World Water Forum in Istanbul - should water be 'privatised'?

Violent protests in Istanbul have resulted in clashes with riot police, arrests and deportations. The protesters are demonstrating against... a seven day forum that aims to address the world's fresh water crisis. Our Observers tell us why not everyone thinks the World Water Forum won't solve the looming global water crisis. Read more...

The 'grass-mud horses' battling internet censors

Chinese web users are demonstrating their ability to get around the automatic internet censorship of taboo words with a hilarious song about a battle between grass-mud horses ("fuck your mother") and river crabs (censors). The song has become so popular that grass-mud horse toys are being sold in shops and even intellectuals are using the fable as a metaphor for the subject. Read more and see the, frankly bizarre, video clip...


Is it extremist to call British soldiers 'butchers of Basra'?

Anti-war protestors dressed in Islamic clothing caused outrage on Tuesday when they marred an army homecoming ceremony by calling British troops "cowards, murderers, terrorists, butchers of Basra" and held up photos of Iraq war victims. The event provoked angry attacks from both bystanders and the tabloid press, raising concerns over the safety of the country's two million strong Muslim community. Read more...


The Bollywood clip with an Israeli objective

This clip is hoped to promote Israel's military might in India. An unusual way of going about it... the Bollywood style clip has not gone down well with everybody. Read more and see the clip.


From YouTube to the art galleries of New York

Daito Manabe came up with the "face visualizer" idea in his Tokyo kitchen. Webcam on, he wired his face up to a series of electrodes, put on some music, and let his facial muscles move to the rhythm. He then posted the face dance on YouTube. A few months and over a million hits later, and Daito is an international star. Read more and see the video...


At the heart of a suicide attack in Sri Lanka

A raw video of the suicide attack that killed 15 people in Sri Lanka on Wednesday has been posted online. The cameraman captured images just a few metres from the explosion. Warning, some of the footage may be disturbing. See the footage...

Riyadh engulfed by sandstorm: ‘the whole city went orange’

Riyadh was hit by a massive sandstorm on Tuesday leaving the capital's residents with only metres of visibility. One of our Observers there went out to photograph the event. See the images plus videos posted by YouTubers...


What's your biggest regret?

Everyone has something to regret. Something you've done or not done, said or not said. Something, that might have changed your life. A friend you never admitted you liked, a boss you never smacked in the face, a trip you'll never be able to take again... Tell us what your biggest regret is.


For the Mexicans, Cassez is a criminal and Sarkozy a hypocrite

Both the press and politicians in France have come to the defence of a French woman condemned to sixty years of jail in Mexico for kidnapping charges. Former victims of the crime however see the accused in a much darker light. Read more...


A video clip blasts the Gaza blockade

The animated film director behind the award-winning "Waltz with Bashir" released a short animated movie to denounce the blockade of the Gaza Strip. Read more and watch the video.