Russia protests: "a police colonel tried to gouge someone's eyes out"

After groups of opposition supporters were pushed, carried and kicked into police vans on Sunday at demonstrations in Moscow and St Petersburg, the Russian Web has been flooded with brutal images of the event. Read more and see the videos...


Electricity bills are a laughing matter in the Czech Republic

Everyone moans about mounting electricity bills. But with Czech consumers, complaints come in the funniest forms. Read more...


Shanghai's public toilets make pots of money

One of our Observers in China is leading an investigation into... the public toilets at Shanghai train station. It might seem like a trivial subject, but Web users from the city don't think so - not when the WCs rake in 11 million euros each year. Read more...


Do girls need their own porn?

Is there a need for pornography created specifically for women? A group of French women thinks so. We ask our Observers, from Budapest to Beijing, what they think about the idea. Read more and see the videos...

Blackwater contractors: mercenaries or reckless cowboys?

Five guards from US private military firm Blackwater were charged Monday with the killing of 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians in Baghdad last year. As the group faces growing criticism on several fronts, an audio transcript from the cockpit tape of one of the company's planes, which crashed in November 2007, as well as amateur video footage, reveal that the contractor's reckless behaviour can have sometimes disastrous consequences. Read more...


Brother Cesare, heavy-metal monk

With his bald head, flowing beard and rough brown robe, Brother Cesare certainly looks the part of the archetypical Capuchin monk. But when he grabs a mike and starts to sing, it's a whole other story: in his powerful gravelly voice, Brother Cesare belts out Heavy Metal tunes of his own composition. Read more and watch a video of one of his concerts...

£1m campaign to stop British teens from taking coke

The UK government has launched a £1m hard-hitting campaign in the hope of warning British teenagers off cocaine. But a 16-year-old in the country tells us it won't stop her from using the drug. Read more and see the campaign videos...


Sarkozy and Obama puppets paraded through Dakar

One of our Observers sent us this video, which he shot yesterday during a march in Dakar. The message: "Obama, Sarkozy, keep your word in the fight against AIDS". Read more and see the video.


Fresh CCTV footage of Mumbai attacks shows police heavily outgunned

This CCTV footage, revealed on Tuesday, shows two Indian policemen so desperate in the face of heavily armed terrorists, that they resort to throwing a plastic chair. Read more and see the video...


"Sarkozy – Yes we can" - who's behind the poster?

The poster that saw Barack Obama rise to fame has been altered to accommodate the beaky face of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and plastered around the streets of Paris. Nobody knows who's behind the somewhat baffling idea; only that the mystery is attracting a lot of attention. Read more...

UPDATE (3 Dec. 08 2pm): Greenpeace has announced that they're behind the "Sarkobama" campaign. On Wednesday morning, the organisation followed up the original posters with the same image, this time displaying the message "Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in Europe? Yes, you must!"

According to the director of Greenpeace France, the campaign was designed to attract attention to their message before the imminent singing of the climate package deal by the EU, and while the UN conference in Poznan is going on.