Zimbabwe on a knife-edge awaiting poll outcome

Photo taken in Musina, South Africa, near the border with Zimbabwe, and posted by Sokwanele March 3

It's two days since voters cast their ballot in Zimbabwe and the results are still not out. While the opposition claims a landslide victory and supporters prepare to welcome their new president, observers are advising them not to get over excited. Indeed, many suggest President Robert Mugabe is using the delay to steal the vote.

Everybody expected Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU) party to rig the election results. Mugabe has been in power for 28 years and openly admits that he will not give up his presidential throne. However, when the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party announced a 58% win in the presidential election on Monday, observers questioned whether the ruling party had done quite enough rigging. Now, a delay in the results is raising concerns that the hitch is being corrected, and when Mugabe is declared president, violence will break out. Our Observers in the country's capital predict what will happen next.

Results according to the website of the Independent Results Centre

Posted here on Monday.

The data is collected from results posted outside polling stations (a legal requirement in Zimbabwe).


"Everyone is now convinced rigging is in place"

Bev Clark manages Kubatana.net, a human rights website in Zimbabwe:

The people have such a sense of hope; they're waiting for Morgan Tsvangirai to claim victory and wondering why it's taking such a long time. I really don't think the full results will be announced until Wednesday. It's an unacceptable delay, but Zimbabwean people are treated very disrespectfully by the government so even if you asked them for an excuse they wouldn't give one.

People believe there's been a landslide victory for the MDC. So the government's drawing up security. And then Mugabe will be declared winner of the parliamentary vote. I think there will be some reaction; there will be some sporadic violence, a few clashes. But I don't think Zimbabwean people will go out on the streets unless the MDC takes up leadership of the movement. They need direction and practical information. People are even scared to take down portraits of the president hung in their homes and businesses. The MDC should draw support from the international community and find a way to engage their supporters if the vote is stolen. They've caught Mugabe on the back foot [in the election]. But he's sprightly."

"It's as if the elections never happened"

Samm Farai Monro is a Zimbabwean poet and musician from Harare:

Today the streets have a strange energy. People are waiting. Young police recruits patrol the streets trying to stamp an authority they are no longer sure they have. The cigarette vendor apologises for the high cost of her cigarettes. "Tichadzikisa maprices mangwana". We will reduce the prices tomorrow. When change comes. The streets are waiting. We woke today to rumours of Mugabe fleeing to Malaysia and news of the MDC press conference. We carried our bababarazi'd selves to the conference after a night of ragga at downtown Harare's Tube Nightclub. According to the MDC's counting process they are way ahead in the polls. Victory is on people's lips. But so is rigging. Because the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has yet to announce its ‘official' tally of votes. It has yet to work out how to turn our dream into a nightmare. So expectant Zimbabweans have been subjected to endless music videos and football on the state broadcaster. It's as if the elections never happened. So the streets wait. Shuffling from one foot to another. Waiting. Hoping."



Not that it's funny, but somebody else who knows what it feels like having all these George Bush's for president.There is just no fair in elections.I don't care where you go.Don't worry,come November 2,2008 whether or not it works this time, there will again have been such an attempt to fraud the voting election in this country they may even flee the country and try to declare themselves winners again.I tell you these people are the worst of the worst, right here in America when it comes to voting counts.And yet they never have other nations watching theirs.I have long known America needed election poll guarding more so than any nation they were standing arms too.I feel though Mugabe would have had a greater success if had it not been for America's intteruptions and interfering in this and all nations.It is not as mind boggling as all that the things that you now hold against Mugabe considering what the native people had,have to live witness through.The oppressor's only use words like "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" as prevention of any justice from being placed on them. To say I told you so would be too....playground,nah,a better touche' would be you get what you give.

I have it on good ground

I have it on good ground from the MDC leadership that the military has taken over the election bid and the country. Morgan Tsvangirai and Sekai Holland have been in hiding for a while from the government. Some election observers have called for peacekeeping forces to come into the country.

