Stop dreaming, Mugabe's here to stay

A campaign poster for Mugabe's party

Hopes for a fair election are over in Zimbabwe after opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai pulled out of Friday's planned run-off on Sunday. But while expectations have been quashed, repressive government violence and spiralling food prices seem to be unstoppable.

After months of waiting, the Zimbabwean people will not get a run-off election between opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and dictatorial leader Robert Mugabe. Tsvangirai pulled out of the race on Sunday and is in hiding in the capital's Dutch embassy. Yesterday, the UN Security Council said that a free and fair election would be "impossible". Over 70 Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporters are presumed dead and more than 3,000 people have been hospitalised, along with sky-rocketing food prices and inflation heading towards 120% percent week on week (according to the country's daily The Herald).


"The militia comes round banging on the doors and asking who you’re voting for"

Gerald Matiba is the coordinator for the Christian Legal Society in the city of Bulawayo.

We're in a state of confusion. There's some disappointment but most people feel it's the right decision from Tsvangirai. Weeks ago we felt differently but now...with all the violence! I've seen a man with his face cut open, another with his wrists slit. So many people have left their homes. The militia comes round banging on the doors and asking who you're voting for. It doesn't matter what answer you give, they'll intimidate you anyway. And if you do say Tsvangirai then they take you away. We don't know quite what's happened to those people. Some say torture, others say death.

People didn't know whether to even bother voting let alone for who. We were sure war was coming, so we would have let Mugabe win anyway; to avoid the situation getting worse. Daily life is challenging. I work for a legal society working for justice - we have to work very discreetly; only through the internet. Last week we got threats. We don't know how we survive. People have to walk for days for food, even to South Africa and back."

"We’ve done what we can. Now we’re calling on outside help"

Munyoro is a black farmer from the outskirts of Bulawayo. He prefers to remain anonymous.

It wasn't a big shock but very frustrating for us. I'm in a very comfortable area; we haven't suffered from such harsh intimation here, so we're just frustrated because we were ready to vote and thought Tsvangirai would win. Even though we knew Tsvangirai wouldn't get in power straight away if he won, we're desperate for anything - it was something to look forward to.

With the high prices you need about five times your salary to survive now. But we do survive! People outside the country are sending us money. We've cut down from three meals to one a day. We don't eat bread or use salt. And you don't take transport anymore. Everyone's getting up at five in the morning to get to work on foot, which takes three hours for most people. We haven't got violent because they [the govt.] don't care if we put a brick through a window - they've already destroyed the country themselves! There's no point in us doing it too.

Now nothing much at all is going to happen. It will all be talk. I really hope the UN and the rest of the world will follow their words with actions. The Zimbabwe people need the international community. We've done what we can. Now we're calling on outside help. Life is like in slow motion."

"The Losers' Club": Blair, Bush, Brown and...Tsvangirai

Mugabe's most recent campaign video, posted by blogger ZimStallion 22 June 08.


A poster printed in the daily newspaper The Herald 13 June 08.


Mugabe Misery


No food for kids
Or Mums or Grans
2 million who have HIV
This is Mugabe's Luxury
Where there is NO Democracy

Oz Mar

Whatever you may say, Mugabe

Whatever you may say, Mugabe freed the country from the British. And his people should be grateful for that.

Mugabe is more than clever!!!

Mugabe is intelligent to the extent that he may cause a 3rd world war if one is not aware. Every move is dangerous, so be careful Mr Bush and Mr Brown, be careful before Mugabe invades your own country.


Losers' club

While I'd have to agree that Blair, Brown and especially Bush are all eligible for the Losers' Club, I don't think Tsvangirai quite fits the bill. How poor on international figures IS Mugabe to make this comparison? Can anyone really imagine Bush or Blair risking their lives for the sake of political change?

This situation is literally incredible. What could possible happen next? Is there any chance of international help or is it too risky?

Bush Again to Blame?

Aren't you tired of denigrading the man? For Pete's sake.

What? Bush to destroy Mugabe and then your psychotic French Government starts to throw him all the curses you could muster?

He is not stupid. It's about time France to do things on its own! You did to USA and now if you feel guilty about it, DO IT BY YOURSELF! Fool!

Seeker, do some seeking before you blast off

Seeker, I think you're directing your anger at the wrong person. It looks to me like Adam Sinclair's from the United Kingdom - which has a slightly different stance on illegally invading countries than France.

I do agree with you that the US should definately not be the ones to storm into Zimbabwe. Something tells me they'd balls it up ...

Invade who?

I'm in Zimbabwe and I want to tell you guys one thing. Any thoughts of invading this country will end in abject failure. Do not kid yourselves that because you are industrial powers your armies will kick ours as if they are toy soldiers. You have no idea what Zimbabwe's military might is. And that is why even South Africa, which many think is the regional military power, is warning against a war with Zimbabwe. America knows this. Ask them who saved thier hides in Somalia after the Black Hawk down incident. Ask them what happened in the DRC when Zimbabwean troops held off the armies of Rwanda and Uganda as well as inumerable rebel forces - all financially, technically and tactically supported by the Americans. You do not want to start a war with Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe.