Scandal in China: mental patient abuse caught on CCTV

The family of the woman in this image got hold of the surveillance footage after she died in a mental institution. The extent of the abuse they found, is inconceivable. Read more and see the video...


Shocking police blunder caught on phone camera

A few hours after midnight on New Year's Eve, a 22-year-old African American was detained by transport police on a subway platform in Oakland, California. The man, who was unarmed, was pinned to the ground and fatally shot in the back. Filmed by several witnesses, evidence of the outrageous scene is now online and circulating the blogosphere. Could the images spark social unrest? Read more and watch the amateur videos...


Gaza: a war behind closed doors

While the Israeli Army keeps the doors to Gaza firmly shut in the faces of enquiring journalists, the pro-Palestinian press has images of corpses on a loop, a Molotov cocktail of information. Read more...

In Naples, reporters have to wear helmets on New Year's Eve

In Italy it's tradition to fire into the air on New Year's Eve. A custom that left one man dead this year when a 25-year-old was accidentally shot in the head. A Naples journalist was reporting the celebrations on Sunday. The scene is quite comical. See the video...


The most striking amateur images from 2008

Team Observers has made a selection of the best videos, photos and Observers' accounts of 2008. Vote for your favourites.


Best amateur videos of 2008

We've selected what we think are the best amateur videos published on The Observers in 2008. Vote for the one that impressed you most.


Funniest videos of 2008

We've selected a few of the videos that made us laugh in 2008. Watch the videos and vote for your favourite...


The Israeli Army shows off its target skills on YouTube

Israel's war against Hamas is being drawn out on the internet as well as on the ground. The Israeli Army has just launched a YouTube channel to house videos of its aerial attacks - which happen to be perfectly targeted. A shocking measure? Read more and see the videos...

Sci-fi tanks meet prehistoric rockets in Gaza

While Hamas is throwing rockets by hand, the Israel military is unveiling high-tech weaponry like the new "Iron Fist", capable of exploding a missile before it has even reached its target. Will technology make all the difference in Gaza? Read more...

Is the Israeli intervention justified?

The Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip, launched this weekend, has already killed over 300 Palestinians - some of them members of Hamas, others, civilians. Our Observers, from Gaza to Jerusalem, tell us about the escalating violence and question the legitimacy of the attack. Read more and see the amateur images...