Brother Cesare, heavy-metal monk

With his bald head, flowing beard and rough brown robe, Brother Cesare certainly looks the part of the archetypical Capuchin monk. But when he grabs a mike and starts to sing, it's a whole other story: in his powerful gravelly voice, Brother Cesare belts out Heavy Metal tunes of his own composition. Read more and watch a video of one of his concerts...

£1m campaign to stop British teens from taking coke

The UK government has launched a £1m hard-hitting campaign in the hope of warning British teenagers off cocaine. But a 16-year-old in the country tells us it won't stop her from using the drug. Read more and see the campaign videos...


Sarkozy and Obama puppets paraded through Dakar

One of our Observers sent us this video, which he shot yesterday during a march in Dakar. The message: "Obama, Sarkozy, keep your word in the fight against AIDS". Read more and see the video.


Fresh CCTV footage of Mumbai attacks shows police heavily outgunned

This CCTV footage, revealed on Tuesday, shows two Indian policemen so desperate in the face of heavily armed terrorists, that they resort to throwing a plastic chair. Read more and see the video...


"Sarkozy – Yes we can" - who's behind the poster?

The poster that saw Barack Obama rise to fame has been altered to accommodate the beaky face of French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and plastered around the streets of Paris. Nobody knows who's behind the somewhat baffling idea; only that the mystery is attracting a lot of attention. Read more...

UPDATE (3 Dec. 08 2pm): Greenpeace has announced that they're behind the "Sarkobama" campaign. On Wednesday morning, the organisation followed up the original posters with the same image, this time displaying the message "Cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% in Europe? Yes, you must!"

According to the director of Greenpeace France, the campaign was designed to attract attention to their message before the imminent singing of the climate package deal by the EU, and while the UN conference in Poznan is going on.


Moscovites fed up with "fat cat" convoys blocking roads

Putin's convoy in Budapest. Image: Lorinc Sonnevend on Flickr.

Frustrated by increasing numbers of official corteges blocking traffic - even emergency services - for up to twenty minutes, one Muscovite webuser decided to film the practice on his mobile phone and post it online. Read more and see the video...


Banned from YouTube, soldiers get homemade Pentagon version

A year and a half after US soldiers were banned from using YouTube and MySpace, the army has come up with an alternative. Forget the all-singing all-dancing mindless, amusing rubbish - this one's loaded with pep talks and shout-outs. Not convinced? Neither are our Observers, former soldiers in Iraq. Read more...

Mumbai attacks: "The terrorists were shooting indiscriminately"

A night of unforeseen terrorist attacks has left Mumbai devastated. Residents of three luxury hotels, including the Taj Maha Hotell, are still being held hostage. Meanwhile, a witness to the chaos has managed to post videos of the hotel online. Read more and see the videos...

Five gang members beheaded in brutal prison fight

Five severed heads lie on the ground outside a Guatemalan prison. The victims: decapitated by fellow inmates after two rival gangs were placed in the same prison. Read more and see the video...


Bangkok airport under siege

Almost 10,000 opposition protestors have set up camp in Bangkok airport, blocking all flights and confining thousands of tourists to the world's biggest squat. Read more and see the photos...