The farewell video of a terrorist

Mohammad Siddique Khan is one of the terrorists responsible for the July 2005 London train bombings. A few months before the attacks, while in training in Pakistan, the young man made this video to explain to his six-year-old daughter why he had to go fight.

The video below includes two movies shot by Khan. In the first clip, dated November 2004, Khan considers heading to Pakistan to fight the Americans. He explains to his daughter that he must carry out the Jihad, but that he will miss her. At some point after making these videos, he was redirected to London a few months later to plan the July 2005 suicide bombing that killed 52 people. In the second clip, at the end of this video, Khan introduces his “uncles” to his daughter. One of these men, Waheed Ali, is one of suspects currently on trial in the English capital.





The video makes it very

The video makes it very clear that terrorists are human being. And that they look very much like us. I guess it should make us think about why they do that, instead of just calling them sociopath. Why are these people desperate? Why do they want to kill us? Not because they're crazy. But because they live in a world where they're being humiliated and dominated by westerners.

my definition

Terrorists are killers, that prefer to murder citizens and not solders, because they simply bloodthirsty cowards

why are they desperate?

anonymous, they are not desperate, they are carrying out the edicts of their belief system. it is not because westerners are humiliating and dominating them. sheesh. read the koran and find out WHY they are doing this. they are out to either kill or subjugate anyone who isn't already islamic. period.

Sure. We should understand

Sure. We should understand them and see how miserable they are. I personnaly have no mercy for these fanatics. And I do think it's linked to religion. Not Islam, religion, which turns people into animals.


please name for me a single religion, other than islam, that commands it adherents to kill in lieu of conversion. there isn't one. there isn't one that commands its adherents to be the agressors in any way, shape or form. get your facts straight before you start espousing your crap.

and oh, btw, more people have NOT been killed because of religion. mao, hitler, stalin, pol pot - the most murderous men in history had no religion.

if you don't believe in god, it's not that you believe in nothing, it is that you will believe in anything in order to support your viewpoint.