"Why are Islamic extremists so sex obsessed"?

One of our Observers in Bahrain, blogger Mahmood Al-Youssef, comments on the recent homophobic exclamations coming from a local fundamentalist politician. The least we can say is that he doesn't mash his words...



Video from 23 April 08



Poor gays

In an environment when sex is such a taboo it's no doubt that people become obsessed with the idea, and Mahmood's comment is hilarious. It's such a shame to condem gay people though, and seems a direct result of fear, which homophobia usually is. There will only be more prejudice against gays in Bahrain now, unless the Muslim community there are not listening to this draconian idiot. At least we know Mahmood isn't!

Let's hope the Muslim world wakes up to fundamentalists and starts enjoying sex again, rather than demonising it.