Palin debate performance: bad news for comedians

Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has been exceedingly popular with one demographic: comedians. Her limited media appearances have produced endless material for late-night television and Internet satirists. But last night, she beat the expectations: her hotly-anticipated debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden produced no major flubs or flops. For Republicans, that alone is a victory. And although some on the Web are having fun with her habit of winking. Read more...


Murdered by her own teacher. Why?

Two years ago, an 11-year-old girl was beaten with a metal bar and thrown from her fourth-floor classroom by her history teacher. On Monday a Chinese chat forum dug up and posted a graphic news report about the incident, reigniting the debate about how such a tragedy came to pass. Read more and see the report...


The sad tale of the rapping soldier

All in good humour, a soldier wrote and recorded a parody of Eminem's "Stan" - this time about daily life in the Russian army. As a result, he managed to win himself a one-way ticket to Russia's far eastern wastelands. See the clip and read more.


Need to know what to do during a school shooting? Buy the DVD.

A DVD that teaches students how to act in the event of a shooting is causing quite a stir in the US. Released in late June, the program is already being shown in more than 500 universities. Read more...

Canadian PM accused of stealing a speech on Iraq

Canadian web users are in hysterics about prime minister Stephen Harper's latest slip-up, just two weeks before the national party elections. The news is out that in 2003 he copied, almost word for word, a speech on Iraq from former Australian Prime Minister John Howard. Read more and watch the speech.


Elections in Belarus – not much transparency, but plenty of biscuits, vodka and champagne

Known as Europe's last dictatorship, Lukashenko's Belarus was promised better relations with the West if they could demonstrate fair elections on Sunday. They didn't, and YouTubers say they've got the proof. Read more and see the videos.

Ségolène Royal's "one-man stand-up"

Ségolène Royal, the socialist opposition leader who led the party to the polls against Sarkozy last year and lost, has appeared on stage in what looks like a one-man stand-up comedy show. Has American style speech making finally arrived in France? Read more and see her spectacular performance...

"Hi, I'm Romanian"… not Roma!

Romanian immigrants have been given such a bad reputation in Europe that the Romanian government has ordered for an expensive publicity campaign to improve the country's image abroad. Some see it as a hidden message- that not all Romanians are Roma. Read more...

Israelis for Obama?

An American-Israeli filmmaker is trying to counter prejudices against Barack Obama that would put the Republicans in a more favourable light with the Jewish electorate. According to her short video, many Israelis don't believe the tattle, and support Obama. Read more and see the clip...

"Phoque" or "fuck" - when it comes to culture, Canadians don’t speak the same language

Language gaps and cultural misunderstandings are an integral part of daily life for Canadians dealing with their fellow countrymen from the other side of the French - British divide. This rather amusing sketch about the issue is also a serious warning about the future of Canadian culture, which according to the clip, faces near-extinction. Read more...