Vote Clinton, not "Barack the Magic Negro"

In an attempt to stop Barack Obama from getting into the White House, a rightwing radio presenter has been encouraging Republican supporters to vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries in the hope of getting the supposedly weaker candidate nominated to face John McCain.

Despite a landslide 56% to 42% win in North Carolina for Barack Obama yesterday, Clinton managed to clinch the Indiana primary by 51% to his 49%. The Obama camp is blaming the results on a radio campaign, called "Operation Chaos" by talk show host Rush Limbaugh, who asked his Republican listeners to stop "Barack the Magic Negro" getting into office by voting for the supposedly weaker candidate, Clinton, in the primaries. Because Indiana was an open primary, registered Republicans were able to walk into a Democratic polling booth and vote, and according to the media, they did. The scale of this operation and the real impact, however, is impossible to estimate.


"Barack the Magic Negro"

Radio presenter Rush Limbaugh, aired on Premier Radio Networks, is considered one of the most popular hosts in America. He has been adamantly anti-Obama since the beginning of the race, playing this song, entitled "Barack the Magic Negro" along to the tune of "Puff the Magic Dragon".

Posted on 28 April 08

"Limbaugh is succeeding in getting his Republican listeners to vote for Hillary "

Blogger John Aravosis is an Obama supporter and one of our Observers in the US.

"First off, this means that the message from Indiana's results, even after we have them, may not be clear at all. Second, if Rush Limbaugh wants Hillary as our candidate, God help us. It says something that every nutjob on the far right, even after what Obama has been through the past couple of weeks, is still for Hillary.

The Indianapolis Star reported online today that it appeared that droves of "hard-core" Republicans are crossing over to vote in the Democratic primary in GOP strongholds in Marion County and suburbs.

Exit polls suggest that Limbaugh's soldiers could have made a difference March 4 in Texas, where Clinton pulled out a narrow win in the primary, though Obama won the simultaneous caucuses....[Texas held both a primary and caucuses].

But today on his program, Limbaugh told "operatives and commandos" that he has received emails from GOP [Grand Old Party - Republican] voters that they have not been challenged at the polls. He read one email from one who voted for Clinton: "It was tough. I showered twice, I threw up in my mouth, but I did it."

"They know that Obama would be a stronger candidate"

Extracts of an official talking points memo sent by the Obama campaign team on Tuesday:

* Time after time, we've seen that the Republicans are desperate to face Clinton in the fall because they know that Obama would be a stronger candidate. That's what brought Limbaugh listeners out in droves today to vote for Clinton.

* If I were the Clinton campaign, I don't think I'd be celebrating too hard tonight. Winning a state on the strength of voters who want to see you defeated isn't exactly the kind of win you want-or the message you want to send to superdelegates."

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"Operation Chaos"

Limbaugh promotes the campaign on his website.


I had a brief conversation

I had a brief conversation with one of my co-workers who was part of the group that voted for Sen. Clinton to prolong the race. I asked him if he considered the thought that voting for someone that you didn’t want elected could be seen as a mockery of our right to vote, but he brushed the question off by simply saying that helping the Republicans retain the White House is what will help to guarantee that right. I avoid discussing politics at work, but I would have loved to have torn that argument apart!

They were really taking joy in trying to disrupt the other party’s election, which when you look at it is rather juvenile, and certainly not very democratic, yet any such epiphanies seem to escape them.

Barack and the so-called

Barack and the so-called Limbaugh trick to get Republican's to vote for Hillary had nothing to do with which of these Dems would be easier to beat, it was purely because Rush knew that the longer the democratic nomination goes the more 'free' shots will be taken to dwindle both Dem nominess. It has nothing to do with which candidate is easier to beat... they both are. Neither Rookie Barack H. Obama or Hillary Socialist Clinton stand a chance of beating John McCain. ZERO CHANCE. It is time to welcome President-Elect John McCain.

Rush is TRASH

I am an American, New Yorker and Democrat. I want Clinton to win the election because she has more experience than Obama and I'm confident she will be able to begin the job on day one. I respect Obama, but just feel that he needs more experience.

Rush, on the other hand is a total piece of trash. If he happened to die accidentally or otherwise, I would throw a party. He claims to support this country, but he is a terrorist of the American democratic system and should be destroyed. He is also an absolute rascist and chauvinistic "couchon".