Preaching jihad with a Hello Kitty notebook

Zahran Allouch is a jihadist fighting against Bashar Al-Assad’s army in Syria. Sounds pretty tough, right? Except that when he gives motivational speeches to his troops, he uses a Hello Kitty notebook. Read more...

Иранские истребители в Ираке.

Истребитель Sukhoi в Иранском флоте.

Eastern Ukraine shelling: 'I'm afraid to leave my basement'

Following Ukraine’s decision not to renew a ceasefire – which had already been broken on numerous occasions – hostilities with pro-Russian separatists in the country’s east intensified on Tuesday. Amateur photos taken in the town of Kramatorsk reportedly show a minibus damaged by the shelling, in which four civilians were killed and five wounded Tuesday morning, according to local authorities aligned with Kiev. A local resident tells FRANCE 24 how difficult life has become there. Read more...


Police arrest hundreds of African migrants trying to flee Israel

Several hundred African asylum-seekers, mainly from Sudan and Eritrea, were brutally arrested by Israeli authorities on Sunday evening after attempting to cross the border into Egypt. These men had walked out of their detention facility in Israel’s Negev desert, hoping that if they made it across the border, the United Nations might come to their aid. Our Observer, who witnessed the arrests, was shocked by the violence of the authorities’ intervention. Read more...

Video: Cameroon player harassed after his return from World Cup

Cameroon’s football team was eliminated from the World Cup on Monday after losing to Brazil 4-1. The Lions, as the team is called, exited the competition with 0 points, 9 goals against them and only one goal scored. This was not to their fans’ liking, especially since before the start of the World Cup, the players had for a time refused to go to Brazil because they weren’t satisfied with the amount of prize money on offer. Read more...

Iranian musicians start using the streets as a stage

Until recently, it was highly unusual to see musicians playing in the streets of Iran. But over the past year, they’ve become a rather common sight – and they’re not all trying to make money. Many established artists are doing this just for fun, says our Observer, who has catalogued this trend by posting hundreds of videos of street musicians on Facebook. Read more...

Fear grows in London suburb after alleged Polish neo-Nazi gang attack

Community leaders in a north London suburb have issued an appeal for calm after an alleged Polish neo-Nazi gang assaulted festival-goers on Saturday. Local residents in Tottenham say the group has been growing in size and influence for the past three years – culminating in this weekend’s bloody attack. Read more...

Are Baghdad’s Sunnis ready to fight ISIS?

With most of northern Iraq in the hands of Sunni jihadists from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Iraqi army has called on the Iraqi civilian population to join them and take up arms against the insurgents. And although Shiite Iraqis have reacted positively to the call, the Sunni community's response has been rather mixed. Read more...

Young Tajik men 'abducted' into military service

In Tajikistan, young men who haven’t responded to the summons to fulfil their military service had better watch their back. Army recruiters regularly resort to driving around and snatching men off the street that look to be of age. Because these men’s families are often poor, few dare to protest. Read more...

Cambodian workers flee Thailand after coup

At least 110,000 Cambodian labourers, most of whom are undocumented, have reportedly fled Thailand to return to their home country since the military coup in Bangkok on May 22. The new junta’s hostile attitude toward undocumented workers is the main driver behind this mass departure. Read more…