Michelle Obama - not much of a patriot; Cindy McCain - junkie

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Spouses are never forgotten in the race to the White House and this year the spotlight is even hotter. With one wife "disloyal" and the other a "junkie", there couldn't be more interesting travelling companions.

Michelle Obama has received a barrage of insults from conservatives since she uttered the words "for the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country" in February. And since Obama was nominated as the Democratic candidate, the speech has been thrown back into debate. In a surprising move Laura Bush defended Michelle Obama over the issue, saying that she probably meant "more proud" rather than proud for the first time. Cindy McCain however made her own thoughts quite clear on the subject on American television this morning. "I don't know why she said what she said - all I know is that I've always been proud of my country," she said. Mrs. McCain is also suffering attacks from the opposition with her infamous painkiller addiction story, which originally emerged in 2000, being used to target the 54-year-old.

"For the first time in my adult life I'm proud of my country"

Michelle Obama speaks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 18 February this year. Posted on Youtube by spaceneedle1000


"She’s said and done enough things to indicate that she’s an angry black woman"

Stuart Haugen is the vice-chair of the Republicans Abroad France.

I think there's a tendency not to understand Cindy McCain. She's really quite an impressive woman. She has a master's degree in childcare and she's very active; not just a stay at home woman.

If you look at Michelle Obama's history, she was involved in a lot of black pride movements. She's a very privileged woman so I don't know why she's angry, but it's deep-seated. She echoes Jeremiah Wright. She's got the same mindset. We should be harsh about her! She's said and done enough things to indicate that she's an angry black woman. Saying "I'm not proud of America," is she nuts?! You're running for the presidency for god's sake. If you say America sucks, you will not get into power. I think what she said was true; she hasn't felt proud of America until now."

"To attack a black woman for talking about injustice, that's going to be very difficult"

Constance Borde is the Vice President of Democrats abroad.

Cindy McCain is a very powerful woman but knows her place. Michelle on the other hand, would be only the second openly powerful woman in the White House after Hillary Clinton. And she adds a new dimension because she comes from a very different background - a poor, problematic one - something that the Republicans are forever in denial about.

The Republican strategists are not hiding the fact that they're using the wife-slating tactic. It's nothing new. And this time I don't think it's going to fly - Michelle Obama is a very clever woman and they're heading into dangerous waters. She has a real message; a real story to tell about injustice. To attack a black woman for talking about injustice, that's going to be very difficult."


As I watched Michael Phelps

As I watched Michael Phelps accept the gold medal for swimming in China, and they played the Star Spangled Banner, and the Americans put their hand over their heart, I felt that overwhelming pride in being an American. It made me think about how I want a President who truly loves this country, as I do. A President who has fought, and is wiling to fight for our traditions, and honors our history ... including the words in the Star Spangled Banner ... not somebody who would worry that the words in the Star Spangled Banner might offend foreigners from other countries ... not somebody who doesn't hold their hand over their heart during the Star Spangled Banner ... and, not somebody who listens to words like 'God Damn America' for 20 years ... that's why I'm voting for Senator John McCain in November!!!

Michelle Obama's background

I echo the sentiments of the person who pointed out that Michelle's background is not priveleged, nor is it underpriveleged. Her family was not rich by any means. I can understand her not feeling proud of her country while growing up in lower middle class Chicago. I am proud of her for admitting her true viewpoint. We don't need a first lady who says only what is politically popular.

Two sides of the coin....

Bottom line, if Mrs. McCain were to make any comments remotely referring to white pride, proud of her Caucasian heritage, or any subtle statement of being a proud white woman she would be lambasted by every black organization in the U.S. as being racist. For some unknown reason in America you can have every kind of racial organization (NAACP, BETV, etc. for example) and it is not considered racial or discriminatory. However, if you were to change or replace these titles with the word, "White" or "Caucasian" and have these functioning as organizations in the U.S. you would start a race riot. I am very disturbed that people still try use the race card in this day and age where there has been so many advances in equality. Granted racism still exists, it is human nature to dislike other people who do not share your same ideals or values, that is being human no matter how much tolerance and acceptance is being forced down your throat by the PC era. All because you do not like someone because of these differences does not make you a racist or an extremist, just a normal human being exercising your own right to choose who you agree or disagree with, not a racist.

Michelle Obama just echoed what every person thinks about (alone

I believe that Michelle Obama is deliberately being taken out of context. It is also very clear that without fiddling with words and describing her as an angry black woman blah blah blah, she is just echoing what every black person felt. Proud that America could choose a black man as a front runner in the presidential race. She is proud of her country, but there will invariably be aspects of any nation that will let one down. Racism is still very real, no matter how much we dont want to accept it. Discrimination exists on the grounds of race, sex, etc. Adopting an ostrich attitude will not help, sticking your head into the ground doesnt mean the troubles or challenges will go away. Michelle Obama does not want to stick her head into the ground. Period>

"Kind, compassionate" racism - it's the worst kind Ms. Borde


So why do you say of Mrs. Obama that she came from a "poor, problematic" backbround?

Did that assumption spring from the feeling that because she is Black and from a big city, she must come from the Ghetto?

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia. It should make it painfully obvious how wrong you are, and how your "notion of her background is tied to a very racist wrong belief about Blacks in general."

.................Michelle Robinson was born in Chicago, Illinois to Frasier Robinson (who died in 1990), a city water plant employee and Democratic precinct captain, and Marian Robinson, a secretary at Spiegel's catalog store. She grew up in the South Shore community area of Chicago, and was raised in a conventional two-parent home where the family convened around the dinner table nightly. She and her brother, Craig (who is 16 months older), skipped the second grade. Michelle mostly traces her roots to pre-revolutionary African Americans in the American South; much of her family still resides in the state of South Carolina. Michelle graduated from Whitney Young High School in 1981 and went on to major in sociology and minor in African American studies at Princeton University, where she graduated cum laude with an A.B. in 1985.............

Now that you know a little bit about Michelle Obama's background, you should step up to the plate and apologize to her for assuming she simply MUST have come from an economically underprivileged background.

Honestly while I agree with most of what you said, I had to speak up if only because feeling rightly about something based on the wrong reasons is no better than being 100% especially when the wrong reason is most likely insidious racism, benign vs. the malignant hate-filled racism we easily recognized, but still dangerous, because it assumes so wrongly and fuels suspicion and mistrust just the same.

Michelle Obama

In all fairness... how much did a waterplant worker make per hour in 1990, how much did a office clerk make at Spiegel in 1990.... These was not rich parents... and Michelle did not go to school on their salaries alone... so she is a grown woman and is going to be the first lady .... why not let her say what she wants too..... it could of been you if you would of married her husband... stop hating! and do no harm to those in power... pray for her and her family.... that will make it right with God....Get out and vote for a change...a change that God is making... Be proud of her...see you at the polls.