/R 1957 commit unlawful acts of violence against America attempting to over throw the government? That is the act thaet the George Bush government of America has done in Iraq! These are the violations that the Veterans For Peace took to congress an presented for the Impeachment of George Bush. Theere was ,no coverage of this by corporate American media. Why is that? Why does the American media not show endless coverage of such and event? It is time the American government go forward and right this wrong that continuess to kill Iraqi people!

none of your business! if he

none of your business! if he goes, you should not against, if he does not go, you should not celebrate. keep your hands to yourself.

Maybe this exposed French as

Maybe this exposed French as hypocritical racists?


As ever, George Bush speaks with forked tongue. He knows just how important China will be to the future of the US, so is doing what he needs to. How different to the early months of his presidential tenure.

The action is good for world

The action is good for world peace--to understand each other better.