Zimbabwe Elections

First of all - thank you for highlighting the crisis in Zimbabwe and the impending theft of the election by Mugabe.

Let's face it - he's done it for so long, what is the difference if he did it just one more time?

Mugabe is a cold blooded killer.

He may not be the one that pulls the trigger, or prevents certain members of his population having access to food. He doesn't stand at hospital doors and prevent some patients from entering, nor did he physically throw the 'scum' (his word) out of their 'illegal' dwellings.

But he IS responsible for all of the above - and more!

And the whole of the free world sits back and watches. Sometimes they scratch their heads in frustration and disbelief, but that's all they do!

And Mugabe knows it!

Stealing an election is child's play in comparison.

The free world needs to put a stop to this man's hold over the good people of Zimbabwe.

Until 2 years ago, I was not aware of it, but Mugabe's orders gave me PTSD - and everyone just thought I was a nasty bloke.

A few things happened since I left Zimbabwe in 1998, and a few things changed - and I found my niche (even if I am now disabled). And I found certain relief by writing my book "Without Honour" (http://www.lulu.com/content/779062) - the true story of my experiences in the Zimbabwe Republic Police in the early to mid-1980s in Matabeleland when Mugabe had 20 to 30 thousand Ndebele slaughtered.

I am just one more victim of Mugabe's heavy-handed rule. But I managed to walk away...

Take care.


mugabe treats zimbabweans

mugabe treats zimbabweans like they are nothing. He says he gave us independence but honestly aint nothing changed much since Smith was in power. Vote rigging is underway and why he wants to keep his old ass in office I DONT KNOW. But one thing is for sure, by staying in power he avoids prosecution that the MDC government will put him and his comrades through, by staying in power he and his government continue to live lavish lives while even those idiots that vote for him will be suffering already next month because mugabe wont be giving them cars and all this other stuff he's been giving out to buy votes. Only if all zimbabweans thought alike and saw that it took mugabe and his people to destroy the country in less than six years and has all this time to try and "fix" it but to no avail so he should pass on the button to much younger and vibrant idealists rather than destroy it in the next 6yrs before he dies.

Valid results

The results being posted by MDC are valid and are worth going by because they are public information that is posted outside polling stations. They do have 96 seats out of the 128- and they know more but are waiting for ZEC to announce results. If the MDC hadn't announced the results (as well as an independent radio station zimnetradio.com), Mugabe would have rigged easily. They blacked the country out last night to cut communication to the outside, but it was a little too late. Now the MDC is trying to rally the international community to back it as the results are out in the open.


with regards to the zimbawean electoral process, i was a polling agent.i was based in bulawayo urban. tsvangirai and makoni posted impressive results but the results for mugabe were pathetic. tsvangirai gannered 254, makoni 200 and mugabe 43. the trend i noticed was that there was no guarantee that a person who voted for a zanupf mp,senator or councillor would vote for mugabe as the number of votes cast for mugabe were less than the number cast for his mps. this shows that the people of zimbabwe are tired of this geriatric leader. mugabe must simply go. he has failed the nation of zimbabwe. the idea of mdc announcing results early was meant to counter mugabe 's rigging mechanism. the figures announced by the mdc are true because at the end of the counting these results were displayed outside the polling station. honestly speaking mugabe lost the election by a very wide margin and now he wants to subvert the will of the people of zimbabwe. we will not allow that to happen. if it happens we will take any step that will safeguard the intersests of the zimbabweans be it violent or not. i urge the international community to rally behind mdc because it is the chosen government of zimbabwe and tsvangirai is the sole legitimate leader of zimbabwe. the SADC, south africa and the AU have let the people of zimbawe down. the international community should do some thing about it if it is not to be said to be a toothless bulldog like the LEAGUE OF NATIONS. to the people of zim i say GOD will deliver us in the same manner he delivered the people of israel out of egypt. (dont disclose my email for the fear of victimisation)