Fox News doctors photos of critical journalists


Fox News aired doctored photos of two New York Times journalists who criticised the channel. After commenting that the right wing news source was losing viewers, the paper's reporter Jacques Steinberg and editor Steven Reddicliffe appeared on the channel with distorted features.

Presenters Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade never mentioned that the images had been altered. They were aired on Wednesday's edition of "Fox and Friends". The story was originally posted on Media Matters.


American Media Shuns Truth

ABC News shut down a site on Israel for these comments: Kim LL; you speak so much truth. Your mind is of honest thought. The problem with America, she is just a self perclaimed super power, well established spoiled brat lying cheating superiorlistic BULLY!!!!.....bon-bon22; keep talking. For one day, the truth may set the world free from America and all Europeons! ....dckid18: Mr. self reliant America want a be. Hondas do better on gas than SUVs!And that propanganda mush food, laced with christanity. Yea, America go ahead and keep that? Are you bragging that mother nature has not hit America harder?....dckid18: It is a good thing others have come to America, so as someone can report back on all this propaganda stealing, cheating and lying!To The Observer,There is free speech in America,only if you say what America wants to hear!!


Fox News' Bill O'Reilly has responded to the complaints from the New York Times and Media Matters. He says that the paper was guilty of the same crime when they used cartoon-style images of him to review his book. See the video at mediabistro:

fox is so low

disgraceful and smells of anti-semitism.

Funny faces...

These warthogs needed some comeuppance and those pictures sure are butt ugly, just like those so-called jounalists.

Nobody's as butt ug as Fox!

Nobody's as butt ug as Fox! We can't believe it's a real channel in Europe. Looks like CCTV from China... except people actually have a choice of what they watch in the States!