Apprenticeships in terrorism with al Qaeda

The American military in Iraq released five videos this week which they say show Iraqi children being trained by al Qaeda to capture civilians and to use weapons. The American army, which seized the material during an operation against al-Qaeda in Khan Bani Saad, north Baghdad, says that the videos are being used for propaganda and to recruit young people. Our Observer for Iraq, ‘Treasure of Baghdad’, was shocked by the videos. Here is his reaction.

One of the training videos

"What's left of Iraq now?"

Commentary from our Observer ‘Treasure of Baghdad', an Iraqi student who has been living in Philadelphia, (U.S), since 2006.

I really can't believe what I've just seen. This is madness. All the children are Iraqi and the trainers are too. I can tell from their accents.

Some of the moves look similar to al Qaeda's but the rest looks more like a military training. I think most of those trainers are members of the disbanded Iraqi army who have decided to take revenge. God! What's left of Iraq now? The entire youth generation is going down. For the country to ever get back to how it was before would mean getting rid of this entire generation. They're already destroyed! They can't see anything beyond death, bombs, warplanes, helicopters, dead and wounded bodies, shootings, beheadings etc... It's been five years since the war started. It's been five damned years and all Iraqis have seen is destruction, segregation and hatred. What's the government doing? Changing the flag? These kids who are being trained will someday become terrorists and destroy any peaceful thing in front of them. And you know what? It's not only al-Qaeda who we should blame for that."


Pakistan had a video of a 12 year old killing woman with machete

Do you think the US needs to make up these videos? I mean look at last May, when a senior Pakistani security official showed a video clip to CBS News documenting a boy, 12 years old, using a machete to severe the head of a middle-aged man whom militants probably suspected as being a spy for the U.S.

In an execution which typified the Taliban brand of quick justice, that boy severed the head of his victim who was completely tied up and thrown on the ground as a crowd of hundreds of spectators cheered.

I'm sure hhe debate over Iraq is likely to be sharpened in this year's presidential campaign in a way not seen since President Bush ordered the invasion launched in 2003.

Children with guns

Just because a film shows children running about with guns it doesnt mean they are part of an insurgent group. I have films of my 8 year old son & his friends running around with guns playing cowboys & indians, cops & robbers
Did anyone fire a gun? No Did they actually attack anyone? No
Did they scream & shout & act tough? Sure - my son & his friends sound pretty fightening too
This is just more propaganda from the US. What are we supposed to say? Oh isnt this awful, look at those bad terrorists, training mere babies to kill.
If the US wasnt there in the first place non of this (be it pretend or real) would be happening. Remove the fuel from the fire & it will eventually go out

By the way, how did they know?

Do you remember the two bombings on the 1st Feb in a Animal markets in Baghdad,that killed and maimed many?
The government, quickly announced that this was suicide bombings by two mentally handicapped women!

Who could possibly have known that apart from the person who gave them the explosive jackets?

The Iraqi government has never investigated any of the car bombs or the suicide bombs. The wash the scene with water and clear it up until next time!

Hi Trie, Thanks for your

Hi Trie,

Thanks for your comment and your questions regarding me in Philly.

Philly is a very nice and diverse city that being in it does not make people like me feel like a stranger. I meet a lot of people from different countries and that helped me a lot settle and love the city.

Being an Iraqi in a university is a very interesting experience. When people hear I am from Iraq, they ask me a lot of questions regarding my life and how I went through the war and the invasion. I am always glad that people ask although sometimes I believe it's too much like when I try to have fun with my friends and people keep talking about the war and the atrocities. That's the only thing that makes me feel sad because when I want to have some happy times, there will always be something reminding me of all the horror I went through in Baghdad.

Most of those who ask me are older than me. Most of my classmates do not really ask me about Iraq. My professors and other employees of the department where I work at on campus as a grad assistant.

It was weird at the beginning to be in the US. I am more used to it now. It's homesickness and the usual bad news that are not making me completely happy here. I miss everything in Iraq starting from food and ending with every single thing that I cannot find here.

Hope that answers your questions!


Why are you really shocked?

When did exactly the US get this film? Are you sure it is only recently? forgive me for being cynical about any 'intelligence' that comes out of the US for obvious reasons! Is this the US trying to distract us from its failures and its equally vile crimes In Iraq and Afghanistan?
Who funds Al Qaeda, is it not the US's most loyal ally, Saudi Arabia?
Why was this tape released? Is the US worried about the welfare of Iraqi children? DO NOT MAKE ME LAUGH!

1) Are you shocked by Iraqi children taking part in war in Iraq? The Internet is full of pictures of children with grenade launchers being part of militias in Iraq since 2004!

2) Is it surprising in a place where Iraqi children's childhood has been massacred, they do not have anything to look forwards to. Are you shocked that they are playing war games?

3) Are you not shocked that according to two Swedish journalists there is a market in Baghdad that sells Iraqi children in broad daylight right next door to the green Zone?

4) Are you not shocked that 12 year old Iraqi girls are working in night clubs in order to support their families?

5) Would you like to taste Bush's democracy in your own country? Behave or else I will send you Bush!

6) Did Iraq have any AlQaeda members before the US's illegal war?

These are consequences of the illegal war on Iraq that we all rightly opposed.

Houra, I am shocked because


I am shocked because we are not supposed to be in this position. The whole idea of removing Saddam was to make the Iraqi society better by improving education and awareness of people towards a democratic and developed society instead of a society full of horror, death, and killings.

This video made me realize that if we haven't really changed the society to the better, why did we got rid of Saddam's regime then?!

See the thing is I don't care why the US released this video. What matters is that the government and parliament are doing nothing to prevent this from happening. We need politicians to stop these atrocities, not increase them!

"Would you like to taste Bush's democracy in your own country? Behave or else I will send you Bush!"

Gosh! No! Please keep him where he is :P

Much earlier photos that are more shocking

Have a look at the photos on this link. I am not shocked at all by the US revelation. Al Qaeda gets funding from US's most sincere ally. So basically we are being duped! they fund AlQaeda and then us it as an excuse to kill us and control Iraq.

"What matters is that the

"What matters is that the government and parliament are doing nothing to prevent this from happening. We need politicians to stop these atrocities, not increase them! "

They cannot do anything! they just about managed to change the flag!!! they are just about managing to ptorect their backside! One woman MP is related to me, I have advised to pack her bags and keep them by the door!
They are all living in the protection of the US, the US can kill any one of them at a moment notice! There are US advisors and US forces at every single ministry in Baghdad! What indpenedence and soveignity!

This political process is no use whatsoever to the Iraqis! It is there to act as a blame bag! for the US's failures! It is there to absolve the occupiers from their crimes!

The Iraqi politicians in the Green zone (all of them) have their families abroad and are investing their money outside Iraq! So they are not planning a long term career in Iraq, they are just going to get their share of the LOOT and split!
With friends like these who needs enemies?

Do yu think the Americans are incapable of fixing Iraq? of course they can but they do not care! Shame on the traitors who brought them

There is only one solution my friend!

removing Saddam? is that why they came?

Anyone who thinks that the Americans have spent $300 trillion for the sake of improving life for the Iraqis are really and truly out of touch!
This the country that blocked Iraq, from reparing its water, electricity and sewerage systems during 13 years of the harshest sanctions imposed in modern history! This is he country that blocked medicines and medical equipment from reaching Iraqi hospitals, this is the country that has experimented on Iraq with depleted URANIUM THAT IS CAUSING CANCERS AND DEFORMED BIRTHS!
John Bolton, Bush's best friend said on the UK's Channel4 : "We went into Iraq, focused on our own interests, what happens to Iraqis hannpens to iraqis".
When Paul Bremmer was asked why did you allow the destruction and looting of Iraq's insitutions, his answer was "this was the only way we can guarantee the Kurdish leadership support"!

Wake up brother Israel and America are in charge in Iraq and guess what they do not care if you live or die, so long as they can get their hands on the oil!