The Melbourne Shuffle – "dance to express, not to impress!"

After tecktonik dancing brought gyrating teenagers to metro platforms around the world, a new electro bop has arrived on the scene. The "Melbourne Shuffle" has attracted flocks of movers and shakers, with over 600 new videos uploaded every week. Read more...

Obama vs. McCain in video games

By now, most people following the US election know that Democratic candidate Barack Obama purchased ads inside video games last month. But what if the election itself was taking place inside the world of gamers? See the election from inside the World of Warcraft...

Faulty voting machines pick the wrong candidate

Early voters for the presidential election have reported that when they tried to vote for one candidate, their touch screen machine selected another. Could these "faulty" machines decide who's the next US president? Read more...


Voting for the glory of Satan?

So why do people vote? As one new tongue-in-cheek ad suggests, it could be for the glory of Satan. Or maybe to stop same-sex arrangements among hogs. See the Web's latest viral hit...

How to drive 330km/h in broad daylight, without getting arrested

Cannonball, Gumball, Redline, Carbon Black - they sound like the names of videos games, but in fact, these are races; organised in secrecy, barely legal, and highly dangerous for the public. First set up in Asia, the high speed chases are now tearing through the streets of Central Europe. Read more...


Obama vs McCain: kids take both sides

There's a new political video burning up the Internet, but it's very different from what you usually see this late in the election cycle. It doesn't contain an explosive new charge against a politician - in fact, it doesn't criticize or praise either candidate. See the video here...

Biden explains his future job to children

In a video for his classmates, a 10-year-old schoolboy interviewed Joe Biden about the job of vice-president. Happy with the Democrat's response, fifth-grader Damon Weaver exclaims "Senator Biden is now my homeboy!" See the video.


Poverty exists in Saudi Arabia too

The cliché of Saudi Arabia is that everybody drives around in Jaguars and spends their holidays at five star hotels in Beirut. But as this video proves, in the dark depths of the world's petrol state, poverty is lurking. Read more and see the video.


Sarah Palin: redneck woman?

Is Sarah Palin a redneck woman? The answer may be "Hell Yeah!" Find out why...

Hitler – fodder for comedy?

In today's comic terrain, few if any subjects are off limits. Case in point, the proliferation of YouTube clips that use Adolf Hitler as fodder for comedy. Read more and see the clips...