Tamils abroad "living a collective depression"

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) are today facing extinction, cornered in the country's north-eastern jungle territory by the Sri Lankan regular forces. One of our Observers, a Tamil refugee in France, tells us of the torment endured by the community, which faces unending reports of mortalities. Read more...


How to make millions: sell your death to the British tabloids

One of Britain's most hated and loved celebrities has made over a million pounds by selling her dying days to the tabloid press. The 27-year-old cancer sufferer, who's famous for being ignorant, racist and overweight, has been given weeks to live - and she hasn't wasted a minute. Read more...


Domino's Pizza vs. Subway, total advertising warfare

In light of a fast-food consumption slow-down in the US, dwindling customers are being fought over in an all-out advertising war by bitter sandwich makers. In the latest squabble, pizza chain Domino's set fire to a written complaint from sandwich chain Subway on national TV. It's something that would never happen in Europe because of regulations - is comparative advertising necessary? Read more and see the clip...


French Spiderman takes another swipe at gravity

Alain Robert, who refers to himself as Spiderman, scaled a 270 metre, or 886 foot, Hong Kong skyscraper last Tuesday... without any equipment. A web user filmed the scene from a neighbouring building. Impressive. See the video...


Tracked down online for abusing a cat

When two US teenagers posted a video of themselves abusing the family cat on YouTube, outraged Web users took it upon themselves to track down the culprits and bring them to justice, resulting in the subsequent arrest of the pair. Warning, you might find these images upsetting.

'Luca was gay', and then he realised his mistake

Italian singer Giuseppe Povia is causing outrage in Italy over "Luca era gay" (Luca was gay), a song about a gay man who goes straight. See the clip and read more...


Is seven-year-old Madin the next Zinedine Zidane?

A seven-year-old French boys hit the headlines in Britain this week after videos of his fancy footwork became a massive online hit with over a million views. The UK tabloid press hailed him as the next Zinedine Zidane and reported various tall tales about the schoolboy, who was only six when the video was filmed. Read more and see him in action...

Georgia doesn’t want to 'put in' at the Eurovision in Moscow

Georgia is using this year's Eurovision song contest as an opportunity to poke fun at Russia. Not difficult to get their little joke, with a song entitled "We don't wanna put in". Read more and see the clip...


Guadeloupe: 'they’re not protestors; they’re rioters'

"Paul", a Frenchman living in Guadeloupe, filmed a group of hooded men putting up a roadblock. He's worried about the violent and racist climate, that, according to him, has come upon the island. See the video and read more...


French news channel iTélé makes mighty booboo

One of our Observers in Madagascar, editor of the Malagasy info site, has alerted us to a blunder made by the French news channel iTélé. In the middle of a report on the protests in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe come several minutes of footage showing ... the protests in Madagascar. See the video and read more...


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